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    Interwebby webinar session thingy

    Thanks Gary!
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    Interwebby webinar session thingy

    Using it more and more and managed to get fiber upgrade for 30 per month installed last week. 1Gbps upload and download, it’s insanely fast!
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    Interwebby webinar session thingy

    @Garry Edwards The simplest way to share images is to open them up on your computer then choose share screen and select the window with the image. All the participants then see the image filling their screen.
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    Interwebby webinar session thingy

    Hi Gary thank you very much, that’s great! For the next one I could offer thoughts on outdoor flash, I’ve done a lot of red carpet events and tried a variety of brackets and speed lights over the years.
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    Interwebby webinar session thingy

    Thank you Gary, I’ll join.
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    A Photographer in need... Advice would be helpful

    Very sorry to hear your story. Lots of hard lessons learned too. What to do now? I wouldn’t snub the 40D for a start, I would use it. For wide aperture a nifty fifty is always a bargain so I would probably save up for that next and get from a reputable seller or dealer offering warranty...
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    Had a play with my new lights

    Nice one
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    Found you all

    hi Rick, welcome! you have two lenses that are capable for landscape (kit lens) and Astro (50 1.8) already, so I would make a start with them and only look for more lenses when you need to do something that they can’t do. Makes sense?
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    Interwebby webinar session thingy

    That is strange, I clicked on the link and it took me straight in no password requested. Hopefully there's a next time :)
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    Interwebby webinar session thingy

    hey thank you @Garry Edwards ! that was really useful and cool to see everyone on the video!
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    Livestreaming - combining multiple locations?

    For anyone interested someone has helpfully posted a full tutorial on youtube a couple of days ago answering this question View: Today we used OBS with Skype, worked ok but some feeds suffered pixelation. Looks there is a fix for that, this is a whole new arena...
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    Live streams

    This looks good, thanks!
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    Capture 1 vs Lightroom for Fuji

    Thanks! Looks like I need to check out DXO Photo Lab!
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    Capture 1 vs Lightroom for Fuji

    I’m mostly Canon and LR. I branched out into Fuji last year and looked at C1 and it does produce better final prints I think. So now I have two workflows events/sports (who knows maybe again one day!) with high volume with canon / LR mainly for online use, and studio and landscape with Fuji / C1...
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    Ethernet cables?

    Forgot to mention the flat option. We’ve just had internet upgraded in the studio ready for more online stuff and we used the same and it’s nice and easy to install.
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    Interwebby webinar session thingy

    Thank you Gary, I’ll be there :)
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    Beginner AF variation between cameras?

    It will be much easier to test out of Auto mode. Try TV, AV or M and make sure AF is setup the same in each camera. I would start off with just the center AF spot. Choose the same subject, move the lens out of focus and check both cameras.
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    Splash - trigger or not?

    Could have been triggertrap? I still have that and the app looks like it still works
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    Livestreaming - combining multiple locations?

    I'm getting into live streaming since corona as an alternative to live events and it's progressing well. However, I'm struggling to find a good solution for combining two or more people from different locations for an online comedy show. Currently, we are using a zoom meeting for the acts for...
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    Live streams

    ATEM Mini is proving cost-effective for me. It's receiving rec 709 feeds from canon cameras and sound. If you don't already have then you will need video lights for the subject.
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    Software and Kit needed for Live Stream?

    I've recently got into live streaming and use the ATEM Mini switch for controlling multiple cameras, green screen and graphic overlays plus OBS if something more complicated is needed. The ATEM Mini Pro above was launched just recently and allows you to livestream directly from the switch with...
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    Splash - trigger or not?

    I borrowed a Miops kit for this a while ago. It was pretty fiddly to setup and control the drops. Pot luck with a flash on high speed might have been faster overall!
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    Canon VS Canon

    Looks like the price on the comparison website is the new price when launched not current price. 7D is more than 10 years old so real price today would be much less than quoted.
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    Recording of a long loud applause needed..

    Once you have suitable applause track, if you have adobe audition you can simply set mix to target length and have it extended to any duration you want.
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    Meteor shower

    Anyone see the meteors? I saw 5 over about 2 hours. only one in a photo and that was in a corner.
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    Should I Use a Wider Aperture for Interiors?

    “Flambient” love it :)
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    Try searching online? There’s quite a few hits and a range of values for this lens out there.
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    Beginner Star photography hi Alistair, I’ve not tried any other Astro filters so can’t compare. I’m using it in the mountains where the issue is glow on the horizon and it helps a bit with that, but by no means a silver bullet. The blog link above...
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    My Sister

    Steve very sorry to hear of your loss. I hope the memories from all your pictures of her are some consolation. Wish you and the rest of your family and the community here good health! Best wishes