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  1. norters

    Travel Advice Please

    No more dangerous than any city. Don't take daft risks with your stuff and you'll be fine. Don't let anyone put a bracelet on you in the street though.
  2. norters


    I've definitely slowed down my sweet intake since taking this up. I've got a lovely glazed donut on the go now :)
  3. norters

    Amazon Echo / Echo Dot

    Love mine. Gets used for Spotify, podcasts, radio, alarms, news and proving me right on film release dates.
  4. norters

    Best shows on Prime/Netflix?

    Just started watching The Man in the Really High Up Castle and enjoying it a lot after five episodes. And the second season comes on on Friday too.
  5. norters

    Burglars and human rights

    The majority of the time a burglar only wants to take your stuff. Stuff is insured and in itself is meaningless. I don't agree with setting out to harm or maim someone that breaks in. However. If someone breaks in with the intention of harming you then you can, and have always been able to...
  6. norters

    Vaping and driving

    Yeah OK.
  7. norters

    All things related to Android phones & tablets

    Thank you so much. That's worked and now it all looks clean and lovely.
  8. norters

    All things related to Android phones & tablets

    Action launcher 3. Tried a couple of icon packs and they all have the symbol next to the icon for certain apps. It's mad!
  9. norters

    All things related to Android phones & tablets

    Wonder if anyone can help. I'm using a samsung S7 and have installed a custom launcher and icon pack. How come some of the apps have an equals symbol next to them? The ocd in me is going mental!
  10. norters

    Stills from movie scenes.

    Assault on Precinct 13.
  11. norters

    So, Mrs Brown's Boy is the Best Comedy of the Century So Far

    Whats the best film of the 21st century then?
  12. norters


    That bike was a work of art. He showed up to the club time trial on the road version once and blitzed the 10 miles in 20 minutes. Such a lovely guy. After the Olympics he came to a track meet at our track and brought that bike and the medal. I've a lot of time for Chris. Our team now owe him so...
  13. norters


    Knock yourself out [emoji106] Please.
  14. norters


    How may more times do I have to explain to you that my avatar in no way shows an allegiance to communism? It is a symbol of workers solidarity nothing more. I like you xx
  15. norters


    The fact that you link to Breitbart is all the proof we ever needed that you are in fact a desperate troll and nothing more xxx
  16. norters

    Horror Films

    The Devils Backbone. Watched it once. Will never watch it again. It was fantastic but f*** me was it affecting.
  17. norters

    at least 30 dead in france

    What does any of this even mean? You're speaking in tongues.
  18. norters

    Oh no, not another £20

    You do know that if a shop accepts forged notes then they literally lose that money? I have no problem with anyone in any shop checking my money. The one second it takes causes me no delay.
  19. norters

    Roman 'documents' found in London dig

    At least Obama was actually born of woman. Not scraped together in a lab from old leather, testicle skin and straw like Donald Drumpf.
  20. norters

    Yulin dog eating festival

    I'd eat it. We don't here. They're farmed over there. They're not farmed here. Who's arsed?
  21. norters


    I'm not going to say it's not worrying. But. At the moment I can go into a shop and buy glass bongs, waterpipes and even seeds for all kinds of herbs. What I'm trying to say is that I'm confident the TPD won't be as apocalyptic as we think. Hopefully.
  22. norters


    My viewpoint isn't an opinion. It's a fact. Soz.
  23. norters


    You may disagree with the verdicts but it matters not one bit. 96 people WERE unlawfully killed. So the people responsible have to be punished. It's how society works.
  24. norters

    I am "coming out to you as a non-binary person - no not me

    It's ok. He's 'from a different time'. 'It's all pc nonsense these days'.