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    Just a few from the GT Open

    Oops sorry for the slow response. Thanks, glad you like the wider angle. Not my usual style something I think I need to try more often. Thanks guys
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    Just a few from the GT Open

    Not finished processing all of my GT Open shots yet but here's just a few. As it's approaching the end of the season I'll probably take my time with the rest. 1. #16 McLaren 720 of Teo Martin Racing -GT Open Silverstone 2019 by Mark Dolphin, on Flickr 2. #63 Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo of...
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    Silverstone GT Open (Saturday)and support races

    Love the light/processing on that McLaren shot (y) I never used to use a monopod as I found it too restrictive but I'm using one more and more now. Works better for longer stuff though, I still wouldn't use one for say standing in a pit straight grandstand where I'm having to rotate through...
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    Silverstone GT Open

    Great set, really like the composition and depth of field on the 7th shot of the M6, simple but very well done.
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    FIA WEC Silverstone 4 Hours

    Some great shots in there. Yes great light in no.2 I took the Friday off so I could catch the WEC cars on track after 6, wasn’t disappointed. Really like no.6 as well, simple but very effective.
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    WEC at Silverstone 2019

    For motorsport you’re probably best starting in Tv mode which allows you to choose the shutter speed. The camera will then adjust the aperture automatically (and possibly ISO depending on your setup) Depends on what you’re shooting but for WEC(or ELMS) GTE cars hammering it on the straights you...
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    Silverstone Moto GP 2019

    Great set... as usual [emoji106]
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    Silverstone WEC weekend 2019

    Pretty good for a first time. No.2 is nice and sharp. In the last one if there's any room for maneuver in the crop I'd be tempted to pull the car back in the frame so the eye is drawn more to the point of sharpness (headlight).
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    British GT from Brands Hatch

    Really like 1 and 3, and whilst we're on processing ;):ROFLMAO: also like what you've done with no.8. I'm in two minds about 7. It's a great capture but the blur on the back left is niggling me.
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    British GT - First Trip to Brands Hatch

    Thanks Jonny, yeah I think the grading is still a work in progress. Might have to put some more effort into that in the off season.
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    British GT - First Trip to Brands Hatch

    A few shots from my first trip to Brands back at the start of the month. Critique appreciated as always. 1. Had to get a couple in at Druids on my first trip so here's the TF Sport Vantage The #47 Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3 of TF Sport - Brands Hatch 2019 by Mark Dolphin, on Flickr 2. ….and...
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    Silverstone Blancpain and British GT

    Thanks Thanks Toby Thanks Mark, I'd hazard a guess that when it comes to panning below a certain speed most people fall into the 'try-er but mostly fail-er' category. We only ever get to see the shots that work. (Or perhaps I'm just trying to make myself feel better) Thanks Glen
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    Silverstone Blancpain and British GT

    Thanks Neil Thanks Ben, yes 'behind the fence'. 1, 3, and 5 were through the fence, so much easier when the sun is not out at Silverstone. Plenty of British GT shots written off on the Sunday when the sun came out.
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    Silverstone Blancpain and British GT

    Thanks I was pleased with the way #3 turned out. Thanks, they don't all look like that at 1/30. My success at 1/30 or 1/40 is improving but it's still not very high. I only tend to dip down to 1/30 when I'm confident I'll already have some decent shots at 1/125 or faster. There's still a...
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    Silverstone Blancpain and British GT

    Thanks, haha yes I nearly made a comment about the angles when posting. I've previously tried to level as many out as possible but now I find myself tilting most of them on purpose to maintain a style. I think my style is being dictated more and more by attempts to create impact on Instagram...
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    Silverstone Blancpain and British GT

    A few of my shots from Blancpain and British GT at Silverstone combined. Please let me know what you think, especially if you don't like them or you think they're a bit meah. #1 #107 Bentley Continental GT3 of Bentley Team M-Sport Blancpain Silverstone 2019. by Mark Dolphin, on Flickr #2...
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    What's required for media accreditation (not the usual question)

    Thanks for the thorough reply Andrew, it’s appreciated. I had a feeling the answer might be along those lines. I guess I’ll just keep practising and maybe set myself some different challenges for each event. Cheers
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    British GT Silverstone

    For me the initial 'wow' is because it is both different to many other's work and it portrays British GT well for me. The appreciation for the work that's gone into it comes after that. If people don't take photography seriously (someone who's viewing it elsewhere) they may still get that...
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    British GT Silverstone

    I'm with @snerkler. Whilst I understand your view point, for me it's all about the final image. As long as it's not being sold as something it's not I don't see the problem. No.1 doesn't even come to close to pretending to be out of camera (and I'd guess the intention was actually the...
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    What's required for media accreditation (not the usual question)

    Hi guys I've been getting more involved with motorsport photography this year attending more meetings (by my standards) and spending more time viewing other people's work and it's raising some questions for me as to what's required from someone with media accreditation. It's not the normal...
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    The New Top Gear

    Well the reviews generally seem to be better this time round ( not on here obviously [emoji23]). Didn’t know what to expect but apart from Flintoff being a bit forced in the studio (sure that will improve with a little time) I was pretty impressed. More than one laugh out loud moment for me...
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    British GT 2019 so far

    Pffft, average ;) No.7 is a bit special. The shot of Rick and the M6 also stand out for me. Only as I think you asked on IG, I'm not a massive fan of the colour toning on the Scarlett shot, I think in this case it's taken the lambo's green too far off and as a result it looks a bit vintage...
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    Vintage Sports Car Club Oulton Park

    Great set as always. Great sense of speed in the last one.
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    Caterhams at Croft

    Great panning! No. 4 for me for the colouring and the timing against green barrier.
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    More Blancpain GT, Silverstone

    Another great set. Agree that start shot stands out and also 5 for me.
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    More British GT from Oulton Park

    Great set as usual, no.8 is really nicely done.
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    I think we need another Oulton Park GT Thread...

    Bit of a mixed day for me. Didn't achieve what I wanted to, mainly due to a complete lack of planning and too much time messing about with low shutter speeds. That said quite happy with a few of the shots I did get. As usual C&C welcomed. 1. The #8 Mercedes AMG GT3 of Team Abba Racing at...
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    British GT Championship Oulton Park 2019

    Great set Rich, 1 and 2 for me (y)