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    I try Opodo and Expedia, then book with the airline. Flight Direct is another option if you want to deal with a human
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    I think this is some sort of Warbler - help with id plz

    Did cross my mind. My bird id books aren’t brilliant... Ta
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    I've had my fun...

    Hitler is dead! Legendary episode of Father Ted. RIP Brendan
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    I think this is some sort of Warbler - help with id plz

    Google and my book don't help, would've got closer but the path was busy At Vogelmeer, Schoorl, North Holland
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    Pied Wagtail

    at Vogelmeer, Schoorl, North Holland. Was a bit rushed (non-photographers) but was hoping to get closer to this delight... Wags less than the adult which I fail to get sharp.
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    Hire car UK to Europe .. Advice ?

    Two ways of looking at this: Cheap from from Manchester to somewhere in France, pick up rental car at airport - save a few days.... Enterprise is the company I use and never had a problem with them (yet!). Better away from Paris, so that you don't 'practice' on the peripherique. or Get the...
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    Canon 7D Mark II and Nikon D7500

    try each camera before commiting funds? I'd go D500 as it is the best pro-APS-C DSLR in my opinion (OH is Canon user and has hateful 7D2), some people prefer Canon. Big step up from Lumix for whichever model you go for. If you do sports bear in mind that buffer on D7200 is limited (not as...
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    best thing I've ever seen.....
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    Especially if she is on all fours...
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    One for the grammar stasi too....
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    Second hand lenses?

    And of course I have bought from here
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    Second hand lenses?

    I've bought used from Grays and Cambrian Photography - you might pay a premium but you always get some sort of warranty with them as well... And the lenses felt as good as new too
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    Little Owl athene noctua

    Discovered this location in Richmond Park during an exercise, returned with camera tonight. Only a brief glimpse tonight (without camera there were 4 birds on the same branch)... Hoped it, or another one, would return so I could get some better shots... Even though in the long days of early...
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    What birds or bird have you seen today – communal thread, I hope!

    In Richmond Park - trying to get my step count above 12500.. Little Owl and Skylark I found the little owl location during a nordic walk (no camera) so returned to the same location and found this delightful critter... sadly, it flew off and I managed only a few measly frames.... next time I...
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    Reed Warbler - London Wetlands

    I think, Twitchers kept saying Sedge Warbler but this little one doesn't have the eye marking...
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    Reed Bunting - London Wetlands

    Well, I think it's a Reed Bunting - in the reeds near the Peacock Hide.... Top end of Nikkor 200-500, gentle breeze obscuring the birds face 90% of the time... only seen because another photographer has his 100-400 trained upon it. Happy to be corrected.
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    Nikon D7200 or not?

    I had a D7100 which was a fabulous all-rounder is all but one respect, the miniscule buffer. The D7200 was an improvement, not a huge amount to justify the cost, but over a D60 you'll find so many improvements hard to resist.
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    London Heathrow airport

    If you don't rely on transport (car/cycle) the dropping off point at Terminal 5 on a nice sunny evening is quite popular.
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    The New Top Gear

    I'm willing to let the new presenting team settle in; this wasn't anywhere near as grating as the first post-Clarkson era episodes.
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    Civilised Wales!?!?!.... must have been drawn by someone in Glamorgan
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    Canon vs Nikon FF prime trio

    Left field choice....... in case the OP hadn't made the decisiton. Pentax K-1 And the FA Limited Trinity 31mm f1.8, 43mm f1.9 and 77mm f1.8. I have these lenses which are magnificent. If the Limited are too much then you can always go for HD-FA 35 mm f2, FA 50 mm f1.4 (old model unless you...
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    Sensor Cleaning

    If you live in SW London there is the option of taking it to Nikon HQ in Kingston - £25 I paid recently, left the camera with them for 2 days.
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    nine images from the faroe islands

    you had better weather than I did when I went!! love the images, brings back great memories... fabulous location
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    South-East England Registering interest for a meet up at Bushey park

    I won't be there, very busy week ahead.
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    RIP Kerr Avon

    Only 3 of the original - the later cast are still with us..
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    RIP Kerr Avon

    Servalan passed away fairly recently, as did Blake, does that now leave 3 (I believe the actor who played Gan died a few years ago, am I right??) I did love Kerr's put downs.
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    South-East England Bird photography

    Sussex - Big County. In neighbouring Hampshire you have the Hawk Conservancy (near Andover) Pulborough Brooks came to mind first, then WWT Arundel. Neither feature many (if any) raptors though.
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    Beginner Nikon d600

    I think both lenses might be full frame compatible, especially if they are 'Di'..... strange focal lengths for APS-C especially the 28-75. As Caerus pointed out, the layout is a great improvement. Also, even though both are 24MP, the bigger photosites on D600 mean better low light performance...
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    Autofocus not coping (or something else?)

    As folk have said, AF systems are still not infallible. Even my D500 has a disappointing keeper rate, actually makes my 'pathetically poor' Pentax K-3 shine in some instances