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  1. Iain Macleod

    Lets see your panoramas

    I don't often shoot panos, but I'm looking to try them more often in the future. This one was taken on Skye, looking out across the sound of Raasay. Stitched in affinity photo, couple of errors in it but didn't bother me enough to redo it. Sound of Raasay by Iain Macleod, on Flickr
  2. Iain Macleod

    Wild Camping Water Filter and Any Other Tips

    I carry 500ml of water with me to start and refill as i go throughout the day. At the last water source before camp, i fill up 3 litres to last me through till the next day. I rarely filter my water, but I do carry a MSR trailshot as a back up incase I have to take water from a less than ideal...
  3. Iain Macleod

    Your most used Landscape lens

    I went for the EOS R which I have found to be a good step up from the 80D. It took a bit of getting used to the EVF, but I much prefer it now. The 10-24mm was replaced with an EF 16-35mm f4. Excellent lens, but I have found that I'm mostly using the RF 24-105mm that I got with the camera.
  4. Iain Macleod

    Landscape workshops

    I would recommend James Grant after attending a week long workshop of his in Assynt last year. He's written an excellent peak district photography location guidebook, so you are in good hands if that is your preferred location.
  5. Iain Macleod

    Anyone used WEX or MPB to trade in?

    I used MPB for selling this week for the first time. They quoted me on a "like new" condition lens. It was collected from my house on Tuesday afternoon, delivered to MPB by Wednesday morning, inspected and the full quote amount was paid by 5pm the same day. I was very pleasantly surprised by...
  6. Iain Macleod

    Trusted grey import website?

    I have bought from Panamoz, HDEW and e-infinity. Service was fine and I got a good price with HDEW and e-infinity. I have had no issues with the items I bought from them, so I can't comment on how their customer service is. Panamoz were excellent when I had an issue earlier this year. I bought...
  7. Iain Macleod

    Ballheads... Sirui K10X or other?

    I have started a thread in the classified section.
  8. Iain Macleod

    Ballheads... Sirui K10X or other?

    I have a spare K20X and a 3LT QR11 L bracket that I would be willing to sell if you are interested?
  9. Iain Macleod

    Show us your snow pics then, cos its the middle of Summer!

    Castell y Gwynt by Iain Macleod, on Flickr Elidir Fawr by Iain Macleod, on Flickr Dinorwig Slate Quarry by Iain Macleod, on Flickr Looking over Elter water from Loughrigg Fell. by Iain Macleod, on Flickr
  10. Iain Macleod

    Chinese tripods?

    I was specifically looking at lightweight models with no centre column, so that ruled out the urban range. I couldn't find many reviews either, in the end it was this site that convinced me that the leofoto was worth a punt.
  11. Iain Macleod

    Chinese tripods?

    Wex have a very limited range of Leofoto tripods and heads. I recently bought a Leofoto travel tripod and ballhead from eBay (LS-284C & LH-30). The build quality is excellent, I would say better than the Manfrotto (190CF) and Sirui (W2204) tripods that I have. The only problem is that it's too...
  12. Iain Macleod

    Isle of Harris

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. Apologies I haven't managed to reply until now, been away with work for a few weeks. The first shot certainly seems to be a favourite. Luskentyre is such an amazing beach and the sand dunes provide endless options for compositions. I could have happily...
  13. Iain Macleod

    Your most used Landscape lens

    My most used lens is currently a tamron 10-24mm HLD on my 80D. It's rarely off my camera. I'm in the process of changing to Canon FF, so I assume the EF 16-35mm f4 L will become my go to lens.
  14. Iain Macleod

    Isle of Harris

    I visited Harris recently on a family holiday, my first visit here since I was about 3 years old. It wasn't a photography trip, more focussed on seeing the island and the areas where my family originated from. Luskentyre on the first night and the only decent light I saw while out with my...
  15. Iain Macleod

    Panamoz / UPS!

