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  1. Gordon Scott


    Interesting, but I do feel like she's sticking two fingers up at me!
  2. Gordon Scott

    First Airshow inc Red arrows

    Nice composition, but they are all underexposed for me - what mode were you using the camera in?
  3. Gordon Scott

    1st portrait with 5d mk2

    Nice natural portrait pose and sharp, but I find the white background a little distracting and the lighting flat.
  4. Gordon Scott

    Church given the Gothic HDR treatment

    Nice HDR and composition, although it does look a little like you've added the sky and I would have been tempted to clone out the chimney to the left.
  5. Gordon Scott

    Home Photo Shoot of Kids

    Nice shots Lee.... you've captured their expressions great. A little tweaking in PP and you're there. Cheers Gordon
  6. Gordon Scott

    anyone lose a head?

    Thought I recognised the photos....
  7. Gordon Scott

    FAO : Anyone with an iPhone

    I really should get imaginative with user names.... gordonscotty
  8. Gordon Scott

    1st HDR attempt

    Good example of awful, rude critique. To the OP.... I think you need to consider tone mapped HDR as a process rather than a simple filter to apply to a jpg. Go out and find a subject that will really be enhanced by HDR. Inside churches are great or stone work or most scenes in the golden...
  9. Gordon Scott

    High Key

    Commenting on the high key.... They are not really very good, the first is white background with some burnt out areas on the face; the second has good tones in the face, but the shirt is burnt out and their is far to much black. High key is more that a PP exercise; it's in the subject and...
  10. Gordon Scott

    TFCD models, (mini rant + discuss)

    I don't understand that statement... I am much more likely to get the model to pay me for the shoot as they are going to get some great photos for their portfolio. The exception is if I'm getting paid for the shoot, in which case I would pay the model accordingly; but that is not normal TFCD.
  11. Gordon Scott

    TFCD models, (mini rant + discuss)

    I have had very little trouble with TFCD models; in fact they have been great. I do filter out the ones that are not serious about being models,thus leaving people who want to work with me because of the mutual value to portfolios.
  12. Gordon Scott

    Shooting under 18 in underwear....

    You appear to be making assumptions about things without basing them on legal fact. Model releases are not required in the UK, but I get them signed to make it clear to the model where they stand and also the stock agencies ask for them which is their prerogative. Just because someone in a...
  13. Gordon Scott

    Shooting under 18 in underwear....

    Sorry, but this not true, the law intervenes if the images are indecent and nude, topless or in her underwear does not in itself constitute that.
  14. Gordon Scott

    Shooting under 18 in underwear....

    Therein lies the dilemma.... I did a quick search on the Kate Moss and Sally Mann photos and although they show a lot of skin, they are not done in a sexually provocative way which would make them indecent in my understanding of the guidelines.... but I would not want to be the photographer who...
  15. Gordon Scott

    Shooting under 18 in underwear....

    This statement is wrong, since 2003 the definition of a child was raised from 16 to 18 for photos. The problem with photographing under 18's is the definition of "Indecent"... this is of course easy to see when the photos are perverted, but not so clear as you reach the margins around...
  16. Gordon Scott


    Like it.... it's so minimal I would tone down your watermark though....
  17. Gordon Scott

    Dockers at work

    OK... one point though, multiple image HDR can bring interest in overcast sky's that are quite bland as viewed at the time. This is a 9 exposure shot taken on an overcast day.
  18. Gordon Scott

    Dockers at work

    Sure... the halos are extreme and in my opinion not complimentary to the photo. The grey sky also does not work for the image. I think you have tried to produce something more dramatic from the wrong starting point. It looks like you have not taken multiple exposures and combined them, which...
  19. Gordon Scott

    Dockers at work

    Unfortunately this is the type of photo that gives HDR a bad name. Sorry, don't like the over processing and halos.
  20. Gordon Scott

    Image size rules

    I don't think I voted, but 1024 is just to big to fit on my screen and scrolling is a naff way of viewing them.
  21. Gordon Scott

    Replacement iPhone batteries

    Not sure about the battery... but you got a bargain, Mazumamobile are paying at least £123 at the moment for them
  22. Gordon Scott

    Interesting to see DSLRS being used in TV production

    Thought this would interest the video DSLR users....
  23. Gordon Scott

    Tamron 17-50mm, 17-50mm VC or 28-75mm

    I have a 17-50mm VC Tamron and and find it very sharp and it's not plasticky.
  24. Gordon Scott

    CS4 Save settings confusion and changing DPI

    To stop this, when you re-size in CS4 un-check the "Resample image" box on the Image size menu. DPI is only relevant when printing and if you import the RAW file in CS4 then just change the DPI import value at the bottom of the import page.
  25. Gordon Scott

    Should I let them use my photos?

    Jeepers... don't start listening to seriously to people on here, some have little knowledge of business or many morals and chirp up like their opinion rules the photographic world. I would let them have them with a mention back to you and when accepting offer help to them in the future if they...
  26. Gordon Scott

    POTY 2010 - Round 9 - Processing: HDR (Entries) Sponsored by Photomatix

    Inside Winchester Cathedral just after a service when the light through a window highlighted the incense in the air. Staff Edit: Image removed. (Link left above). Your competition submission must be new...
  27. Gordon Scott

    Sensor cleaning _how often?

    I clean mine when it needs it. On my last camera that was once in 7 years after foolishly changing the lens on a windy day on the beach. Current camera is untouched after a year.
  28. Gordon Scott

    Nikon D90 default ISO setting - 200 or Lo 1

    Because the sensor has better ISO performance on the D90.
  29. Gordon Scott

    My first shoots...

    These three are not working well for me. The posing on 1&3 looks unnatural, her eye has a nasty shadow over it in 1 and in 2 the hair is distracting over it. There are also shadows on her face in 2 and 3. Sorry...
  30. Gordon Scott

    Nikon makes a great cake....

    A yummy Nikon D700 cake...