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  1. Rapscallion

    Internal door lock

    You know I may have a couple of those door closures in the garage. Have to confess totally forgot about them! Question is will they be strong enough...
  2. Rapscallion

    Internal door lock

    It may work for a couple of hours!
  3. Rapscallion

    Adobe CC - Stopping the direct debit

    Absolutely not the case. I’ll dig out a post stating what you can do with Lightroom unlicensed.
  4. Rapscallion

    Retro Goodness.

    Taking of cassette players, I've still got my Nakamichi somewhere. Was worth more than the car it was in!
  5. Rapscallion

    Internal door lock

    It may well become one one day. We just need to knock some walls through first.
  6. Rapscallion

    Internal door lock

    They are undoubtedly getting attention, its just that the 'spare room' has the store of toys as we cant keep them all in our living room. I cast my mind back to when i was a child and the lure of the garage which seemed like an alladins cave. I imagine our spare room is a similar draw, lots and...
  7. Rapscallion

    Internal door lock

    Thanks all for the suggestions. I think the simplest thing is to change the handle for a locking handle set, or a rack bolt as Nod suggested, Thanks again.
  8. Rapscallion

    Internal door lock

    Would be an attraction to be honest!
  9. Rapscallion

    Internal door lock

    I just thought of ever more ingenious ways of not getting caught!
  10. Rapscallion

    Internal door lock

    I think that was going to be my fallback, but hoping that some may have had a 'bright idea' and saved some expense and time... Wishful thinking i fear!
  11. Rapscallion

    Internal door lock

    We have a spare room that is a permanent lure for my kids as it has lots of toys in there. I want to somehow lock the door, but dont want to drill the frame or door if at all possible. Any ideas on how to lock this door without drilling?
  12. Rapscallion

    Editing software, and photo organisation.

    My advice is try and do as little organising and management by folders (so a simple dated folder structure) and as much organising in your DAM software. Use the photo metadata such as location and keywords to find your photos.
  13. Rapscallion

    All things related to Apple phones & tablets

    The Sony's and Bose are not a whole lot cheaper at around £200. If its just for a few plane journeys, try a pair of these for £10 and some Shure memory foam tips...
  14. Rapscallion

    All things related to Apple phones & tablets

    If you can get on with them, IEM's such as Etymotic ER4 are worth a listen. The sound isolation is amazing, provided you can get used to having a earphone quite a long way into your ear! They are also quite a neutral sound, so not bass heavy. For more traditional over ear noise cancelling, Sony...
  15. Rapscallion

    Pre-Brexit Purchases?

    If new D5 prices shoot up, that will drive up the price of used D5's. That would make the D4 a tempting option to some, increasing the demand, and as supply is fixed, prices may well go up. Consequently, those looking at D4's may well be pushed to D3's if the price goes up. Though obviously to...
  16. Rapscallion

    Such fun

    Try seeting how long you can keep them on the phone for just by saying the word yes is my preferred time waster. Just needs a fraction of your attention and it's fun to see how long you can carry on the call by saying yes with various intonations. Last one cottoned after about 4 or 5 minutes and...
  17. Rapscallion

    All things related to Apple phones & tablets

    They would be locally stored files in an iTunes playable format.
  18. Rapscallion

    All things related to Apple phones & tablets

    Afternoon all, What options are there for casting a video file from an iPhone to a smart TV? I know an apple tv can receive a stream, but are there any other cheaper / simpler options?
  19. Rapscallion

    Use of mobile phones in cars

    Let's say you or I.
  20. Rapscallion

    Car buyers should have 'long, hard think' about diesel

    Unless you intend to disrupt the market, like, let me see, hmm, maybe, ummm, Tesla?
  21. Rapscallion

    How to... iCal to Google Calendar

    Look for an Android app that supports iCal. Them your wife can share her calendar with you and vice versa.
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