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  1. Norkie

    Andromeda Galaxy, Messier 31.

    Excellent work, thanks for sharing (y) Is it fair to assume that our galaxy is moving a the same kind of speed?
  2. Norkie

    East Anglia Hello from Cambridge

    Hi, welcome to the forum :welcome: :fuji:
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    Old newbie from East Sussex

    Hi Mike :welcome: to the forum, enjoy and get posting :wave:
  4. Norkie

    Oh No --- Look at my Holiday Snaps --

    Please post some more:eek:
  5. Norkie

    aristocratic flower

    I like (y)
  6. Norkie

    Hi All

    Welcome to the forum Clive :wave:
  7. Norkie

    South-West England Hi all

    Hi Paul :welcome: to the forum, enjoy yourself here :wave:
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    As said, excellent.
  9. Wells_Norfolk.jpg


  10. Norkie

    Wales Hi. New member checking in.

    Welcome to the forum glenn :welcome:
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    Hi Elsie, get well soon and enjoy the forum :wave:
  12. Norkie

    I'm new here

    Hi there Joe, :welcome: to the forum from the UK :wave:
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    Welcome to the forum Mark :welcome: :fuji:
  14. Norkie

    Office Block

    Can't recall where this block was, Norwich I think.
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    Love those (y)
  16. Norkie

    Should introduce myself

    Welcome back Darren :wave:
  17. Norkie

    Hello from Glasgow...'ish!

    Hi Paul :welcome: to the forum, enjoy
  18. Norkie

    Hi from sunny Rochdale

    Welcome to the forum David :wave:
  19. Norkie

    RIAT 2019 - Friday

    Excellent set (y)
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  21. Norkie

    Hello from Edinburgh

    Just launched, Fujifilm XF 16-80mm f4 R OIS WR or a good walkabout Fujifilm 18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS XF Take a look here for prices etc,
  22. Norkie

    Hello from Edinburgh

    I don't think you will have an issue with Fuji glass, I think it easily matches Canon glass.
  23. Norkie

    Hello from Edinburgh

    Hi Steve, I hope you enjoy the forum :welcome: I love Edinburgh, we often go for short trips. I shoot with a Fuji X-T2 after years of Canon gear. I don't look back! Nice and light, excellent glass. :fuji:
  24. Norkie

    Scotland Glasgow

    Welcome to the forum Catie :welcome:
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    Hi from Notts

    Hi James, :welcome: to the forum :wave:
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    Hi from Leeds

    Welcome to the forum James, enjoy :welcome:
  27. Norkie

    Thrigby Hall - Cats n Crocs (mostly)

    Lovely set, thanks for sharing (y)
  28. Norkie

    A couple from the Mach Loop

    I like them all, nice PP (y)
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    Sure does, well done (y)
  30. Norkie

    South London greetings;)

    Hi Zal :welcome: to the forum