    Received my first order from Panamoz this morning and I have to say I found them excellent to deal with. I contacted them early last week to get advice on the best time to order my new camera as I would only have a 3 day window this week when I would be home to receive it (in between a work...
  16. Iain Macleod

    SLPOTY Winners Announced

    The Landscape winner is Northton on the Isle of Harris. Pleased to get a highly commended image in the Landscape catagory myself.
  17. Iain Macleod

    Quality Ball Heads

    I'm surprised you've had issues when locking off the K-40x. I use the K-20x and experience no drift at all when locking. Even when using my 70-200mm at an angle it locks of exactly where I want it. If anything, I actually wish I had gone for one of their smaller and lighter ballheads.
  18. Iain Macleod

    Winter arrives in Snowdonia!

    Thanks. I've been lucky with the conditions at this locations on my last two outings! Cheers Neil. Thanks. Yeah, I do prefer the colour version. There are a few different routes up, but when carrying photography and camping kit I always opt for the most straight forward route. In this case...
  19. Iain Macleod

    A day in the life of a mountain.

    Thanks, I'm pleased that you like them. OK, thanks Scott. I'm due home from my work trip on Tuesday, so I will have another go at editing these. Thanks. I wasn't convinced by the composition at first, but it has grown on me. Number 3 was the one I was most excited about on the day. Thanks...
  20. Iain Macleod

    A day in the life of a mountain.

    That rock on the left annoys me too. I noticed it when reviewing the images only after I'd just stepped in the foreground pool to try a different composition. Maybe I could try a little dodging to make it less distracting. I see what you mean about the stream. The rock isn't quite noticeable...
  21. Iain Macleod

    A day in the life of a mountain.

    Yeah, I think that's a good idea. Would make it a set of 4x5's too. Dont know why I didn't do that in the first place! Cheers, Iain
  22. Iain Macleod

    A day in the life of a mountain.

    I spent Tuesday exploring the Snowdon horns, a side of Snowdon I hadn't been to before. The summit of Snowdon was covered in cloud all day, so I decided to shoot the lower peaks of Y Lliwedd instead. I got three shots which i am reasonably pleased with. One from sunrise, one mid afternoon and...
  23. Iain Macleod

    Winter arrives in Snowdonia!

    I do prefer the colour version too. The b&w was definitely worth a try though. Camping out works well for me. I enjoy being out in the hills, so if I'm out for a walk and a camp then I still feel like I've had a worthwhile trip even if I don't get any images.
  24. Iain Macleod

    Winter arrives in Snowdonia!

    I've been lucky on my last two trips to this summit! I tried a mono conversion after seeing your comment and only just realised that I can't use silver Efex without paying :( I'm not very well practiced in doing a B&W conversion myself, but I came up with this after a quick mess about on...
  25. Iain Macleod

    Winter arrives in Snowdonia!

    Went out for a midweek summit camp on Glyder Fach in Snowdonia. My first trip out with my camera since the beginning of September! An often shot location, but it was nice to get out. Castell y Gwynt by Iain Macleod, on Flickr
  26. Iain Macleod

    Talk to me about getting sensible colours from a printer

    Crap paper and the wrong profile will create a horrendous print . My prints were horrendous, as bad as the OP's, until I switched to a better paper with good profiles. All the issues I had been having were instantly fixed with that simple change.
  27. Iain Macleod

    Talk to me about getting sensible colours from a printer

    I was having a lot of bother trying to get a decent print on my Canon pro-100. I couldn't work out why. I was following all the usual advice - calibrated screen, paper profiles etc, but the prints kept coming out way off what I was seeing on my screen. I sorted it eventually after buying decent...
  28. Iain Macleod

    Hi everyone,

    I think it looks more like the guy has been added in to look like he was there with the girl.
  29. Iain Macleod

    Canon EF-S Lens buying advice?

    Have a look on for 2nd hand lenses. They have a few 15-85mm ranging from £185 to £300.
  30. Iain Macleod

    Waterproof Rucksack

    Would something like this do?