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  1. petersmart

    How to make planes look interesting?

    I always worried that they wouldn't! When I was in the Merchant Navy (many years ago) I never worried when we were in violent storms, but flying scared the crap out of me!
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    Here's looking at you kid!

    #1 is incredible - KUDOS!
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    Flickr :(

    You could try uBlock Origin - I use that and find it's excellent.
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    Beginner Multiplying aperture by crop factor? True or not?

    One time a focal length change will change the f no is on zoom lenses. Which is why you will often see 2 2 f Nos quoted on the lens specs eg: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II The reason is that the longer end the effective aperture is f 5.6 as opposed to f 4.5 because the size of the widest...
  5. petersmart

    Broadband, which provider

    I use a Mi-Fi 4G dongle from EE which costs £20 a month with a 40GB month cap. It also has "Go-Binge" which means I can download films from Netflix etc with no impact on my data (apart from adverts, oddly enough) - but I don't bother with online films etc so have never tried it out. I use the...
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    htaccess expert needed

    In Opera I get the images then overlaid with your prices and login request when I click on an image.
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    Wild Little Owl in Flight

    Excellent shots - Kudos!
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    What's happened to Flickr?

    Seems fine for me today
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    Beginner APC-S /Full frame lens question

    I APOLOGISE - you are all quite right - you cannot fit an EF-S lens to a FF body or to an APS-H body. I was confused because Andrew said you could and I am sure that I saw a warning about this years ago. But I have now confirmed this on my own cameras. And obviously you cannot damage the...
  10. petersmart

    Getting started in fashion photography.

    Really? In almost any commercial photo field technical ability is one of the things any editor etc will be looking for - if the OP cannot produce technically excellent photos she will simply not be hired - after all there are many excellent photographers in the commercial field who can produce...
  11. petersmart

    Beginner APC-S /Full frame lens question

    YOU MOST DEFINITELY CANNOT USE A LENS DESIGNED FOR AN APS-C CAMERA ON A FF CAMERA! The back of the lens projects further into the FF camera and will hit the mirror as it comes up probably ruining it! EXTREMELY BAD ADVICE!
  12. petersmart

    Getting started in fashion photography.

    Fashion photography is very difficult and you certainly need a good grounding in photographic techniques, and the ability to produce high quality work all the time. To start with get as many fashion magazines you can, and online mags, and study the photos and see how they were taken. Notice...
  13. petersmart

    Weird Android bug - no way to answer a phone call

    There is a hack which allows malware onto your phone - the phone appears to ring at which point you have been hacked. With this hack you don't have to do anything - which makes it quite bad. I heard about this on one of the podcasts I listen to - I'll try to find out more.
  14. petersmart

    Recovering blown highlights

    The original photo looks fine to me and I'd always say to underexpose up to 1 stop in bright sunshine just in case highlights do get burnt out.
  15. petersmart

    Adobe shouts "Update or get sued"??

    I'm still using XP and Win 7 with no problems at all:)
  16. petersmart

    New old batteries - Canon EOS 1Ds MkII

    Quite correct - my bad.:)
  17. petersmart

    New old batteries - Canon EOS 1Ds MkII

    Firstly the batteries in the 1Ds2 and the 1D3 are usually NOT Ni-Cad but are Li-Ion batteries - do NOT mess with these cells as Lithium is extremely reactive and you could start a fire. Secondly the charger you have for the 1Ds2 has a "refresh" cycle which allows the batteries to be discharged...
  18. petersmart

    Beginner Do any professional/highly regarded photographers use entry level gear?

    Not if they're a real professional and not just an enthusiastic amateur. Starting out they may have done but a real pro 'tog knows that he (or she) must have equipment that won't let them down and will produce the images their clients will be willing to pay for.
  19. petersmart

    Topaz JPEG to RAW Latest.

    You can get the REAL version (1.0.3) of JEG to RAW here: It downloads about 650+ MB which install as 922+MB when unpacked. Since you have already paid for it it should work perfectly for you AND get you...
  20. petersmart

    Topaz JPEG to RAW Latest.

    No it is to either DNG or TIFF since you cannot get a genuine RAW file from a JPEG regardless of what they claim (as many people on here and elsewhere have pointed out). In the past it din't matter to me since the outstanding results far outweighed any nomenclature but since they gutted the...
  21. petersmart

    Topaz JPEG to RAW Latest.

    Well as I've said JPEG to RAW did an excellent job of NR and recovering details AND I could batch process hundreds of images at once. But the updated (!) version was completely gutted I presume to make sure it didn't compete with DeNoise, but by doing that they completely ruined it! Now they...
  22. petersmart

    Need Some Advice on Shooting Portrait In a Forest

    The use of f2 will mean that you really need to get focus bang on so I would actually recommend around f5.6 or at least f4.0 The best ISO is the one which will give you the best exposure at the aperture and speed you will use, and even though 200 ISO will give you a virtually noise free image...
  23. petersmart

    Topaz JPEG to RAW Latest.

    The Topaz download installer only downloads the latest version - at least it did for me and the brilliance of jPEG to RAW, and the reason I purchased it in the first place, wasn't the fact that it supposedly created a version of a RAW file, but the noise reduction and the detail recovery - both...
  24. petersmart

    Topaz JPEG to RAW Latest.

    You can download the offline installer for the REAL JPEG to RAW and get all the advantages of DeNoise AI AND batch processing here: This download is about 650MB and will install to about 920+ MB. As far...
  25. petersmart

    Beginner Can anyone advise on the best lens for close up of clothing pattern / weave

    Also be careful of the aperture you use since too small an aperture could cause "Diffraction Limiting" especially in subjects with fine detail:
  26. petersmart

    I haven't photographed flowers much but...

    And that's the best way to photograph! Later on as you learn more about PP you will get even better, but never stop enjoying it.
  27. petersmart

    DNG File Repair/Recovery

    Remember that a single backup is not a backup. I have my photos backed up on DVDs, Blu-Ray, 2 HDDs, and on Mega: Which is a FREE cloud backup of 50GB - and you can have more than 1 account.
  28. petersmart

    I haven't photographed flowers much but...

    They are all well exposed and the detail is excellent. In #1 I would have gone more for focussing on the petals. In #2 I would have cropped it so that the flower was more central and in #3 would probably have tried a frontal view as well as the view you have because in that view the B/G is a...
  29. petersmart

    Beginner Upgrade question

    Unfortunately your 2 choices are diametrically opposed - Wildlife is possibly better served by a crop model to give your lenses a greater "reach" due to the crop factor but landscapes are better with a Full Frame camera for wider angles. You can get EF-S lenses for better wide angle on a crop...
  30. petersmart

    The Trend For Increasingly Expensive Mobile Phones

    I'm definitely more than happy with my little Nokia where the battery (replaceable) lasts almost a week.