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    Adobe CC - Stopping the direct debit

    Unless Adobe are flouting the law, that's not the case (or it wasn't when I tried to cancel a couple of years ago). According to Adobe, the 14 days cooling off period only applies when you first sign up. On an automatic renewal, the penalties apply (i.e. have to pay half the remainder of the...
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    Sony RX100

    A few from Wickham Festival in August - I was impressed with the low light ability of my Mk VI (ISO noted below): ISO1250 ISO5000 ISO2500 ISO6400 ISO6400 (and boosted a little in post) Full gallery here
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    Sony RX100

    Agreed - I've never known a camera to overwrite existing images.
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    Sony RX100

    I have one and it makes the camera less awkward to handle. It's still not great (mostly down to the size and surface finish), but definitely an improvement.
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    Grey Vs Used. Am I missing something?

    Bear in mind that while bodies/kits are not liable for import duty, they are liable for VAT (which is the bulk of what you pay).
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    "Panasonic G series" Owners Thread

    Small lenses that go as wide as 12mm? That's a much bigger consideration for me than the focusing ring (I barely use them these days, especially in wider lenses).
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    "Panasonic G series" Owners Thread

    I wouldn't buy from that seller regardless, given the feedback rating of 96.9%
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    Now convert your JPEGs to RAW!

    I'm not sure where the hostility is coming from? To address your specific point - yes, we do know that the process cannot precisely recover the original RAW data gathered from the camera (which was all my analogies were trying to demonstrate). I'm not guessing or trying to debase the work...
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    Now convert your JPEGs to RAW!

    If you know anything about audio, try this analogy. You can rip a track on a CD to, say, a. wav file (lossless) or a 128k mp3. Now you can convert the mp3 to a. wav file, but that's not remotely the same as ripping to. wav in the first place. Or a more extreme example, but just as valid IMHO -...
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    Stay with Adobe or break the ties and move on?

    For anyone considering Affinity Photo, I'd strongly recommend also checking out Photoline. It's a very mature and well supported product, a similar price, and at least as capable. It looks slightly 'old fashioned' next to Affinity, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing. I ran trials of both and...
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    TP2.0 Forum upgrade

    Yes, that's what I was curious about :)
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    TP2.0 Forum upgrade

    As others have said, it's better now, thanks. I'm curious, however, why the clicked and unclicked links are the same colour?
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    TP2.0 Forum upgrade

    On the neutral theme, the clicked and unclicked look the same as each other, and barely any different to the normal text :(
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    Have you converted from Adobe Lightroom?

    Yes, that's Bridge CC. I've not foundDXO to have trouble with 'difficult' files, but I guess it probably depends what is 'difficult' about them :) I'm letting DXO create sidecar files, partly because it's the default and partly because I think a single catalogue is more prone to backup SNAFUs...
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    Have you converted from Adobe Lightroom?

    I switched from Lightroom to DXO Photolab a while back, after trying many similar programs. The best in terms of output quality seemed to be Capture One and DXO, with both being superior to Lightroom IMHO. DXO was much cheaper, of course... Now that I have DXO I'd say that I can get results...
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    Recommend a compact

    Sony's Clear Image Zoom is digital zoom, but Sony claims it's cleverer than most. From a quick bit of research, people are saying that it sometimes works well, sometimes badly, and may not be any better than crop/enlarge in post. From what I've read, it's only available if you shoot JPEGs (not...
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    Panasonic GX80

    That's exactly why I traded my 45-200mm for a 45-150mm. They were pretty much the same where they overlapped, but the difference in size/weight was huge.
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    Compact camera

    Nothing to do with a flip up screen in my case, since the RX100 Mk1 has a fixed screen :) The ribbon cable is internal.
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    Compact camera

    The same thing happened to my Sony RX100 (Mk 1) - apparently it's a common problem with a ribbon cable, but not cost effective to get fixed :(
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    Possible change to Micro 4/3

    Bear in mind that the OP's 7D is a 1.6x crop camera, so the 70-200 is an 'effective' 112-320 on that body. The 40-150 on a micro 4/3 would give a similar range - just a fraction shorter, but there's nothing much in it.
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    Beginner Mirrorless Clueless - Which one to go for?

    Given the statement "...wish to lug around a lot lighter camera gear...", can I assume you don't want to carry on with the Canon lenses? Micro 4/3 probably has more options for small/light bodies and lenses than any other system, and provides extremely good results these days.
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    "Panasonic G series" Owners Thread

    I used to own the GH3, and have a G80 now. My recollection is that the G80 has improved focusing, a better viewfinder and IBIS. The GH3 is also rather larger, which may or may not be an issue. It's still a great camera, though.
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    can we not merge the panasonic and olympus threads into one

    Well, this is the 'Talk Equipment' forum, so I think discussions of the equipment are on topic...
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    DxO Photolab

    That seems a complex workflow: Lightroom -> DXO -> Lightroom -> Photoshop -> output rather than just:: DXO -> output What was it that you wanted to do in Lightroom and Photoshop that you couldn't do in Photolab? (Genuine question, I'm not trying to make a point!)
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    "Panasonic G series" Owners Thread

    I'm not sure about the GX80, but on my G80 you just have to turn off 'Touch AF' under the touch screen settings. That leaves the touch screen working but stops it changing the focus point. I've done this on all the Panasonic cameras I've owned for as long as I can remember, so I'm sure it will...
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    "Panasonic G series" Owners Thread

    The question of how manual mode works got me thinking, and I believe the problem is that cameras are still designed like film cameras used to be. Cameras generally had settings for 2 auto exposure modes (aperture priority and shutter priority) and manual (not auto anything). This made sense...
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    Selling price ebay vs selling price forum

    Perhaps I've just been unlucky, but selling on ebay has been causing problems for me recently. Of the last half dozen items I've sold, I've had 2 people fail to pay and another who only paid when strongly 'encouraged'. If that keeps happening, I'll probably stop selling on ebay. I'm hoping...
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    Ex-Pro batteries no longer available?

    Agreed - I've always bought direct from Ex Pro.
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    DXO Labs in trouble... Typical - just after I switched to use DXO Photolab 9which is excellent, by the way).
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    Huawei P20 Pro Phone

    The portrait images I've seen in reviews looked horrendously over-processed. I'm assuming that's just poor testing :) Have you tried it for that type of shot yet, and can you get decent and natural results?