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  1. littlemonster

    WAMT....what annoyed me today!

    Next door constantly revving up little offroad bikes. Hours of it every day. They're driving them on the road too (no MOT etc, they're a purely offroad type). People have complained, nothing being done yet though. I'm not even sure if the noise issue falls under anything in the daytime, so...
  2. littlemonster

    Cheap Monopod?

    I can't move a brick wall to sit where I want it. People tend to moan about it. ;) Unfortunately I have a diagnosed type medical issue, not just weaklingness, means dumbbells aren't so much help. Thanks for all the replies, very helpful :D
  3. littlemonster

    Cheap Monopod?

    Looking at getting a monopod, for my sigma 150-500mm when birding. Just struggle to hold the weight steady. Really want a ball head and able to go up to eye level, so 5 feet. Do I need anything special for 3kg of kit or am I free to go cheap? Obviously don't want to risk my equipment but budget...
  4. littlemonster

    Clip on mobile phone lenses

    Seems mixed then :) Honestly while £9.99 isn't a lot I can't afford to waste it either! Will look up the olloclip then. Thanks!
  5. littlemonster

    Clip on mobile phone lenses

    Ok, just wondering if anyone has used these clip on lenses top enhance their mobile phone photography? Looking at this one: Basically just wondering if they make any difference. Obviously not going to replace my...
  6. littlemonster

    Should we continue to pay benefit to this person

    I'm... not as much smaller than that as I'd like to be, and I'd also turn down a band or bypass. I've known several people with them and at best they regain the weight, a lot are slimmer but far more disabled than before it. I have various health issues, any help to tackle my eating other than...
  7. littlemonster

    I am hanging up my camera.......

    And I can find experienced wedding photographers who'll do it for £600 all in. They're just not as good at it as others, but they are experienced. I would say it depends on the work and usage, as I said. Free market though, if nobody hires her she'll either drop her prices or change careers. If...
  8. littlemonster

    I am hanging up my camera.......

    Hmm, if it's photos you're going to be making money out of, selling her image on, I'd expect that to be a higher rate than if you're just wanting practise. Much like how photographers usually charge more for commercial use. Her body is her trade (that sounds wrong but I can't word it properly)...
  9. littlemonster

    TP Day 2014 Photo Sharing Thread

    Taken in my garden at 16:49 :) TP day 2014 by GemmaWoodPhotography, on Flickr
  10. littlemonster

    Is there a difference between image making and photography?

    Well, you either need light or money for them to look good. I can't afford cameras that look great at ISO12,800 so I have to choose light. :p
  11. littlemonster

    An Independent Scotland?

    A lot of people born, but not living in Scotland seem unhappy that they can't vote. Most would vote no as far as I can tell. I'm guessing they're worried for what this will mean if they want to move back. And of course, if Scotland goes for the euro, having to change money when visiting. For...
  12. littlemonster

    An Independent Scotland?

    Sorry, was writing when tired, I still meant based on the ones I know, as well as comments on articles etc. It likely does balance out, I can only go on those I know, as I don't trust papers to be unbiased. I just meant on my personal observations. There's other trends I've noticed among my...
  13. littlemonster

    Land line phones (are they a thing of the past?)

    I swing both ways. Landline is still used primarily by my Dad (late 40s, also has tinnitus), a lot of his age that I know either use about 50/50 or mostly landline. My grandmother (late 70s) only has a cheap emergency mobile. I use the landline more as there's no worries of signal etc...
  14. littlemonster

    An Independent Scotland?

    Well, I've not looked into the pros and cons much. The yes voters I know, seem to hate the london politicians having reign over them, when they admit theirs are no better. Sadly, Steeps, in regards to a post a page ago, more yes voters do seem to be just believing spin doctors, and thinking with...
  15. littlemonster

    Is there a difference between image making and photography?

    My aunt has high level education in photography, including processing. All learned on film. And can do more editing in a dark room than I can in photoshop I think! Maybe not quite, but can adjust an awful lot. Every time you get a film developed, something (human or computer) makes a decision...
  16. littlemonster

    Q Straps - The value camera sling straps

    Tri hand strap arrived this morning, very pleased thanks :) Popped it onto the L plate (and didn't cock up which way I was putting it through... nope...), a snuggish fit for my hands (I have giant man hands though), could loosen though. Does exactly what I needed! :runaway:
  17. littlemonster

    Not as sharp as I'd like.... Something wrong or a new camera needed?

