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    Sony RX100

    Try Shutter (S) Mode at around 1/800 sec with AFC set, also face detect.
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    Best website building website for a photography portfolio?

    By doing that, you are then exposing the original vulnerability that allowed the site to be hacked in the first place ! Neil has made the correct decision based on the technical know how of his providers etc. Dougie.
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    Beginner High ISO noise

    Here's the second one, (from the original post). Using topaz denoise, sharpen. test2 by Dougie Lindsay, on Flickr
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    Beginner High ISO noise

    Sorry dude, I downloaded from the original post who has 'Yes' set.
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    Beginner High ISO noise

    Done what I can with this one :- test-1 by Dougie Lindsay, on Flickr
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    Edinburgh festival is on until the end of August. Great photo opportunities. or Google Whats On 'Anytown' Dougie.
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    Sony RX100

    Not 100% on the Mk 3 but on the Mk 4 you change the focus area to 'Flexible Spot : S' or 'Expanded Flexible Spot'. When composing, you then press the centre control button and position your desired focus spot using the directional control pad. Dougie.
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    boxing knock out and I missed the focus!

    Understand what you saying but I'd be hoping to use this only when required, not for batch processing where each individual image requires different adjustments ? Anyway, it's another tool in the tool-chest for me..... Dougie.
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    Sony RX100

    Amazon have knocked another £30 off this so with the Sony cashback it's £399, bargain - been playing with it today ! Dougie.
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    Sony RX100

    I purchased one of the Mark 4 versions today on the Amazon Prime sale for £479 with a £50 sony cash back, so £429 basically. Off on holiday soon and although I'll still be taking a DSLR, this will be fantastic for nighttime etc and a great addition to my camera gear. Dougie.
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    Leica M10 hire, UK

    You could try dealers in person and perhaps borrow a demonstrator or maybe see if they are willing to do a sale or return deal etc. Dougie.
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    boxing knock out and I missed the focus!

    It rescued loads of pics my girlfriend took when I loaned her a d7200 for a 70th birthday party she was at. Download and use the trial for 30 days. I’ve been programming computers for 35 years and am amazed at this software. Chuck your slightly oof pics in , use focus or stabilise modes and be...
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    boxing knock out and I missed the focus!

    Hi Matt, I used Topaz AI Sharpen but in ‘stabilise’ mode. Dougie.
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    boxing knock out and I missed the focus!

    I can help if you PM a wetransfer link of the high res original. boxing by Dougie Lindsay, on Flickr
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    Osprey Having Lunch

    Unfortunately no better pics, was shooting from a fixed position hide.
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    Osprey Having Lunch

    Another pic I managed to get at Loch of the Lowes Wildlife centre near Dunkeld.
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    Bullied girl in a park

    Lovely looking girl. I gave her a virtual visit to my Portrait Studio :)
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    Canon 80d vs Nikon D7200

    Compare side by side here. D7500 only has one card slot which is significant for some. For the price difference, I'd snap up a D7200 all day. (I have one along with D750, D700).
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    Beginner DSLR & Lens advice for Travel (1st Post) and wex are usually quite good ......
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    Beginner DSLR & Lens advice for Travel (1st Post)

    Yep, it's a great walkabout lens on DX, you'll soon find what focal lengths you want to expand to once you decide what you like taking pics of most.
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    Beginner DSLR & Lens advice for Travel (1st Post)

    The camera and lens will be great for travel but I would question shelling out on a 35mm when your kit lens is already covering this, though, being a prime lens the quality will show .......
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    Nikon D750 to Fuji XT-3?

    Dave, Can I just ask why you're not contemplating the Nikon mirrorless cameras ? single card slot or ?? Dougie.
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    Osprey With Food

    Thanks for the CC, will act on later in the week. Cheers, Dougie.
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    Heron perched on tree.

    Hi All, Heron perched on a tree from Loch of the Lawes hide, Dunkeld yesterday. First outing really for my sigma 150-600. Cheers, Dougie. HeronInTree by Dougie Lindsay, on Flickr
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    Osprey With Food

    HI All, Had a visit to Loch of the Lowes hide at Dunkeld yesterday, Managed to grab a shot of this Osprey with a large fish for dinner. Surprisingly, it didn't eat the fish at the nest, though he flew by it here. He perched up a few hiundred yards away and had dinner there. Got some pics of...
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    Which Ipad?

    I upgraded from the iPad mini 4th generation to the new Ipad mini. Great processor, video playback, screen etc. I find it really good, especially for travel. Also use it for my DJI drone controller software. It fit's in any OS Map size pocket so great for my train journeys in the morning etc...
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    Square root symbol?

    If you really want it, you could run Charmap from the Windows-Run option ?
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    Portraits for specs wearers

    I’ve previously seen a story about a photographer who carries spare spectacles without the glass in them for people shots. His purpose was to remove any reflections from normal specs, but would help your situation as well? Dougie.
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    Apple Time Machine on an external SSD

    Time machine will do a full backup first and the speed you quote is normal for an external ssd (unless thunderbolt 3). Once this backup is complete, it only backs up your changes meaning you can basically go back to any point in time. You can also fully restore your mac from a time machine...
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    Fire breathers

    I'd be using spot metering on the fire breathers. Depending on situation and venue, you could also grab a nicely exposed pic of the general area / background and introduce the subjects in post. Dougie.