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  1. Scotty B

    Sigma 17-55 2.8 focus hunting and lock oof

    I have the 18-55 2.8 and is was the HSM motor that was knackered. Sigma will fix it for 109.99.
  2. Scotty B

    RAW v Jpeg

    Had a quick glance at lunch and Jpeg would work to an extent. 1. Use JPEG Fine 2. Optimum JPEG quality 3. D-Lighting set to high 4. Use aRGB instead of sRGB 5. Use Lightroom as non-destructing platform
  3. Scotty B

    Nikkor 16-80mm F2.8 vs Nikkor 16-85 F3.5

    I read that this lens is only for newer bodies. Does it make it no use for my D90?
  4. Scotty B

    All-in-one PCs vs Mac

    I use a 27" 2015 5k Imac daily and Adobe CC suite. The best money I've spent.
  5. Scotty B

    Nikon D90

    I've been using my D90 since 2010 and I'm not sure I would take much better shots with a D7200. So instead I think I'll treat the old girl to a nice new 16-80 2.8-4 in the new year.
  6. Scotty B

    TV or Monitor

    Viewing you images on a 4k TV is a whole different experience. Just WOW.
  7. Scotty B

    Baby Oscar - Peeking through his cot

    Love it as is. The slant works well and the fact the bars aren't black draws your eye to Oscar.
  8. Scotty B

    First Attempt at Night Time Photography

    Nice shot. Don't be scared to crop much tighter like I have with this shot: This was a 6mp D40 with the 70-300VR, tripod, remote shutter. The colour was pulled from the shot and not added.
  9. Scotty B

    Retro Rides Gathering 2013

    They're all superb, especially 1 and 4
  10. Scotty B

    Knockhill BTCC

    Great capture of Moffat as that happened very quickly. Jordan shot is my fav of a great bunch.
  11. Scotty B

    Abbey - Blue Bells

    Great shot, but my eye keeps getting distracted by the dark tree on the left.
  12. Scotty B

    Any point in shooting in RAW if i dont tweak the image?

    Exactly the reason I shoot RAW. I have a 5 year old son and quick shots are a must as he doesn't hang around. If it's sharp and about 80% correct exposure wise, it can be edited nicely in PS.
  13. Scotty B

    BSB at Cadwell Park 2013

    Fantastic shots and the remote one isn't bad either. :cool:
  14. Scotty B

    Culzean Beach

    Taken on a Nikon D90 & Sigma 18-50 2.8 with ND grad. Thanks for looking. :)
  15. Scotty B

    critique-glasgow at night

    Nice. See they've changed the bulbs to green on the Armadillo. The black spec above the squinty bridge keep catching my eye.
  16. Scotty B

    CS6 layer 0 from RAW

    Sorted. Didn't have the box checked to delete pixels when using the crop tool, so it created a layer. Thanks
  17. Scotty B

    CS6 layer 0 from RAW

    I may be being really idiotic but when I open my RAW (NEF) file into CS6 it says layer 0 instead of background like it did in CS5? I always have to flatten the image before saving to jpeg even though this is the only layer. :gag:
  18. Scotty B

    Maximum Size For Prints

    It's all in the viewing distance. I've printed many 30x20" prints for people from my old 6mp (3008x2000) D40 with superb results. Ok press our nose against them they're not super sharp but you'll be surprised just how big you can print.
  19. Scotty B


    The colour shot is superb. Love the angle and the way the green pops.
  20. Scotty B

    400Bhp Focus ST Light Painted, Spitting Flames, See through bonnet and RIGGED !

    Love these, would make a great series for the garage wall.
  21. Scotty B

    The Boys

    Shot of my son and his cousin. :)
  22. Scotty B

    Fireworks.. bit late but here they are...

    Thanks Yeah I left the heads in to add perspective and capture some atmosphere.
  23. Scotty B

    Fireworks.. bit late but here they are...

    Nikon D90, Sigma 18-50 2.8 Macro Mainly F8-10, 5-8 second exposure ISO100 (Lo1). Thanks for looking.
  24. Scotty B

    My son Joseph

    For me his face just isn't sharp enough and it also requires crop. A tad over exposed but not too bad.
  25. Scotty B

    Too much flash! Can this be saved?!

    Did you shoot RAW. If so then yes it can be saved a little. I actually quite like it the way it is.
  26. Scotty B

    York station

    I like it, pity the train wasn't bright red though.
  27. Scotty B

    Quick photoshoot with my brothers VXR

    Here's a few photos of my mates VXR. Didn't have the tripod with me as it was last minute so high ISO was used. First time I tried static car shots.
  28. Scotty B

    First pic so don't be too harsh!

    For me there's nothing holding my attention. The streetlight on the right keeps dragging my eye. Like the cables and I can see why you took the shot.
  29. Scotty B

    Costume Portrait

    Hmmm still not sure.