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  1. EduardManvelyan

    Help me set up my Lighting

    Thank you all for your responses. So far I ordered this light: Neewer on Camera Video Light Photo Dimmable 176 LED...
  2. EduardManvelyan

    Help me set up my Lighting

    Thats really good. Thank you! Do you think that one light is enough? I would especially like to get rid of the distortion you can see on the bass traps (acoustic panels) that you can see on the walls.
  3. EduardManvelyan

    Help me set up my Lighting

    Hello all, I am currently using an iPhone 8 plus to shoot my videos. In the future I am looking to upgrade to a Sony A6400 or something similar. Want to definitely shoot in 4K without crop. Before I upgrade my camera I would like to get my lighting in order. I am an audio professional and...
  4. EduardManvelyan

    Best website building website for a photography portfolio?

    WIX is very good. I have created many websites using it and its free account is more than enough for many applications. On a side note: I would personally avoid making flash websites.
  5. EduardManvelyan

    How old is your computer?

    late 2013 macbook pro. I am using Final Cut Pro. My comp needs to be upgraded to a newer Mac but so far handles everything. Although I am sure in a couple OSX updates that will change.
  6. EduardManvelyan

    Basic video editing

    Premiere Elements is good for a 100 bucks. If you are on Mac iMovie is very good for free. If your computer can handle it Davinci Resolve is also free and is pro level editor.