    I've always found on telephotos that F6.3 tends to be sharper than F5.6. That 1/3rd stop is worth the difference. 1/3 stop on iso isn't going to make much difference. But yes, as said, light is the pain. I've found that even if it's similar light levels, a white cloudy day photographs better...
  18. littlemonster

    (not) Another Nikon vs Canon (at Tony Northrup vid link)

    I do envy the Canon lenses. I still think it comes downs to what you find best, the layout for changing settings is different, I think for a lot of people, one will feel most natural. I only have the older Nikon lenses, the 28-70 and 80-200 (I got a D90 partially as I could buy older lenses and...
  19. littlemonster

    Q Straps - The value camera sling straps

    Thanks, I have a securing strap, just sometimes I can't get it comfy. Likely just me. Have arthritis starting in my hand, hence wanting something that'll make it all safer, same as what I meant as a handle, is for walking a short distance that if I loosen my grip it's going to be safe. Thanks :)
  20. littlemonster

    Hand straps - holding a camera safely

    Great thought, but I need to be able to hold the normal place on the camera to reach controls and shutter, I'm more needing a backup/safety strap than a different handle :) Thanks though! May be something to consider for other purposes.
  21. littlemonster

    *****TALK PHOTOGRAPHY DAY 2014*****

    Wow, just seen this! Bad pain day but determined to join in. Off to the garden to find something semi-interesting.
  22. littlemonster

    Hand straps - holding a camera safely

    Ahhh Thanks, you're a star! I've noticed the Q strap version is made to do that, or connect to my L plate, but I'm going to look at styles a bit to see what's best to hold it everything if I can't :)
  23. littlemonster

    Hand straps - holding a camera safely

    Hadn't considered it may screw to it. Will look into it! Need a strap strong enough to hold 2-2.5kg of lens/camera combo if I can't hold on, ideally to carry smaller combos (1.2-1.5kg) on it too for when I'm macroing. Sadly if I want to do my photography without pain elsewhere or risking...
  24. littlemonster

    Q Straps - The value camera sling straps

    Questions on the tri hand strap - once secured around the wrist, is it placed correctly/tight enough and strong enough to hold the weight of a D90 and 80-200mm and sigma 150-500mm, setups around 2kg and 2.5kg respectively. Have issues with hand and wrist, so the possibility of slipping is a bit...
  25. littlemonster

    Hand straps - holding a camera safely

    Wondering if anyone has any experience of any decent hand straps. I've got arthritis starting in my hand. Not severe but enough it can be a pain holding my camera. Part is that even with my Q strap, I worry about dropping it. And if I'm crouched doing macro etc., more so. Considered using my...
  26. littlemonster

    photography for 6/7 yr olds

    One question, will parents be present at all? I think one nice thing, if you could do it (I'm assuming group size wouldn't make it a problem), is a little, very basic leaflet or just an A4 sheet going over the main points as simply as possible. Just home printed, nothing expensive, but if a few...
  27. littlemonster

    Passion for Photography

    I think for me it's a creative thing. I can't draw, sketch, paint, sing, my artistic abilities generally aren't high, photography is the only type I've ever been reasonable at. I always used a film camera when I could as a child, dad bought a bridge digital which I stated using more, officially...
  28. littlemonster

    Instagram - share your user name

    LordAsher - Not done much yet though, only 3 photos on there, joined for a contest thing. And so far it includes filters. But hey, don't mind having more friends.
  29. littlemonster

    Bargain FREE PhotoKey 6 Lite (green screen software) and HitFilm 2 Express (video editing). Ends 4th Feb.

    Saw these and thought it may be of use to some people here, if you download by the 4th February you get it entirely free! Hope someone enjoys it!
  30. littlemonster

    Branded App : Current Status

    Hmm yes, although skimwords may help with making money off it :D Actually, I've just been too lazy to turn it off...