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  1. R8JimBob88

    Canon G12 File Sizes

    Cheers Chris :thumbs:
  2. R8JimBob88

    Canon G12 File Sizes

    Evening ladies and gents. Just about to purchase a Canon G12 but I'm not sure which size memory card to choose? I'd be shooting in RAW 99% of the time. Does anyone know how many images would fit on a 2GB card for example? Or on average what the size of a single file is? I'd probably...
  3. R8JimBob88

    Any Gardeners out there?

    That sounds like what I need! Any ideas where I could get some from? I've had a bash at google but found nothing. How do you apply it? Dilute or granuals? Thanks all, keep the suggestions coming though :D
  4. R8JimBob88

    Any Gardeners out there?

    I'm in need of some advice please! I need some kind of super industrial strength weed killer or similar... I moved into my new house in May, tackled the garden in September which resulted in a huge weed digging operation. The flower beds were 6 feet high and denser than the amazon jungle...
  5. R8JimBob88

    UK Mountain Light...a few unposted

    There is a lot to it isnt there! I've got a couple of days off work in December so i'm planning on heading to the lakes (if it hasnt been washed away by then). Ohh I can see it now, thick snow, clear blue skies, no wind, cloud inversion too.... :thinking: I wish!
  6. R8JimBob88

    UK Mountain Light...a few unposted

    Well done again Sie. I did my first wild camp a few weeks back, up on the Moelwyns. The weather was crap, stopped raining for all of 10mins whilst I put my tent up so no pics :( One question though. Do you set off from the car with your camera around your neck taking pics en route OR do...
  7. R8JimBob88

    Recommend me a Monitor

    Ah ****, I read your post yesterday and was supposed to PM you but I'd forgotten! That'll teach me. :( I'm tempted to ask how much you would have accepted for it, but on the other hand i'd rather not know :gag: I just paid £203.55 inc delivery for it.
  8. R8JimBob88

    Recommend me a Monitor

    Thanks people, i've just ordered the 2209WA.
  9. R8JimBob88

    A night under Pen Yr Olewyn

    What is the total weight of your backpack with camera gear etc all inc?
  10. R8JimBob88

    A night under Pen Yr Olewyn

    Weather dependant I should be in the peak district somewhere up kinder scout/bleaklow next weekend. What kind of temperatures should I expect to encounter up in Snowdonia? I have a down sleeping bag with a comfort rating down to -7'c I think but extreme temp down to -17'c. I'm quite a hot...
  11. R8JimBob88

    A night under Pen Yr Olewyn

    Words cant do them justice. I'm a huge fan of your stuff, i'm sure i'm not the only one! Infact its your fault I have kitted myself out with some wild camping gear! I'm gonna stay local to home in the peak district for my first few camps but I have every intention of getting myself over the...
  12. R8JimBob88

    Recommend me a Monitor

    Is this the one? Seems like a decent price too? Will I need a decent graphics card to make the most out of it? I aint to good with the technical side of computers
  13. R8JimBob88

    Recommend me a Monitor

    I havent posted on here for ages! Hope all is ok. I've had a crappy monitor for ages now, a 19in widescreen glass front LCD. I think its Advent. I've put up with it for long enough now and cant cope with its changing colours as a when it feels (white pixels looks like dirty sandy colours...
  14. R8JimBob88

    Upgrade From D40

    As you know I use the D200, have done a small number of weddings and think the camera was brilliant. I dont think it is menu driven at all, all the settings are close the hand and really quick to change, much quicker than your current D40. The batterylife will easily last a full day, more than...
  15. R8JimBob88

    Problems with Sigma

    Sorted now, just spoke to them. They want my body (camera body), so they can calibrate the lens to match it. Everyones a winner. Just hope i get it back for F1 at Silverstone next month!
  16. R8JimBob88

    Problems with Sigma

    Have a look at the support section on the Sigma website, it tells you everything on there.
  17. R8JimBob88

    Problems with Sigma

    I bought a Sigma 70-200mm APO f/2.8 a short while ago only to find that it was a “bad ‘un” and had a significant front focusing problem…. Oh joy. I contacted sigma who told me to post it to them and as it was under warranty they would fix/calibrate it and sent it back. I received it back...
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    As said, the wall is in the picture too much for me. :)
  19. R8JimBob88

    Glen Coe Revisited

    Needs a little brightening to me, nice composition though :)
  20. R8JimBob88

    2500m up in the Alps

    Lovely pics from a lovely place, i'm going to a place near there in August for some climbing/treking
  21. R8JimBob88

    St Conan's Kirk, Loch Awe with Tilt/Shift

    Excellent DOF, looks surreal :)
  22. R8JimBob88


    The ground is too underexposed to make a decent job of, but its still a nice image at the end of the day just the way it is :)
  23. R8JimBob88

    Debut for world's fastest camera

    Shame they dont have a storage device that can copy the images fast enough :lol:
  24. R8JimBob88

    Replacement lens for Nikon D700

    I agree, a very good camera + low quality glass = low quality pics
  25. R8JimBob88

    Snowdonia - Tryfan & Y Glyderau

    Fantastic, I must get myself up Tryfan one day soon. Instead I was up the Scafell Massif on Sunday :lol:
  26. R8JimBob88

    A Rare Rear View Sighting....

    Stuck in the 5pm grind as usual... Whats that noise? Its loud... A GT40! Talk about a head turner, just about everyone had their camera phones out. I will now go through life, knowing, I will never own one :bonk: Staff Edit : Images changed to clickable links. Pictures must not...
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    I always pick the wrong day :( I was there on Saturday in low cloud and heavy hail. Nice pics though, I wonder if i'll ever see a clear day on the summit!
  28. R8JimBob88

    Snowdon in Panorama on 29/03/2009

    I was there the day before, I went up the Watkins and down the South Ridge. I'm gutted, the weather was awfull! Low cloud and hail :( I've never been up there on a clear day :lol:
  29. R8JimBob88

    Is this my sensor??

    If you havent fiddled around in it yourself to cause those streaks, i'd get back on to the shop where you bought it from.
  30. R8JimBob88


    Lovely set. I love innsbruck, your photos are some what very similar to mine! :D