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    Tu Hwnt i'r Bont - Llanrwst

    Thanks, I'll be using the train and bus so shouldn't effect me too much. I've seen a few FB posts about the road works, I feel for people living in the area at the moment.
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    Square or Circular ND Filters!!!

    Wouldn't a polariser be better?
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    Compact mirrorless body with or without EVF?

    When using my Nikon DSLR, I only ever used the viewfinder, since moving to a Fuji mirrorless, I rarely use the viewfinder, I find the big, bright, responsive rear screen a pleasure to use.
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    Tu Hwnt i'r Bont - Llanrwst

    I'll aim for the end of the month then, thanks! Another one soon to be ticked off the photography bucket list.
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    Tu Hwnt i'r Bont - Llanrwst

    HI all, I've wanted to photo Tu Hwnt i'r Bont, the famous tea rooms in Llanrwst that is covered in red leaves every autumn for a few years, can anyone tell me when the leaves start to turn red? I've done a search on Flickr but I'm getting a bit of variation in dates... Thanks.
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    Sunlight direction guide

    Thanks folks, The Photographers Ephemeris looks like it'll do the job.
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    Sunlight direction guide

    A few years ago, I found, it's an excellent site that shows the direction of sunlight and where the sun will be in the sky at any given point during the day, really handy for photography. Sadly, it doesn't look to be working any more, or at least the google maps part isn't working...
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    Landscape people on YouTube - post your recommendations please

    I really want to like James, but his videos seem to be more about the distracting noises around him while recording and I end up loosing interest in what he's saying, it's a shame as I think he has a lot of potential.
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    Thomas Heaton

    Has anyone else watched Thomas' video on The Cumbrian Way, not much photography, more camping and hiking related but it's well worth a watch. View:
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Got soaked by rain and lost my lens cap for this one... Whitby Pier by Adam P, on Flickr
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    Beginner Best Telephoto Lens

    I've had the Tamron 18-270 PZD and the 70-300 USD. The 18-270 was a bit of a disappointment, I was never really happy with what it produced, more of a jack of all trades, master of none type of lens. The 70-300 USD (The higher priced Tamron 70-300) on the other hand, was a lovely lens and...
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    A quick shot from a recent trip to Paris. I was hoping to slow the shutter speed down a little more but as soon as the train arrived it was gone and the platform was full of people, still, happy with what I have. Paris Metro by Adam P, on Flickr
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    2 trains, a bit of camera movement, 2 very different pictures.

    Railways are franchised, CrossCountry was originally operated by Virgin, now Arriva.
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Got some limited use out of the 27mm f2.8 last weekend... Dolgoch by Adam P, on Flickr
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    When I take some I'll post some here, from the test shots I've taken around the house I'm impressed. Before switching to Fuji, I used Nikon and had the 35mm f1.8, as far as IQ goes I can already tell the 27mm is superior, in my oppinion.
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    Considering a move from D750 to a Bridge (possibly FZ330) - thoughts?

    For the price of the FZ330, around £300-£400, you could get a Lumix GX800 that would be smaller than the FZ330 and give you the oppertunity of switch lenses as required...
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    E-Infinity have the 27mm f2.8 for £125 currently and I've been missing having a prime lens, so I've ordered one and today it's arrived, it's so small and light, when the postman handed me the box I thougth it was empty! I've tried it out on my X-T20 today and wow, sharp, so sharp! Cannot wait...
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    The GAS confessional - all who suffer are welcome. :)

    I've had my X-T20 for 12 months now with just the 18-55 f2.8-4, this has been fine but I'm missing the nice prime lens and telephoto I had when I used Nikon, so after weeks of thinking and comparing, I've decided to treat myself. Ordered a Fuji 27mm f2.8 and 50-230 from E-Infinity, for £270 for...
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    Class 50 - Severn Valley Railway

    Best of a bad bunch from a ver wet visit to the Severn Valley Railway. 50031 by Adam P, on Flickr
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Yeah, got a red one on my X-T20, it feels really nice to use but I know what you mean about it being a bit wobbly, it has a habbit of coming loose too.
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    The last Nikon I had was the D7200, don't get me wrong, the D7200 was a very capable camera but I seem to be getting more keepers from the X-T20, the images the Fuji produce all seem to me, to be cleaner.
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Constantly surprised how far I can push Fuji raw files, the below photo was taken in terrible lighting at ISO 1200 hand held. If this had been taken with my previous Nikon DSLR, I think I would have given up and binned the file... RH&DR No 7 Typhoon by Adam P, on Flickr
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    B&W Ambleside Waterhead

    It's all personal preferance, to me, the original version more reflects the dark, dull conditions on the day I took the photo...
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    B&W Ambleside Waterhead

    Got a cheap ebay 10 stop filter so decided to try a bit of long exposure photography in the Lakes. Ambleside Waterhead 30 second exposure. Ambleside by Adam P, on Flickr
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    Made the switch from Nikon to Fuji

    I've used Fuji for 12 months now and haven't encountered any issues, despite reading about said RAW/Adobe issues repeatedly... I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Fuji x100

    Sorry in advance if this has already been asked. The X100 has a 23mm fixed lens, this I understand, but using the wide angle lens converter, what focal length would this give me, in crop sensor format focal length? Thanks, only answers I can find is giving the full frame equivilant focal length...
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    Beginner Testing and buying a camera

    When choosing what mirrorless camera to go for, don't get too hung up on battery life. When I got my X-T20, coming from a DSLR, I was concerned about battery life so did everything I could to save battery so turned it off the second the photo was captured, screen brightness down to min, etc...
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    I've decided to try some older M42 fit lenses on my X-T20, this was taken with a Sun Auto 85-210 f3.8. MV Mayflower by Adam P, on Flickr
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Two from Ambleside last week. Ambleside by Adam P, on Flickr Ambleside Waterhead with Princess of the Lake at the jetty. Bridge House - Ambleside by Adam P, on Flickr Bridge House, it's HDR but I don't think I've over done it... Strange, when I had my previous DSLR, every shot was taken...
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    I've been enjoying my Fuji X-T20 for 12 months now after downsizing from a Nikon D7200, it's fun to use, light and the image quality it produces still surprise me. In the 12 months I've owned a Fuji, I've taken more photos than I had taken in two years with the D7200. I've been shooting with...