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  1. cmcm789

    Hiking rucksack vs camera rucksack

    In the same position myself. Looking at rucksacks 50l plus for full day hike with side loops for tripod and more importantly a lower separate front a accessed zipped pocket for camera. Means quick a cess without having to unpack rucksack each time.
  2. cmcm789

    Beginner Advice needed on reproducing accurate colours

    I enjoy taking the odd landscape shot but never got round to printing them before. I'm now thinking of printing some but i know my colour workflow if way off so i was looking some advice. My first thing is to purchase a Spyder5 as to date I have only calibrated my monitor using the inbuilt...
  3. cmcm789

    Street photography problem

    I think if people see you as taking their photo regardless of the location and they don't know you they will be curious and react in certain ways. However, if you are taking a photo of a scene and they happen to "walk through it" they may not feel so singled out and threatened. If you do want...
  4. cmcm789

    Flash fires but image shows no flash?

    Mike the prob is when flash is on camera on ettl. Andrew i will check for red eye reduction. But it could be as u say either preflash or red eye flash tricking camera to thinking flash isnt needed. Oy i know what you mean but its not triggering off camera flash, just single flash issue attahed...
  5. cmcm789

    Flash fires but image shows no flash?

    No changes between shots. This is exactly what I was thinking initially, but I can't find anywhere on camera that would account for this or let me amend settings which would fix this. Also, the intermittent nature sort of ruled this out again, as in it would work for one shot, then the next...
  6. cmcm789

    Flash fires but image shows no flash?

    Gary, it's guesswork from both the flash and myself (not being a flash user). I checked the instructions and made sure all flash settings were correct for on camera ettl. I was using manual mode with shutter at 1/125. I think I had the aperture around f5.6 and ISO set to maybe 400 or 800. I...
  7. cmcm789

    Flash fires but image shows no flash?

    I bought a couple of inexpensive Neewer flashes to use occasionally (camera club etc). I tried one of them out of the box on-camera to test the in-camera menus (Canon EOS M5) and E TTL functions. All seemed to work well together with flash and camera communicating seamlessly. I then tried a few...
  8. cmcm789

    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    Also comes down to handling. I tried the a6000 before i bought the m5 and didn't like the ergonomics (or lack of). The feel of the m5 was much more to my taste. Also tried the fujj xt range and handling waz nice but since i already hav canon gear it made no sense on moving brand at a loss.
  9. cmcm789

    Beginner Clear this up for me please.

    when u say it worked a treat do u mean auto iso? Great shots, love the ones that really tell the story of the day, i.e. muck to the eyeballs!
  10. cmcm789

    Beginner Clear this up for me please.

    Stephen, i have done the same, road and fell races using a canon 60d and lens usually at f4. Regardless of the speed of the runner i always kept shutter at 1/500, ensuring sharp imagez for my 17-50 and 70-200 lens. Fod the hassle theres no point reducing shutter for slower runners. I shoot in...
  11. cmcm789

    Stepping Stones

    Tollymore Stepping Stones by Colm McMullan, on Flickr
  12. cmcm789

    A Month in the Van

    Love second image.
  13. cmcm789

    Forest Walk on the snow

    Thanks again for your feedback.
  14. cmcm789

    Forest Walk on the snow

    I fear that uploading 3 large raw files would be beyond my capabilities. I revisited the image in Lightroom and found that there were some (but very few) highlights clipped in a small area immediately beneath the central bridge peer. Bringing the whites/ highlights down to fix this didn't make...
  15. cmcm789

    Forest Walk on the snow

    I bracketed 3 exposures and adjusted the whites in Lightroom to make they weren't blown. I checked the histogram while taking the image and set the base shot for an average of the scene. I took 2 other exposures so that when i lifted shadows or lowered the whites that i wouldn't end up with lots...
  16. cmcm789

    Forest Walk on the snow

    Keety well spotted. The portrait version was shot first and more time was taken to compose it including rotating the cp to remove most of the reflections to let the natural reds and oranges of the stones and the green algae show through. When turning the camera for the second (landscape) shot i...
  17. cmcm789

    Forest Walk on the snow

    I rarely get out with the camera but this morning i managed to get away for a solitary walk through a local forest park which due to the heavy snow was closed to traffic. I got a few shots, but here are two of the same bridge for comment. I couldn't get any closer due to the greasy rocks and...
  18. cmcm789

    Snowdon supreme

    Great images and lovely light.
  19. cmcm789

    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    If it doesn't cost that much, 15mm is nice and wide and plenty light at f3.5. Other option is 22mm which is supposed to b v sharp, better low light and makes the camera more pocketable. But u lose 7mm wide end.
  20. cmcm789

    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    I'm wondering how M users set up their focus for moving objects (Birds in flight, sports/ action). With my 60D I used AI Servo, with centre point focus. This was handy when trying to pick out and follow one runner within a group. I am just wondering how I can get the initial focus to lock on to...
  21. cmcm789

    Last minute advice

    I used to b able to get 3rd party batteries no problem, but something changed and now couriers won't send batteries to northern ireland. I assume it's a flying restriction. As a result im left with currys and jessops, which are quite a bit more expensive.
  22. cmcm789

    Last minute advice

    Guys thank you very much for the quick responses, i really appreciate them. The only prime i have is the EF 50mm f1.8 which is too narrow a view. Will hopefully get a 22mm f2 pancake lens but not any time soon. The on board flash on the mirrorless is next to useless, so i will take the 270 EX...
  23. cmcm789

    Last minute advice

    So i head of to Lapland with the family for a day trip in little over 12hours time. We are packing light and i will be taking my canon M5 with kit 15-45mm to save space. It will be probably a few degrees below 0 and i've been told to expect about 4 hours daylight. I won't have time for changing...
  24. cmcm789

    Two misty morning shots

    Number 1 is a great shot.
  25. cmcm789

    First go at Landscapes

    Stunning shot Fraser. Is this a blend in PS or did you manage with Graduated Filters?
  26. cmcm789

    Cold and reflection

    I agree with Swissy about the crop, I think it would benefit from it. I like the cool tones and still water. Your photo is really clean and portrays the coolness of the scene very well. Looks like it's a location with loads of potential for further compositions.
  27. cmcm789

    More from the Scottish Highlands...

    The sky in No 5 is amazing. Very nice set of images.
  28. cmcm789

    Kilchurn, September 2017.

    It doesn't need dramatic light. The subject, subtle natural tones and framing all make for a fantastic shot.