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  1. Peter B

    The Felicity Tree

    Agree with Ian about the gateway, and it looks to be a sharper copy of the Tamron 80-210 than my (full price!) version was!
  2. Peter B

    Show us yer film shots then!

    Findhorn beach earlier this year. Nikon F80, Fuji Superia 400, Filmdev. #1 #2 #3
  3. Peter B

    FILM Photographer of the Year 2019 - August - Decay

    Going, going, but not quite gone yet. Canon Z135, Fuji Superia 400, Filmdev. Bridge on Loch Roe narrows 2 by Northsnapper, on Flickr
  4. Peter B

    Home Grown - A Project by Carl

    You mean they tasted OK, but what if there are delayed side effects to come ...................................... :eek:
  5. Peter B

    New Old Film Challenge #112 - Entries Thread - Through The Window

    Misty rooftops from my hotel room window, Kirkwall. Around the Millenium I think, and I'm guessing a compact with Kodak print film.
  6. Peter B

    Recommend me your favourite films

    3 pack of Superia 400 from 7dayshop at £19 delivered. 3 pack Colorplus from them at £10.49 delivered...
  7. Peter B

    The Official TP Funnies thread ( Jokes Memes etc )

    The powerful combination of alexa and alcohol
  8. Peter B

    Recommend me your favourite films

    Bearing in mind that any roll of film plus processing plus postage (£3+) may well cost more than you paid for the Trip, it comes down to whether you can get processing done locally. If so, it will probably be C41 only and I'd therefore suggest you might be best to stick to XP2 in the first...
  9. Peter B

    Vision3 In c41 vs ecn2

    There's a Flickr discussion from last year if that's any help?
  10. Peter B

    Beginner Enlarger - 35mm to 6x6

    Depending on where you are, it can be worthwhile searching on Gumtree for local pickup, as you can often get some extras that wouldn't be worth posting..
  11. Peter B

    Takes on Industry - August Challenge

    Disused and overgrown fuel oil storage tank. Canon Z135 and Fuji 400 film.
  12. Peter B

    Lizzy Gadd on Skye

    It's an interesting idea that our landscapes should be devoid of people, but many of our "wildernesses" used to be quite heavily populated. I recall that OS maps used to have a cover shot without people, but that changed to having clear signs of human presence as that was what buyers wanted.
  13. Peter B

    Show us yer film shots then!

    The filter factors explain quite a bit, but they've certainly worked well for these shots. (y)
  14. Peter B

    Show us yer film shots then!

    Nice results Kevin. What sort of exposure times were you getting for the Pan F?
  15. Peter B

    Moonlight exposure

    Massive crop on a 5x4? Wall to wall cloud forecast here from 8pm until noon tomorrow.
  16. Peter B

    Moonlight exposure

    It's nothing to do with Nicola of that ilk, but tonight sees the appearance of the Sturgeon Moon! Fuller details at the link, including the dates for full moons for the rest of the year. ;)
  17. Peter B

    Scotland Scotland 500 suggestions, please

    In addition to Pound Coin's comments, there's a piece on the BBC website this morning which suggests that 1 in 10 properties on Skye is now an AirBnB, either completely or maybe just one room. The problem is that some Housing Association tenants might be involved in this, and they are being...
  18. Peter B

    Show us yer film shots then!

    A couple of crackers there Asha. (y)
  19. Peter B

    Moonlight exposure

    Post some photos Brian! :snaphappy:
  20. Peter B

    Single shot portraits on MF

    I think he only shot creatives, rather than "ordinary" punters Toni, possible because they would buy in to the arty side of things?
  21. Peter B

    Single shot portraits on MF

    I think you'd need to start somewhere like the Edinburgh Festival, where all the street performers seem to actively want their photo taken. I haven't actually been there myself, so maybe I'm over-simplyfying what's involved. :thinking:
  22. Peter B

    FILM Photographer of the Year 2019 - July - Diptych / Triptych - POLL ADDED

    Pretty much what Janet said, and very impressed with the creativity shown in this month's theme! :clap:
  23. Peter B

    Red deer "eye spy"

    Thanks Stu, that's helpful. You're right enough about it being his shaded eye that's open, since I hadn't clocked that. The photos were all landscape and cropped quite heavily, and luckily I had the 55-200 lens on the Fuji when I was getting it out of the car. He had his head down chomping...
  24. Peter B

    Film Developing in the UK

    I wouldn't be so sure that the Royal Mail would be delivering the following day, unless you're tracking? I think a couple of days extra may be a hopeful sign that business is improving as I'm sure we're all keen to see them do well. I agree with Carl about getting them in early in the week if...
  25. Peter B

    Red deer "eye spy"

    I was taking some photos of a stag in velvet and relying on the advice that they don't really recognise humans if you stand absolutely still. He was clearly suspicious though, and eventually closed one eye as we might do when taking photos or firing a gun. I've no idea whether this is normal...
  26. Peter B

    Show us yer film shots then!

    You've gone to all the trouble of choosing your spot, selecting your composition and metering, then somebody just wanders into it and stands there regardless. Ah well, maybe it gives a sense of scale? :whistle: Crovie, Canon Z135, Fuji Superia 400
  27. Peter B

    Show us yer film shots then!

    Or stopping the lens down, or cocking the shutter! :oops: :$
  28. Peter B

    World cup (no not that one) B&W films

    Thanks for this Kevin. I'm pretty much with you on grain in 35mm, so I'll definitely be passing this one by. As an aside, I'm currently halfway through a badly stored 120 roll of Delta 3200 that expired in 2002, so I'm interested to see what the grain will be on that. Hey, at least that meant...
  29. Peter B

    World cup (no not that one) B&W films

    I'm not entirely sure about the "soft" thing myself, but seem to recall that some emulsions are more easily damaged than others. The info on the eBay listing says