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  1. ChrisJ_SLH

    Looking for a simple NAS (or similar) for home use

    I would also recommend the Synology range. I've had a DS212j for a number of years now. I've upgraded the disks a couple of time (currently 2x 4TB Seagate) and it has been no trouble whatsoever. It is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be really. I use mine for my SONOS music file...
  2. ChrisJ_SLH

    Undecided Short city break - where?

    Prague is lovely. We also really enjoyed Madrid and Barcelona. Someone else mentioned Tarragona which I would agree with as we holidayed close by. It is a very long time since I visited Florence but I can still remember the queues...
  3. ChrisJ_SLH

    Paris night-time walk about

    I've had the privilege of travelling to Paris dozens of times with my job in the last 22 years and I find it a unique vibrant city, rich with diversity in all senses of the word. Shamefully, I've never been on a social trip yet and your photo's make be especially guilty about not taking my wife...
  4. ChrisJ_SLH

    Green Sheild bug

    Again, lovely shot but I tend to agree with the comment about the signature. One other minor observation, there are a couple of filaments emerging from the bugs back about half way up. One long, one short. I personally find them a bit distracting once I noticed them. Otherwise I love it.
  5. ChrisJ_SLH

    So it really is time to ditch Adobe

    I believe it does. Not quite the same but I have a monthly photography plan subscription and I have finally got around to applying the 1 month free that came with the Loupedeck I bought. My Adobe account now says I'm paid up until July. So, I assume if you activate an 12 month subscription code...
  6. ChrisJ_SLH

    How OCD are you about gear?

    Highly unlikely, it would have to be pretty substantial to cause any flare.
  7. ChrisJ_SLH

    How OCD are you about gear?

    To address your first point about possible flare, glare or 'ghosties' I would direct you to this website. I have this bookmark saved for these very occasions. In short, while dust on your sensor (a AA filter to be more precise) will cause shadows when narrow apertures are used (because the light...
  8. ChrisJ_SLH

    How OCD are you about gear?

    Take an out of focus shot at f/22 against a plain white background and tell us again if you have no spec's... On a slightly more serious note, I used to very OCD about the cleanliness of my gear. A slight dust mote on the focusing screen, or visible dust bunnies on images at apertures so narrow...
  9. ChrisJ_SLH

    Lets see your best... reflections!

    Republic Street - Valletta by Chris Hart, on Flickr
  10. ChrisJ_SLH

    Let's see your graffiti and street art shots

    29/10/2013 - Madrid by Chris Hart, on Flickr Prague, 2011/07/24 by Chris Hart, on Flickr Prague, 2011/07/24 by Chris Hart, on Flickr
  11. ChrisJ_SLH

    Virgin BB - how to make it better?

    Virgin Broadband is, in my experience at least, very good. Rock solid, fast, and in my area doesn't seem to suffer too badly from contention. That said, the Wi-Fi provided by the standard Virgin Superhub (any version) is at best 'adequate'. The best solution in my opinion is to put the Superhub...
  12. ChrisJ_SLH

    Padded camera "inlay" for hiking bag

    Have a look on Amazon, just search for "camera bag insert". There are a surprising number of solutions available. I got a one a couple of years ago to take protect my 5DmkIV when I carried it around in a standard messenger type bag, it was cheap and pretty good.
  13. ChrisJ_SLH

    Roseberry Topping

    I don't know, it has a certain charm in the right light... 11/11/2017 - Roseberry Topping by Chris Hart, on Flickr Cracking views from the top too... 11/11/2017 - Roseberry Topping by Chris Hart, on Flickr
  14. ChrisJ_SLH

    Capture a stranger street style : Part 2

    Fresh Fish - Marsalforn by Chris Hart, on Flickr Marsaxlokk by Chris Hart, on Flickr
  15. ChrisJ_SLH

    My most viewed photo on Flickr yesterday......... Part 2

    It's also my second highest all time viewed.No idea why as i was just messing around with a macro lens I had bought at the time. GoGo%20by%20Chris%20Hart,%20on%20Flickr']GoGo by Chris Hart, on Flickr[/URL]
  16. ChrisJ_SLH

