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  1. Monkeyhanger

    Small Elephant Hawkmoth

    Stunning shot
  2. Monkeyhanger

    Heineken hoverfly- Rhingia campestris

    Not sure Stuart-thanks for the info
  3. Monkeyhanger

    Heineken hoverfly- Rhingia campestris

    It is a 40 stack image,stacked with Helicon Focus,edited in Lightroom and Affinity Photo
  4. Monkeyhanger

    Heineken hoverfly- Rhingia campestris

    Using extension tubes (114.5mm) + 4X finite Microscope objective.
  5. Monkeyhanger

    Heineken hoverfly- Rhingia campestris

    Lockdown has had me trying macro-filling the time in nicely Heineken hoverfly- Rhingia campestris by Keith Ross, on Flickr
  6. Monkeyhanger

    Another Bittern

    Cracking shot(y)
  7. Monkeyhanger

    Short Eared Owls

    Two excellent shots
  8. Monkeyhanger

    A Few More Shorties

    Superb set-well done
  9. Monkeyhanger

    A Bittern set breaking ice

    Superb set Kev
  10. Monkeyhanger

    Kestrel in flight

    Thanks Mike much appreciated
  11. Monkeyhanger

    Kestrel breakfast time

    Kestrel warning me off
  12. Monkeyhanger

    Kestrel in flight

    Couple from the weekend
  13. Monkeyhanger


    Cracking shot
  14. Monkeyhanger

    Long-eared owl

    Superb shot Phil
  15. Monkeyhanger

    A Male Sparrow-hawk

    Excellent shot
  16. Monkeyhanger

    Another Redshank @ Greylake

    Lovely shot Les
  17. Monkeyhanger

    On The Kingfisher Theme.

    Two good shots Dale(y)(y)
  18. Monkeyhanger


    Good set Russ
  19. Monkeyhanger


    Thanks to all who liked or commented on my photo-much appreciated
  20. Monkeyhanger


    Yes Paul-Nikon D500 + Sigma 150-600 contemporary
  21. Monkeyhanger


    A shot in good light with 150-600mm Kingfisher by Keith Ross, on Flickr
  22. Monkeyhanger

    Has anybody used eGlobal-Central UK

    I have used them about 10 times,always received the items within two weeks.I have never had to test the warranty so cannot comment on the aftersales service.
  23. Monkeyhanger


  24. Monkeyhanger


    Well said Andrew,he doesn't like people who disagree with his
  25. Monkeyhanger


    People are very quick to complain about poor service which is understandable.If the deal is ok they are less inclined to comment.MPB are in business to make money which I take into account when I get a quote from them.If I don't like it I will sell elseware which isn't as trouble free as MPB.I...
  26. Monkeyhanger

    Broadband, which provider

    My vote goes to Vodaphone fibre unlimited broadband.Great speeds,unlimited downloads.Used them for a year totally troublefree.£22 per month including line rental.
  27. Monkeyhanger

    Tamron 100-400

    There are now chinese copies on ebay for £33
  28. Monkeyhanger

    Panamaz, HDEW, delist Nikon

    eglobal have stopped selling Nikon for quite a while