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    Why oh why...

    I've no idea Cockney, but I've heard they're rubbish because they don't take film
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    What do you think to this photo (Honest opinions please)

    I like it as it is, not sure I could suggest anything to improve it. Sory if that doen't help much.
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    Mountain bike world championships. Mont St Anne. Quebec

    Great set, thank s for sharing. I lke #1, but I'd like to have taken any of them if I'm honest :giggle:
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    Silverstone Moto GP 2019

    OK Snerkler I give up, it's time to go and find another game (j/k) - that last one is superb. I can imagine some not so keen, dare I say it's a marmite image. Thanks for sharing.
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    Silverstone Moto GP 2019

    Thanks for the tip Snerkler, I find panning shots at 120-160 fairly successfull with cyclists, still a lot of misses but usually some I'm happy with in the mix. Trying even that with these guys, at these speeds, is a whole different and very blurry world of pain for me :LOL: I will try your...
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    Silverstone Moto GP 2019

    Great set, thanks for sharing, #1 is outstanding, I need a lot more practice to pan at that speed and get anything sharp. Enjoyable weekend there though.
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    MotoGP Silverstone

    Thanks Andrew, I did try slowing it down and panning and in some images even acheived some blur on the wheels, sadly it was often accompanied but lots of blur on the rest of bike and rider :LOL::LOL: Clearly needs more practice.
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    MotoGP Silverstone

    and a few more...
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    MotoGP Silverstone

    Well I was fairly pleased with these until I saw @Hertsman 's thread - those images were impressive. I offer some of mine here for comments and critique so don't hold back. I can only hope to improve.
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    Silverstone Motogp...

    Great set Mike, thanks for sharing
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    Old newbie from East Sussex

    Hi Mike, :welcome:, I came here a while ago in a very similar position. Ask some questions, post some pictures and don't take any critique personally. Enjoy your stay.
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    How to get images to clients-advice needed please

    This is just the kind of job Dropbox is designed for.
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    Nikon Zoom lens 0ver 300mm - £500 budget

    Thanks, no worries at all and good luck finding your new glass.
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    Nikon Zoom lens 0ver 300mm - £500 budget

    Without wishing to sidetrack this thread both of you correcting my post are incorrect. My son is definitely a HE. He has bought a 50-500 and he is using it on his D7100. My second post was a simple continuation of my first. The op stated they they were using a D7000 so I thought the added detail...
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    Nikon Zoom lens 0ver 300mm - £500 budget

    And he's using it on a d7100, so as mentioned above getting even more length due to the cropped sensor.
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    Nikon Zoom lens 0ver 300mm - £500 budget

    Consider a used lens, there are some great bargains to be had. Shop around and check pricing/quality but you can't beat the value for money. If you use one of the well known places MPB, LCE etc etc the return policies are pretty good if it's not up to standard when you get it. My son has just...
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    London Camera Exchange - Used Gear

    I'v bought from and sold items to our local LCE and have been very happy with the items and prices every time. That being said I've always done this in-shop so have been able to inspect and test the equipment first. I'm not sure that buying online would give you a different result.
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    Discolouration on focus ring

    Thanks cymruchris, that's great. I thought that was the case but was confident someone on here would have come across it before and know for sure.
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    Discolouration on focus ring

    Thank you Sky, that's really helpful. I did think it would be but it's a lot of money (to me) just to take the gamble. Thanks also for the links
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    Discolouration on focus ring

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a lens and due to locations cannot hold it until I've bought. I've noticed some discolouration on the focus ring and wondered if anyone else has seen this before and could offer an explantion as to what has caused it and more importantly is it likely to affect the...
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    Broadband, which provider

    If customer service is a priority then try Zen internet. Theyare one of the most expensive ou there but check out their customer satisfaction rates - "Zen won PC Pro's annual Best Broadband Provider award for a 15th consecutive year." I have been with them for years and can count the issues I've...
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    The Borstal

    Great set here. And thanks, I've just lost an hour or so looking through the collections on your facebook page :LOL: Some briliant sets in there, this is a genre I'd love to get more involved in.
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    World Rowing Championships - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Great set, seemed to get better each day ;-) Although every one better than I could hope for. More action and opportunities as the week ewent on from the looks of it. For me, if i had to pick from the last few, 18, 21 and 25.
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    South-East England New guy - Southampton

    Welcome to TP, still fairly new here myself but they seem a friendly bunch ;-)
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    World Rowing Championships - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Great pictures, particularly liked #4 in each set
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    Australia doesn't exist

    Ahh the Internet, having been an avid consumer of all things www based since it's inception there's very little left out there that can truly shock me. But to find a site that can make me laugh out loud on a busy train restores my faith in it. Others here in the 9.45 to London Victoria are...
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    Tour of Britain 2018

    Nice images, love the expressions in the 2nd one. I'm hoping to get to London for the final round, just trying to work out the best spot.
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    Beginner Dx to Fx?

    Hi, I had this decision to make recently as well. What swung it for me was the consideration of the quality drop using a dx lens on a fx body - @StewartR said "But be aware that DX crop mode implies a big reduction in your pixel count. The D750 is 24 MP in FX mode but only 10.67 MP in DX mode...
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    On holiday with Ill girlfriend

    I'd simplify the camera gear to as little as possible, one lens, no tripods etc and go out and see what you can get. There's got to be something worth looking at. If nothing else it gives you the chance to practice your skills. Sorry to hear your partner is not well but if she's happy for you to...
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    Same day delivery Rentals

    I hired a Sigma 150-600 from @StewartR at Lens for Hire. Great service but I'm not sure what they could do at such short notice. Try calling them - 0800 61 272 61 or 01628 639941 I guess it will depend how local you are to them.