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    My daughter...

    There's a visual empathy between your daughter and the guitar, leading to a very well composed and executed image. It appears just a tiny bit red on my monitor, - maybe just lift the whites a small amount, unless it was a low key aspiration?
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    Derwent Water and Kelly Hall Tarn

    My iPad opened at the bottom, so I scrolled up to see No2 first. No matter what I did in seeing No1, I kept returning to No2. I find the whole capture simply fabulous. The composition, colour and lighting are sublime. It gives me the emotion of wishing I could be there. Great work.
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    Barn Owl

    Beautiful. Lovely definition, colour and clarity.
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    Glencoe and Glen Etive

    I'd be happy with all three of those, but extatic with No2.
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    Brown Hare

    That's a super catch, and the eye contact and focus is great. I hope that's a natural fold in his ear and the poor fella ain't been mauled?
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    Now you're all starting to enc-roach on my tolerance...
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    Little Owl

    That sir, should be a book cover. Stunning work.
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    Super timing and tack focus. Nailed it.
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    Lovely, sharp, crisp and well timed.
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    Things Left Behind (25)

    I've had a play on the comp with different compositions, yet I simply cannot match what you have provided here. You certainly captured the best viewpoint and perspective for me. Terrific tonal rendition and work too. Bravo!
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    Old Harbour - Barry Island

    A very nice, serene image, made all the better by the virgin sand...
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    Decent shots with cheap lens? A discussion/shoot between me and a friend.

    Just enjoy what you are doing. If the results are pleasing to you, what else matters?
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    Anyone know what this is and still use it

    Very good, I see what you did there... Personally, I'm in a reflective mood. Think I know what it is, but never used it.
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    Beautiful Wings On Beautiful Demoiselle

    Beautiful image, simply top drawer.
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    Small Tortoiseshell

    Good work! No1 for me, as the outspread wings give a great focal plane, rich in colour and detail.
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    Absolute corker!
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    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    ^^^^^^^^^ "NOW, THAT MADE I LARF..."
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    A couple from the Mach Loop

    All very good, and I 'feel' the leg ache (having done all 3 ledges of the Bwlch, bluebell and Cad West in a single day...) And I won't see 60 again either! Loving No1, the space and dynamic effect are well used.
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    Beautiful clarity and quality.
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    How to make planes look interesting?

    If you're serious about wondering, have a look at Bernoulli and Euler on Google etc. That should pass a few 'fascinating' hrs...
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    Another Poppy Picture

    Technically - superb Personally - beautiful
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    Loch Leathan

    Oooooooohya That's a belter.
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    A lovely dynamic capture. For me, the rear wheel is very tight as a crop, and I'm wondering if a little detail could be extracted from the underside shadow area in a layer? Nonetheless, really well achieved.
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    Just a Blue tit.

    Just a bit special !
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    Dolphins at Roker

    A Roker sunrise and the Dolphin pod, what a special morning. Nice to see the Seal taking a photobomb part too. Considering they are sporadic in surfacing, and often deviate away from a planned path, you did well to capture them.
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    A Marbled white

    Clinically beautiful.
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    Lea, a dog handler

    You've picked up some lovely interaction, both placid and dynamic. Only point I would add, is that some parts are very close to the edge of the frame, with some of the images having parts (toes/tail) severed.
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    White Admirals

    Both lovely, colourful and very sharp; the first one just pips it for me. Great DoF, whilst maintaining a dreamy background.
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    Cycling - National Road Race

    All bright, colourful and a great focus in each. No5, with all in a line is a great image for dynamics