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  1. Darthchaffinch


    Trying to get back into photography after a long break. Walked around these woods for ages trying to find a decent shot, and had to do a 5 bracket shot in order to get something keepable. Any critique very welcome. D7200 with tokina 11-16 (@ 11mm) 20190324-_DSC0127-HDR by James, on Flickr
  2. Darthchaffinch

    Filter system help...

    One issue is that I have some vouchers for Amazon and a camera shop, would this work: NiSi filterholder V2-II för 100 mm filter (with 77mm adaptor ring) with Lee big stopper...
  3. Darthchaffinch

    Filter system help...

    The Hitech holder has some poor reviews- are the 100mm filters useable in other brand holders?
  4. Darthchaffinch

    Filter system help...

    Thanks Ian. Will take a look, it sounds like a 100mm system will be best.
  5. Darthchaffinch

    Filter system help...

    Grads or occasionally polarizer
  6. Darthchaffinch

    Filter system help...

    Looking to get a some filters for landscape shots with my tokina 11-16. After some reading I’m pretty lost, any recommendations please? Likely wanting to use single filters only.
  7. Darthchaffinch

    Beinn a'Chrulaiste.

    wow, just beautiful photos.
  8. Darthchaffinch

    Hmm, time to dump flickr and finally build my own website?

    I've always used flickr for backup and for sharing pics of the kids with family- but I've just bought Lightroom which seems to have the same functionality? Can I dump Flickr?!?
  9. Darthchaffinch

    LR5 doesnt recognise new camera files

    Thanks- that sucks but some negative articles about DNG converting has put me off that route. Also used to (and like) LR.
  10. Darthchaffinch

    LR5 doesnt recognise new camera files

    Scuse the bump, but I've also just upgraded to a D7200 and realised LR3 won't work with RAW files- is the standard way to buy LR now as part of a plan?!?
  11. Darthchaffinch


    Had a very quick reply back from them, offering to send a manual, but I didn't think the camera included a paper manual anymore?
  12. Darthchaffinch


    Received the camera today, there should be a reference CD in the box (according to Amazon)? The warranty card is missing too but I guess that’s to be expected? Box was a bit damaged also.
  13. Darthchaffinch

    Sweden - advice please.

    I made a several hundred mile detour driving to Denmark to see it- weather was awful when we got there... Luckily I live 2 hours north of it so will head back when my new camera arrives!
  14. Darthchaffinch


    thanks- searchg came up with very little on my phone. Am a bit worried about the import duties now (Sweden can be a swine on this..)
  15. Darthchaffinch


    that does not sound good...
  16. Darthchaffinch


    Sounds like a good firm thanks for posting. Just need to decide now if getting the body only (have 18-55 and 35 nikon lenses)
  17. Darthchaffinch


    Did a search-Only got 4 posts doing that!
  18. Darthchaffinch


    Want to upgrade from my D90 to a D7200, has a lot of good reviews but looks like a grey importer? Most stores here in Sweden have recently bumped their prices for the D7200 up. Has anyone experience of e-infin? Is it worth the risk...
  19. Darthchaffinch

    Non UK Tenerife

    following, going in April for first time. Isn't Ricardoforce(?) from there?
  20. Darthchaffinch

    My first headshot shoot

    lol!! Will have to remember that one!
  21. Darthchaffinch

    Roma Gypsies

    do you mean that sRGB is preferable over adobe?
  22. Darthchaffinch

    Infrared camera monitor

    I'm looking (for a friend) for something like this: (The TM550 is a passive infrared trail monitor that detects the combination of body heat-and-motion in the area it is monitoring. The area of sensitivity forms a wedge radiating outward in front of the...
  23. Darthchaffinch

    Non UK Gothenburg(?) & Malmö

    Gothenburg's further away (3h?) so if you're tight on time it might be out? Not really been to Ystad but I think Gothenburg will have much more photo ops (and is nicer in general!) Bring warm rain gear- the weathers awful...! Look forward to seeing any pics!
  24. Darthchaffinch

    Non UK Gothenburg(?) & Malmö

    Hi, I've tried here before (weather was awful though!), seems a popular spot...
  25. Darthchaffinch

    Wild A selection from the Italian Dolomites

    stunning. Are the locations in the book?
  26. Darthchaffinch

    USA Road trip (more pics added)

    Carcking shots, would love to see more!
  27. Darthchaffinch

    Mam Tor Sunrise 18.9.16

    1st shot is brill