    What have you done with your camera today

    I love that view, I usually stay at the Crown Plaza when I'm up there on business and the view on the walk back to the hotel after going out for a bite to eat is always a bonus.
  17. ChrisJ_SLH

    What have you done with your camera today

    A low effort wander around Chopwell Woods near Gateshead... 12/01/2019%20-%20Chopwell%20Woods%20by%20Chris%20Hart,%20on%20Flickr']12/01/2019 - Chopwell Woods by Chris Hart, on Flickr[/URL]
  18. ChrisJ_SLH

    Beginner Durham by night

    Good effort! Just 15~20 minutes down the road from us, it's a beautiful city.
  19. ChrisJ_SLH

    Let’s see your best 2018 pictures

    Here's one of mine from the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady in Victoria, Gozo. I did feel sorry for the horses though as it was baking hot. Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady - Victoria by Chris Hart, on Flickr
  20. ChrisJ_SLH

    Canon 5D mkIV vs 5DsR (vs mk3)

    I have no experience of the 5DsR but I can say that the 5DmkIV is a completely solid all round update from the mk3. If you are a Canon user with any sort of investment in Canon lenses then it is the way to go for an all rounder unless you need to knock nails in with your camera body, in which...
  21. ChrisJ_SLH

    Beginner Noob querry - camera feels 'zoomed in'

    What you are seeing here is simply a large difference in focal length between your mobile phone and the 50mm lens on the DSLR. The mobile phone you were using probably had an equivalent focal length of around 26mm. Your 50mm lens on the 1300d has an equivalent focal length of 80mm due to the...
  22. ChrisJ_SLH

    Anyone got an echo spot?

    We've got three Echo Spots, lounge, kitchen and bedroom. They are ideal for listening to the news and talk radio type content, also a brilliant device for a glorified alarm clock. Music quality wise though they are a bit thin and uninspiring. For Spotify, a Sonos Play:1 is a much better bet...
  23. ChrisJ_SLH

    "Banding" is it really banding and does it matter?

    There's virtually nothing in it with the latest gen sensors. If you can't expose and take a decent image in good light at ISO100 with 13.5 stops of dynamic range then there are other issues you should be addressing first. Here's a comparison of the three contemporaries Sony, Nikon, Canon. The...
  24. ChrisJ_SLH

    "Banding" is it really banding and does it matter?

    Agreed. I personally think this a complete non issue. I've owned a Canon 350D, 40D, 5D2, 5D3 and currently own a 5D4 and the number of unusable shots caused by banding is zero. There seems to be an expectation amongst those that bang on about this phenomena that every shot has to have a huge...
  25. ChrisJ_SLH

    North England Thinking of going to Newcastle. Is it worth the effort?

    Nice shots. Glad you enjoyed it. I love the Free Trade Inn and Ouseburn generally. It's definitely good exercise up and down to the river, good for working up a thirst!
  26. ChrisJ_SLH

    North England Thinking of going to Newcastle. Is it worth the effort?

    Ok @mickledore, we need an update. How was the trip?
  27. ChrisJ_SLH

    Hmm, time to dump flickr and finally build my own website?

    Indeed. The Pro cost is nothing in the grand scheme of (photography) things and if SmugMug are true to their word and invest in the platform then I don't see what the problem is.
  28. ChrisJ_SLH

    Hmm, time to dump flickr and finally build my own website?

    I've been reading the thread on this over at the Flickr Support Forum where the CEO has been answering questions and clarifying the position. The claim is that 1000 photo limit will impact less than 3% of the current Flickr free account user base. Also, the CEO has commented that many of that 3%...
  29. ChrisJ_SLH

    Suggestions for WiFi solutions for desktop PC

    You could look at something like a Google WiFi Twin Pack. Put you VM router into modem mode and plug it into one puck on the WAN port (the other LAN port can then be used for a multi-port switch if required). The two ethernet ports on the other identical puck will then act as LAN ports when the...
  30. ChrisJ_SLH

    Where did you start out and where are you now.

    I started out doing Photography for my "Wednesday Afternoon Activity" during my BTEC in Electronics and Electrical Engineering in '86 purely because a girl I fancied was doing it. As it turned out my relationship with her was brief. However, my relationship with photography has been somewhat...