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  1. G4lly

    Not the Good Friday I had planned.

    Me neither. Had gastroenteritis for most of the week and have become so dehydrated it’s effected my kidney function (which isnt the best anyway). Having fluid drips and steroid injections since yesterday. Doesnt sound like Im getting out today either :( We were supposed to be...
  2. G4lly

    Any baristas (coffee enthusiats) among us? :-)

    They are awesome. I’ve got a bean to cup DeLonghi coffee maker but I actually prefer the Aeropress
  3. G4lly

    Fuji 56 1.2 for candid street shots

    I've recently moved to Fuji with an XT3 and have bought the 56 1.2 (and 23 f2). How do you find the 56 1.2 for candid street photos? Especially with a shallower depth of field using autofocus? Or do you pre focus/zone focus? Thanks. It's a lovely lens but the autofocus could be a bit quicker :)
  4. G4lly

    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    Walked into a supermarket and saw a man throwing milk, cheese, butter, cream and eggs at people.. I thought 'how dairy' ....
  5. G4lly

    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    Just put all of my original John Lennon memorabilia up for auction on EBay. Imagine all the PayPal.
  6. G4lly

    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    2 chickens walking down the road, one says to the other "I think I'll cross over to the other side". "Forget it" said the other chicken "You'll never hear the last of it".
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    What you listening to RIGHT now?

    Sometimes, Gerry Cinamon View:
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    Hello from York

    I have been registered and reading this forum for quite a while and did post a couple of times when I first registered but I don't think I posted in here. So.... I'm based in York, love street photography. Have dabbled a bit with studio photography. Own and X100F and have recently also acquired...
  9. G4lly

    London Street Photography Evening Meetup - Soho?

    I tend to work in London Tues-Thursday and take my camera. Does anyone fancy meeting up for a street photography night walk? I haven't tried Soho at night. I thought it might be interesting?
  10. G4lly

    A weekend away in Lisbon, one zoom and one prime suggestions please.

    It's been a while since I've been but I'd take the 1. 16-55mm f2.8 (General walk around) 2. 35mm f2 (If I wanted to travel a bit lighter and do some street stuff) Well, actually I'd take the 18-55 2.8-4 and the 23mm F2 as I don't have the two mentioned and I like 35mm equiv field of view.
  11. G4lly

    What Do You Do With Your Images?

    I don't do enough with them. Share them on instagram/flickr and not much else. I really need to print some of mine and get some nice frames.
  12. G4lly

    A few recent street shots

    London (Brick lane, Soho, St Pauls)
  13. G4lly

    A few recent street shots

    Hull (HIPFest photowalk): IMG_4798 by GallyPhotoTech, on Flickr IMG_4808
  14. G4lly

    Street photography problem

    I Would agree with that. I was listening to Derek Fahsbender's B&H workshop on YouTube again this week and he mentioned he takes out a 70-200 when he can't be bothered to get in close an interact. The Video is worth a watch for those that haven't seen it already:
  15. G4lly

    High contrast street, light & shadows.

    I went on Kevin Mullins street photography workshop in London a couple of weeks back (it was very good by the way). We did some work on shadows and spot metering. Here are a couple from that day shot on my X100F IMG_4325 by GallyPhotoTech IMG_4324 by GallyPhotoTech, on Flickr I seem to think...
  16. G4lly

    What have you done with your camera today

    A couple from a street photography walk around Soho and China Town in London yesterday with my Fuji XT3 and 23mm F2. Am I allowed to post today? :) IMG_0444 by GallyPhotoTech, on Flickr A bit of blue in Soho by GallyPhotoTech, on Flickr
  17. G4lly

    Instagram - share your user name

    Posting mostly street photography
  18. G4lly

    Street photography - 35mm or nifty fifty

    I tend to like the 23mm / 35mm equivalent field of view of my X100F and use this focal length with my other ASPC camera, which I recently switched to an XT3. Having said that, I occasionally take a 35mm (50 equiv) and 50mm (75mm equiv ff) if I can't be bothered engaging people as much and want...
  19. G4lly

    Which photography youtube channels do you subscribe to?

    +1 for Thomas Heaton, Kai, E6 Blogs Like watching Peter Mcinnon who I haven't seen mentioned
  20. G4lly

    A6300 Banding Issue

    Yes I was using the electronic shutter. I will do some testing with this and also with Stewart's suggestions. Thanks for the advice. Will post my findings.
  21. G4lly

    A6300 Banding Issue

    Well I did wonder that but I also see it on this outside shot (again more noticeable on the sreen) DSC07790 by G4lly on Talk Photography
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    A6300 Banding Issue

    I received a second hand Zeis 24mm 1.8 lens today that I bought on ebay. I'm staying in a hotel in London tonight so brought my camera along for a couple of test shots. There was very noticeable banding when I looked at some of the images in the screen on the back of the camera. They are also...
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    Beginner Gary Fong Diffusers

    Ive been playing with off camera flash. What do people think about the Gary Fong lightspere and speed snoot? Any experience with them? Noticed theres a kit available