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  1. pooley

    Lemon shark

    Thanks for taking the time to comment guys - much appreciated. Stu - I prefer the first as well, the sun coming through adds more for me cheers Mike
  2. pooley

    Puffin in flight

    Thanks for commenting, much appreciated Mike
  3. pooley

    How do I get the correct exposure for birds

    There's a good chance I'll get some stick for this, but here goes... Learn to use manual mode and try and avoid trying to shoot everything that moves! Try and concentrate on a specific shot, be it waiting for your bird to land on a particular perch, or a seabird to come in close, or a...
  4. pooley

    Need a budget upgrade from a Canon 550D

    Nick, I have to be a little brutal here, but with your budget, you're going to have to make some serious compromises and decide of its worth it for you or not. I've had a 7d and its going to give you the same IQ as the 550d. Better AF, yes (although still not the best) and a faster frame rate...
  5. pooley

    Wild Eurasian Brown Bears In Finland [more shots added] ....

    No worries Robin, you've considered the reasons and your responses are more than valid, especially the wet nose. I would consider doing some local adjustments when required in the future though - that little bit of final polish can often make all the difference after spending thousands of pounds...
  6. pooley

    Tern and chick

    A Royal Tern chick goes on a begging mission from a parent. Both the chick and I were really hoping to see a fish getting passed! Mike
  7. pooley

    look left .

    Nice Jeff - much better with the extra space Mike
  8. pooley

    Lemon shark

    This is one of the locals known as 'Stevie' - very distinctive as she has lost her right eye
  9. pooley

    Lemon shark

    Just another from an old session with my shark mates Mike
  10. pooley

    Wild Eurasian Brown Bears In Finland [more shots added] ....

    2 superb shots Robin - I hope you're rightfully chuffed with these 2! First one is just about perfect - I bet it would look great displayed or printed at a much bigger size - it really is crying out for being seen big! Composition is spot on, especially with the bear looking downwards. You...
  11. pooley

    Look what my cat found

    Great low shooting angle, and of course, having the tongue out is a massive bonus. Big plus for me though is keeping your position so the sun has lit the larger portion of the face - shooting from the shadowed side would have all but ruined the shot Mike
  12. pooley

    Canon EOS 5ds vs 5d mkiv

    5d4 for what you suggest. Great all rounder, and if you have an interest in wildlife then the 5ds is only suitable for a certain portion of shots, and will be inferior in low light (i.e. most of the time in the UK!). You need top notch glass and technique, and even then will probably only notice...
  13. pooley

    Goldfinch on Teasel

    I like it. Nice and loose, natural environment, lovely colour tones. Makes a great difference from the normal portraits and reminds us all to try alternative shots. Mike
  14. pooley

    What ever happened to....

    I remember Leeds well - bought the original Canon EF 400mm f2.8 off them in the early 90's. Cost about 4k, I still remember my hand shaking as I signed the cheque it was that much money to me! Good company - Wex use the building now
  15. pooley


    Couldn't agree more - the whole point of critique threads surely is to discuss what you do and dont like about the shot, therefore allowing both OP and responders to learn. By all means keep it for other areas but it has really given the crit threads a right royal kick in the spuds. Mike
  16. pooley

    cormorant wings spread

    Just about the perfect pose Jeff - a little more space around the bird wouldn't go amiss, but otherwise spot on. Good to see you out and about Mike
  17. pooley

    Just the right moment

    Well caught Les, great timing, especially with the open beak Mike
  18. pooley

    Views and opinions on these two please

    For me, the first KF is a good solid perch shot - nice colours, good detail, nicely framed. The heron shot, I'm not as keen on, the overall look of the frame is too dark, the bird is too central in the frame, and cropping the bright strip away from the top of the frame would help. The last...
  19. pooley

    Puffin in flight

    One from the really sunny day on the Farnes. Happy I got this but not the one I was after - no eels, poor light - but it means I'll have to go back another time - ah well... Mike
  20. pooley

    Wildlife hide recommendations?

    OK, maybe Alans hide up in Scotland - maybe a bit further to travel, but you might be able to combine it with an afternoon at one of his other hides Mike
  21. pooley

    Wildlife hide recommendations?

    Hi Gareth, I went here last year for a few hours, typical woodland birds - GSW, goldfinches, tits, thrushes etc, but quite well done. Mike
  22. pooley

    Portraits from the Farnes

    Thanks for looking and commenting - much appreciated Mike
  23. pooley

    Arctic tern

    thanks for commenting everyone Mike
  24. pooley

    Arctic tern

    As mentioned on my portrait thread the light was too harsh for most stuff - only took me about 500 frames to get this - and then it took some serious shadow recovery! Mike
  25. pooley

    First time I've shot birds. (And I think they're goldfinches)

    If that's your first attempt ten you've done really well Chris. Some good detail, nice colours, nice light and a good background. Crit wise, they are a little large in the frame for me, its usually nicer to see them with a little room to 'breathe' around them. Regarding the DoF, there is...
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    Have you checked
  27. pooley

    I Luv May

    Looks like a good day out, first puffin is really nice with the look back pose, and the terns are nice, especially the chick Mike
  28. pooley


    Lovely shot John, perfect pose on the bird, noice even light. If you've started dabbling in PP, maybe give the bird and the perch a little extra sharpen - subtle but well worth it IMHO Mike
  29. pooley

    Portraits from the Farnes

    4. Suppose I'd better throw a puffin into the mix Mike
  30. pooley

    Portraits from the Farnes

    I had a trip to the Farnes on Monday as the forecast was for a bright but cloudy day - perfect for seabird photography. However, the reality was blazing sun all day - great for the birders, awful for photography as everything had dark shadows all over the place, so I decided to go for some tight...