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  1. smr

    vlogging on a budget

    So I bought that Ulanzi bracket. The only problem is the length of the cable (SC7 from the bracket to my phone)... it stops the phone from rotating in the gimbal properly.
  2. smr

    Creating my own Landscape Photography vlog channel

    Thanks for having a look and I appreciate the feedback. I know exactly what you mean and I'm not quite sure why the audio is like that. Maybe its the default Samsung Galaxy S9 app ? As the microphone I have is the same Thomas Heaton uses and is quite popular with a lot of vloggers.
  3. smr

    Creating my own Landscape Photography vlog channel

    Hi guys, I've been doing photography for about 5 years now and do landscape photography as well as astrophotography. I've been thinking about creating a youtube channel for a while now and got to the point of thinking why think about things forever and not actually do them. So with that said I...
  4. smr

    vlogging on a budget

    Great, thanks. Just bought the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 today. Superb!
  5. smr

    Path to Sunset

    Thanks Mike.
  6. smr

    vlogging on a budget

    Thanks for the replies guys. I've done a couple of vlogs now. I bought the rode video micro and vlogged with my Galaxy S9. The image quality of the S9 is actually ok I think, even the front facing camera is quite good. I would like to buy the DJI Osmo 3 Gimbal as that looks really good but how...
  7. smr

    Path to Sunset

    vlog here View:
  8. smr

    The Beehive, Peak District

    Hi guys, Had fun shooting my first vlogs this weekend. My b-roll isn't great but it's a first go. I quite enjoyed it actually, adds another dimension to landscape photography and I've had fun learning and using Adobe Premiere to edit a video together for the first time. Here's the photo from...
  9. smr

    Path to Sunset

    Added a 4 stitched pano of Old John and the War Memorial a bit later when the sky had again changed colour.
  10. smr

    Path to Sunset

    Thanks, yes I was saying the same thing. I've not seen a sky like that ever, it was absolutely amazing! I haven't done a sunset shot for a few months now so was quite fortunate to pick yesterday for a photo. Thanks Tom, I took the composition with more sky in it but it just didn't work for me...
  11. smr

    Path to Sunset

    Absolutely stunning evening at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire. Old John Tower is on the right with the War Memorial on the left. This is the park that belonged to Lady Jane Grey. Old John is the highest hill in Leicestershire. The earliest recorded use of the name is on a map of 1754, which...
  12. smr

    vlogging on a budget

    I'm really impressed by these phone gimbals. The tracking feature is amazing and the way you can flick front to back with a button press. Do gimbals for dedicated cameras also have these kind of features?
  13. smr

    A Buttermere reflection

    Tbh I sometimes get bored of the perfect mirror images. I can see perfectly the subject in its proper form without the need to see it again upside down. I'm not against perfect reflections but it doesnt mean a photograph fails if they are without them. Ripples can add contrast, interest and...
  14. smr

    Changing systems is expensive. Do people really do this as much as it seems?

    My camera (Canon 80D) does everything I need it to. It's superb. Don't see any point whatsoever in going to mirror less. I'm 35 years old so it's not like I find the weight of a camera a problem.
  15. smr

    vlogging on a budget

    This looks like it could be quite good what I need? I could use it to attach my phone to a normal tripod as well. But I take it this wouldn't give smoothness like a phone gimbal ? £15 though.
  16. smr

    vlogging on a budget

    I'm just wondering whether I need one of the jobys at all now. I actually have something very similar already actually. But I do think I need a normal tripod to set up showing my photography tripod and at a more eye level height. Also definitely need a gimbal for walking along with and smooth...
  17. smr

    vlogging on a budget

    Ok thanks so it sounds like I'd be better off with a gimbal and a normal tripod.
  18. smr

    vlogging on a budget

    Thanks guys. So what do you think to this ?... or are there better versions of each?... and stupid question, but how is a phone gimbal smoother than hand holding the gorillapod for instance?
  19. smr

    vlogging on a budget

    Hi all, Something I've been thinking about for a while now is that I'd like to have a go at vlogging with my landscape photography. I'd rather buy budget gear to begin with to see if it's something that I like doing, so with that said, what would I need and what would you recommend? I don't...
  20. smr

    Stormy Elgol

    Very nice. Definitely a location which is on my bucket list.
  21. smr

    Clear then misty Trossachs

    Nice images Simon. I like the painterly feel in #1. #2 doesn't do anything for me. #4 is nice and the colours in #6 are lovely.
  22. smr

    Plover Scar at Sunset

    #1 is nice but I find the Sun too overpowering in #2.
  23. smr

    Critique Buttermere, sunrise reflections

    Fine images Tom. Very fond of this place. It's interesting to see how it looks in the Summer having never been there before in this season.
  24. smr

    North American Nebula

    Great image Danny. Plenty of detail and nebulosity!
  25. smr

    2 images from recent trip

    #1 is great. But #2 is on a completely different level. The balance in #2 is great. The shadows on the lhs balanced by the light on the rhs. The symmetrical angle of the foreground rock with the jetty of land again gives it great balance. You've got an actual proper S curve in there...
  26. smr

    How do I know how large I can print?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Should have also asked how to go about getting prints mounted and framed and where from. Really don't want to be doing it myself and would rather have a it done properly. Quite like the white mount black frame, best place to go for print & mount/framing?
  27. smr

    How do I know how large I can print?

    Hi all, I really don't have much idea about printing at all as I've never had any prints done before. But say I wanted to print this photograph for example... the original dimensions are 5960x3169 pixels. How do I know how large in terms of image quality? Light and Pines by Joel Spencer, on Flickr
  28. smr

    Summer in Iceland - Some of my favourite shots

    Lovely shots, esp 1 and 2.
  29. smr

    Let's cut to the chase...I could have died.

    An interesting read Greg but most importantly I'm glad you're ok. This has certainly woken me up. I haven't really done many hikes at all since I started photography 5 years ago but I have a few times and the points you raise about letting someone know where you're going is definitely good...