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    I haven't looked hugely in to it as I use bigger equipment. But Z-Axis for something like a Ronin is almost £2000 so it's not a cheap axis to stabilise.
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    Beginner Sony A6000 Video Tips - Car Meet

    I don't but it probably doesn't, I'm considering picking one up though.
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    Gimbal for GoPro Hero5 black ?

    All decent gimbals are £200+, it's not a simple thing to do and cheap ones show why. The Karma grip is worth the money IMO, purely as it controls the GoPro, I think a few others do too but not sure on Hero 5 integration.
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    None of these stabilisers will instantly give you good usable footage, they're an aid not a magic fix. You need to actually try, but they can be used well. Obviously none do up/down stabilisation, DJI do a Z-Axis add on that has half decent results though.
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    Did I just waste a load of money on a GH4R w. 14-140mm?

    I'd definitely not be buying a GH4 right now, it's 3(4?) years old and the replacement is 2 months away, and is possibly the most impressive mirrorless camera for video work.
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    Non OEM DJI batteries

    I generally don't mind aftermarket batteries but for something that will fall out of the air if the battery fails I'd rather not.
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    Beginner Sony A6000 Video Tips - Car Meet

    A6000 is a cracking camera, I used it professionally for video use for the last year until only this week upgrading to the A6500. Always get proper mounts, it's just not worth the risk, they're cheap anyway. Faster lens can work, Sigma do some decent APS-C primes, their 30mm is pretty nice...
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    Beginner Macbook spec for video processing

    Any of them will work fine, although FCP X runs quicker than both of them, as it's more optimised. A quad core, 16GB of RAM and a dedicated GPU would all be on my wishlist (and things my current one has), so you'd be looking at a 15" as the rest are all integrated GPU only.
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    Drones for a Newbie: Karma or Mavic Pro?

    Ordered the Fly More Combo through Amazon, probably get it sooner if I went through DJI but they take payment straight away. Now it's the waiting game.
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    Feiyu Tech MG (lite) Gimbal

    CAME-TV Optimus seems to be the most recommended small gimbal. Not heard of Feiyu above a GoPro solution. It has the ability to be used two handle as well as single also.
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    FCPC 10.3

    Downloaded it today, UI is much better from what I've played with, much needed catch up with Premiere Pro. Not sure why you'd need to spend money on training for it, pretty much everything is in the same place, icons haven't hugely changed etc.
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    Karma: The Countdown Is On

    From what I've seen as the Mavic has slowly got in the hands of reviewers, the Karma has no chance of matching it as a drone, for flying ability or image quality. Karma really does look like it's designed for people who are deep in the ecosystem, more amateur stuff. It's possible the delay is...
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    The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    Would love for them to do an A7S style that's aimed at video over photo, to sit below the FS5 at around the £3k mark.
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    Drones for a Newbie: Karma or Mavic Pro?

    By sacrificing quality though.
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    Drones for a Newbie: Karma or Mavic Pro?

    It only has Superview and Wide in 4k.
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    Dorset from above

    Gorgeous footage, colours are spectacular, but then I wouldn't expect much less from an Inspire Pro RAW!
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    Drones for a Newbie: Karma or Mavic Pro?

    The Mavic Pro has sensors and a lot more technology that should make it easier to fly, the GoPro is a more complete package IMO with the controller with screen built in, and the fact the gimbal is removable and the camera can be used for other things. I haven't yet seen any comparisons of Mavic...
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    Karma: The Countdown Is On

    Mavic is impressively small.
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    Karma: The Countdown Is On

    The mere fact you can use the Karma's gimbal standalone, and of course the GoPro itself, means I feel the Karma is the better choice for me. The Phantom 4 is probably still the best for overall image quality (in the consumer price range) but something's always put me off them. I don't like the...
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Owners Thread

    Said this for a while, no 4k60 no buy. Sadly it's become true, so I'll probably end up moving over to Sony when their A7S3 comes out
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Owners Thread

    Really disappointed with this release, reviews might tell a different story but I just can't upgrade to a camera that cannot do 4K/60, it just doesn't seem worth it to me. It might be great stills wise but honestly other than more DR my 5D3 does just fine, I was really hoping they'd take this...
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    Which portable godox flash

    Bowens stands, but along with the reflectors they'd be sold on as they're part of a kit. I haven't seen Godox do a kit like my Bowens one that includes reflectors and stands and a case for a 2 head system. My current system works fine, it's just basic, two heads running off one battery pack...
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    Which portable godox flash

    I've not heard of either of them but I'll take a look, I didn't realise they were rebranded as Pixapro too. Photomart are doing a great price on them too, TTL version AD600Bs for £500! Biggest hurdle for me oddly is that if I was to sell my Bowens kit I'd still need to buy a case, stands and...
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    Which portable godox flash

    Strongly considering Godox to replace my Bowens stuff, no UK distributor is holding me back though, and I can't help but feel something better is always coming!
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    Nikon D5300 throuw away and get a Sony a6000?

    Nikons are pretty rubbish at video, I don't know anyone who uses them for video work. I use an A6000 professionally, for the size/money it's very good.
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    Synology are who I'd go for. If you're technologically competent you could make one yourself using a HP Microserver and XPEnology. Built one probably over a year ago now and it's been rock solid.
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    Sony A6000

    Thinking about picking up an 18-105 f4, the extra range would be nice along with fixed aperture. Got a VPR1 which will make using it with the Ronin a lot easier once I find a decent way to mount it. It can control zoom so the 18-105's Power Zoom would be a nice feature as well. So far still...
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    Peli Case Insides?

    I've got a 1560 with dividers and organiser, absolutely top notch. Love knowing everything is safe/secure, chuck it in the boot or wherever I am. Do want a 1510 for when I'm travelling a bit lighter though!
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    The Ultimate Car Rig Photography Thread!

    Rather than the weight of the rig pushing/pulling on the cup evenly, all the force is pushing downwards, peeling the cups topside away, in the exact same motion that you use to remove the cups suction. Glass is perfectly safe by the way.
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    The Ultimate Car Rig Photography Thread!

    Yeah, do not put the rig on like that again, especially for a shot where you could easily have had it on the roof