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  1. arChi

    A Kingfisher

    Awesome shot, love it!
  2. arChi

    The Bullfinch couple

  3. arChi

    Tripod - £400, hit me (not literally)

    How about Nest Traveller NT-6294CK ?
  4. arChi

    The Bullfinch couple

    Excellent shorts, well done.
  5. arChi

    Beinn a'Chrulaiste.

    Truly stunning photos, the last one especially :cool:
  6. arChi

    mad Monday raptor day

    Awesome set, really like the last one!
  7. arChi

    Review Bristol Cameras - one to avoid

    Used them one before and had to cancel after 2 week wait. Seems they hardly hold any of their own stock.
  8. arChi

    A lighthouse kiss

    Really nice capture, well taken!
  9. arChi

    A Few from Race Retro

    Really nice set. I think you’ve done an excellent job of capturing the action.
  10. arChi

    Some recent mono shots

    Great stuff.
  11. arChi

    Goodwood Revival Meeting - A mixed bag.

    Number 4.... nice pair! Nice photo's by the way!
  12. arChi

    GT binge at Donington Park

    Really nice shots, liking 2 + 3!
  13. arChi

    Places to photograph

  14. arChi

    Gloomy Bear

    Looks pretty cool, keep em coming!
  15. arChi

    Oh no! Not another 365! My take on 2009 - From Poland, with love!

    Some cracking photos there, but where do you find such flight deals???
  16. arChi

    Which Canon DSLR would you recommend..?

    Yeah i plan to shoot motorsport, extreme sports and just general photography. The 450d is gonna set me back about £460-£480, where as 400d would be about £280. I still got couple of weeks to decide which one to go for.
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  18. arChi

    Which Canon DSLR would you recommend..?

    Thanks for the input, it seems that the 450 is the one to go for.
  19. arChi

    Which Canon DSLR would you recommend..?

    Looking to get my first camera to get into photography, since im new to all this i dont want to spend a lot. So far i have decided that someting from Canon range is what i want. Which option would best suit a beginner....either 20d or 400d with good lense or new 450d with standard 18-55mm...
  20. arChi


    Hi, :wave: Recently developed interest in photography but being completely new to it i thought i'd be better off getting some advice from here first. Interest wise i like number of motorsports, extreme sports and wildlife so have plenty of ideas for future photography.
  21. arChi


    First picture is amazing, definitely something special. Used to bmx back in the day so brings a lot of memories.:D