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    Grey Vs Used. Am I missing something?

    Wow. Such a lot of replies in such a short time. I’m still baffled though: MPB : Used D7200 £ 549 E-infin : New D7500 £ 589 The prices are so close for two items that would seemingly be quite wide apart. It’s like a brand new, out-the-packet £20,000 motor sitting next to a three-year-old...
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    Grey Vs Used. Am I missing something?

    I was going to post this on the thread currently running about the prices of new and second hand gear being somewhat out of sync. However, I didn't want to take that thread off topic and had a few other questions I was hoping could be answered. So I was this week just about to pull the trigger...
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    Fiction, wanted, for chaps

    I went through a stage a few decades back of reading almost the whole of Wilbur Smiths back catalogue and I loved his stuff. His early books (which you mention) are superb but I think in later years he seems to have been doing the writer's equivalent of painting by numbers. I suspect that quite...
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    Fiction, wanted, for chaps

    The best series of historic fiction books that I have ever read has to be the Flashman Papers by George Macdonald Fraser. They are such a hoot and outrageously un-PC to boot. They really do hit the spot from a historical perspective. In fact, I think I owe more of my knowledge on Britain's...
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    Notre Dame in Flames

    Are these investigators the quasi-architectural type?
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    Church Interiors - an open thread.

    Coat Hooks and Holy Scriptures
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    Has the world gone mad?

    Don't it always seem to go That you don't know what you've got til its gone They paved paradise And put up a parking lot......
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    Heard Of Alan Schaller?

    I enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.
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    Let's see your amusing sign shots

    Found on a wall in Braganza house in South Goa.
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    Church Interiors - an open thread.

    And another Bedfordshire churches: St. Leonard's at Old Warden and it's wonderfully carved woodwork, previously from Anne of Cleaves' private chapel.
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    Church Interiors - an open thread.

    A couple of more from the previously posted Bedfordshire churches.... Another one of St Margarets Of Antioch And another of St Marys at Shelton
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    Bridges - An open thread

    Great Barford bridge, Bedfordshire.
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    Church Interiors - an open thread.

    And another north Bedfordshire church.... St Mary's in Shelton
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    Church Interiors - an open thread.

    The wonderfully rustic St Margarets Of Antioch church in Knotting Green North Beds.
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    Beginner Why is it?.......Woodland photography

    Yes, I struggle with this too. I think the high frequency background makes it hard to lift anything and bring it to prominence within the frame. It all just seems to become a jumble of sticks and leaves. I’ve seem some cracking images of trees within a woodland setting lately and they all seem...
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    I discovered some lighting

    Anyone tried these lamps out yet?
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    Undecided Bedford - Location advice needed !

    A coupe more: RSPB the lodge is only a fifteen minute drive away at Sandy. And very near to that is Broom Gravel pits. They've had all sorts of rarities here. Slightly further afield is Sundon hills, Sharpenhoe Clappers and Dunstable downs, all good for landscape. These sites lists some very...
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    Undecided Bedford - Location advice needed !

    Well I would add my Flickr but can't seem to figure that one out.
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    Undecided Bedford - Location advice needed !

    Bit of an old thread but I live in Bedford, well, Kempston actually, but here's a few locations that are all within a 10-15 minute drive from Bedford. Segenhoe Church - old, abandoned, roofless relic near the M1 juntion 13 Clophill church - as above just off the A6 Warden Abbey - Old warden...
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    Why do you take photos?

    Best reason i can think of as to why I take photographs is that it takes me to places I would otherwise never get to see, or even know about. Since I’ve had my camera I’ve discovered rather a lot of interesting local places - old abandoned churches, stately homes, nature reserves, landmarks -...
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    Nikon Wu 1a - transferring pictures

    I have one for using with my D3300. Not used it for RAW files yet but I did use it when I was on holiday ealier this year for transfering JPEGs. I simply set the camera to shoot RAW and JPEG, figuring that if something disasterous happened I'd at least still have the JPEGs on my phone while...
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    New TVR launched

    Well I never thought I'd see the day. Always loved TVR and toyed with the idea of buying one of the older models a few times in the past. That new one looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it tested either. Almost enough to make me want to start watching Top Gear again.
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    Nikon warranty repairs

    Sorry, only just seen these replies. All done under warranty. I'd been meaning to send the camera back for some time, but really didn't want to be without it so just used to take an extra battery out with me. When I saw that there was only a week to go on my one year warrenty (it actually...
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    Nikon warranty repairs

    Just for anyone else who may be wondering on this: Camera was returned to Nikon last Monday and has been received back today (would have been yesterday, had I been around to take delivery). So all in nine days. Credit where it's due, and all that, Nikon have done the following: Metering...
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    Formatt Hitech adaptor

    Mark, if you have two then i would be interested in the other, if you no longer require it. Assuming it is the wide angle version, that is. As a further update: i see that the one i bought on ebay can be bought from China for about £4.00 posted. Apart from size, there's very little difference...