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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    Did the motherboard cleaning thing paid for 6 weeks at one point (fire recovery work and the company had specialist equipment to dry it out after)...
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    Copying and deleting

    Which version of windows are you running? If a pro version right click on the folder they were in and see if says anything about previous versions.
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    Motorist faces jail for assaulting cyclist

    On open roads I can average 20mph+ on my road bike. If I were to start pulling in and out as you propose I would spend a lot of time slowing down, and getting back up to speed, causing more disruption to traffic overall rather than less. The biggest threat to me as a cyclist is the explosion in...
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    Holga, Toy, Charity Shop, Car Boot and other Bargains (film only please)

    Are camera like bikes? The optimum number to own being where n+1 = s-1.... where n is the number you currently own and s is the number at which you would be divorced?
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    going to try strobe photography

    Or for short distances one of these crude cables . Just be aware they can quite springy and so consider weighting...
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    WAMT....what annoyed me today!

    The issue many carriers have is that dpd in particular built their infrastructure from the ground up with this service in mind, most of the others have legacy it systems from before it was thought up and the technical reconfiguration/integration across, their customers databases, every hub...
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    No it’s a different case. The kicker for me in this case, as some who drives around 20 miles a day and cycles 12 (Drive wife to work, return car home and then cycle to my work) is that it occurred at traffic lights. At traffic lights a green light means check the road is clear and proceed...
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    Genuine or generic battery ?

    For a camera I would start by looking at second hand genuine from mpb, the last one I bought was around 25% of the new price and appeared unused and holds the same charge as the one in the camera. I have also had no issues on the previous camera, or the work dslr with generics that don’t...
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    Nostalgia is it a thing of the past?

    My parents have an Esso tiger tail in the attic, despite never driving.....
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    What are my broadband options?

    If you get another viewing it may be worth having a look for a connection box under the stairs, a director at work bought a new build last year and is seemingly restricted to a single provider who had cabled the estate. They apparently have sole rights for a time period to recoup their costs.
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    WAMT....what annoyed me today!

    Getting a great spot at the end of a sprint finish section of The Women’s Tour to try and get some photos of any sprint action, only for one of the tv camera men to jump off their bike and stand directly in front of me.... Mind you the race got neutralised about 200 yards up the road and got an...
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    Miss heard lyrics ? What's your best ( or worst )

    Shower the horse I’m done....(ciao adios by Ann-Marie)
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    WBMT.....What baffled me today

    Why Shepton Mallet has a tourist information centre when it has almost nothing to do.... Went on a ghost hunt at the prison last night, and as we tend to do we arrived a few hours early to take a look around and find dinner. Ended up buying magazines in Tesco and going back to the car for over...
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    What's happened to Flickr?

    It may be a cache issue. Are they both on the same WiFi connection? If the phone is on 3G or 4G and the iPad mini on WiFi it may be that your router has cached a connection to the old server and rebooting the router (unplug for 1 minute) the router may work. If both on WiFi it may be the iPad...
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    What's happened to Flickr?

    I wonder how much data they haven’t had to move by sorting the image limits/payment thing first...
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    What's happened to Flickr?

    We’re back online We just finished re-engineering Flickr’s underlying infrastructure. You may come across a few parts of the site that aren’t working perfectly, but we will be addressing them soon. You can always share your feedback with us on the Help Forum or at the Flickr Help Center.
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    Getting around a tripod ban

    Inside the palace they are very particular about rucksacks/camera bags being in your hand and in front of you.
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    Ebay purchase that I didn't make!!

    Not seen it in the advice above but I would also(in addition to changing the eBay, PayPal and email account passwords) be running anti virus/malware scans on the computers involved as a precaution.
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    Formula 1 (and other categories) 2019

    Well the W series race didn’t seem too bad with some good racing action. Not sure about the swapping cars AND engineers every weekend for fairness, seems a bit over the top to me on top of the identical spec cars.
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    How damp is your home

    We run a dehumidifier Oct to May and pull around 1 to 1.5 litres of water a day... Have found short curtains, rather full room height, reduce the scope for condensation to build during the night (ground floor with a street lamp outside so need them closed at night). It is much improved with...
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    Private ambulance used to pick up a body

    In Oxfordshire it has been private ambulances carrying the deceased for at least 20 years. The coroner and police have a rota of local funeral directors who do the work, taking the bodies back to their own storage facility or the morgue at the John Radcliffe hospital for post mortem as required.
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    The GAS confessional - all who suffer are welcome. :)

    I assume it is required exclusively for the detailed photography of products samples for customer enquiries...
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    WBMT.....What baffled me today

    Thanks for the quick response/confirmation even though it was just a mini-rant at poor design, rather than a complaint at TP themselves.
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    WBMT.....What baffled me today

    It was within skimlinks site not TP I got the one you have screen shot ok, clicked the “our partners privacy policy” and on skimlinks site their policy was covered by a cookie accept/reject pop up, hiding their privacy policy from view.
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    WBMT.....What baffled me today

    Clicked a link in classifieds and got a cookie warning about TP using a service called skimlinks to raise funds for running TP via ad personalisation, think ok let’s look at skimlinks privacy policy before blindly accepting. View of skimlinks page is promptly interrupted/covered by a cookie...
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    Network switch problems

    The manual for the little switch says port five for connection to another router, this appears to be empty in your photo?
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    Concrete Topping/Resurfacing

    never used it but Epoxy Set 105 claims to be the product you need, although when I had quotes for a builder to do a large patch at work it would have been cheaper to dig out and relay (drying time of the epoxy set is days faster mind).
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    WBMT.....What baffled me today

    It’s a money laundering prevention measure implemented by the treasury according to our local post office manager.
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    WAMT....what annoyed me today!

    Enjoyed the weather by taking a long scenic cycle ride home from work, three time the length of my normal get home and find I have left my keys on my desk! Scared the wife after hopping over the 5’ wall and coming in the back door so not all bad...