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    Monitor/printing help needed.

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been done a million times, I know it has as I have read so many threads myself but can someone please explain to me (keep it simple) why my calibrated BenQ monitor looks exactly the same as my macbook screen after using the spider 5 pro to calibrate it. When I get...
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    Hi All I currently have a manfrotto aluminium tripod and ball head that weighs just over 3kg. I have started doing alot more hiking to get to destinations and am looking for suggestions on a lighter tripod but something that is also stable (I know it's a trade off). It will be holding a nikon...
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    Tamron tap in

    Thank you I will have another go over the weekend
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    Monitor options 27" about £500? this seems ok for the price?
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    Monitor options 27" about £500?

    Sorry to jump on the thread, I gave never used an external monitor before or got into editing that much. I have a MacBook 2013 and want an external monitor should I be looking for srgb or Adobe rgb?? Thanks.
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    Tamron tap in

    Hi All, When using the tamron tap in console on a 24-70mm g2 lens do you do the whole range for say 24mm then input the result and write it to the lens or do the 0.38m write to lens then 1m and write to lens and so on? What confuses me is if I do say all of the 24mm section and write it to the...
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    Bradgate Park

    Such a great place to visit!
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    1st FX camera advice

    D750 is a brill camera. Great in low light, great d/r. D3 is also a great camera but as it has already been said d750 is lighter with a new sensor.
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    Editing Help

    Thank you very much for your help :)
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    Editing Help

    Hi All, I hold my hands up editing is not my strong pint. One thing I'm never sure of is what brightness should I set my screen to whilst editing to ensure exposure is correct when viewed on different platforms? Surely it will make a big difference. Also when I do a vignette for instance on a...
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    Bargain Wex Lowepro 450 whistler £159 Black Friday

    Just bought this bag on an Amazon sale. Amazing bag fits everything I could ever need in and built really well!
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    North England Robin Hoods Bay

    Thank you very much for the replies I'm looking forward to seeing it all :)
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    North England Robin Hoods Bay

    Hi All, I'm heading over to Robin Hoods Bay for a few days, I have never been before I was just wondering if there are any great locations there to photo? Looking go to some long exposure coastal shots and any awesome views/locations around the area.
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    Instagram - share your user name

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    Midlands Chrome Hill

    Hi All, I am wanting to visit chrome hill in the peak district next weekend. I'm not from the area so cannot go scout the place out however I can't find on Google where to park up to get to it. I can see there are walls from nearby villages going over chrome but is there anywhere to park next to it?
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    Tamron 24-70 g2 or Nikon 24-70 none VR

    I bit the bullet and went for the tamron. Just got it today how ever just put it on my camera and gone to do a quick dot tune to see where the focus is and the first dot that comes into focus is +20 and I can't go any further as 20 is the max. Is it a take it back job?
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    Tamron 24-70 g2 or Nikon 24-70 none VR

    I realise this is a huge spanner in the works but how does the sigma 24-105 stack up compared to these lenses? I realise it's f4 and different focal length but was messaged on here and they said they preferred it. It will be used for landscape.
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    Tamron 24-70 g2 or Nikon 24-70 none VR

    Hi All, I am on the look out for a 24-70 for my nikon d750. I have reservations about none native lenses as the last sigma lens I had was just aweful however the tamron 24-70 g2 has caught my eye. Due to funds it's between the tamron or the older nikon 24-70 g none vr version. It would be nice...
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    Sigma 500mm f4

    Rob thanks for that :) could I ask what it is you tweaked on the dock to improve af? I to have a d500 and a d750 so good to know you tried it on the 500 and was impressed.
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    Sigma 500mm f4

    I must admit that is something that worries me the resale value, I realise it would be many years down the road however nice to know the nikon will probably keep value better
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    Sigma 500mm f4

    Sorry I should say I'm not interested in the 150-600mm I'm after a prime. The soon to be released 500mm 5.6 doesn't do it for me due to being a 5.6 so if I ever put a teleconverter on it that extra stop would just be too much for me especially at that price.
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    Sigma 500mm f4

    Hi All, For the last few weeks have been pondering over which 500mm f4 lens to go for. I shoot nikon and was all set for the nikon 500mm f4 g version second hand (funds won't stretch to a brand new f version). However I never even gave the sigma version a second thought as I have never seen one...
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    Undecided Royston

    Thank you for all your replies greatly appreciated :)
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    Undecided Royston

    Hi All I have to go down to Royston on Friday and was just wondering if there are any great wildlife locations around the area? Thanks in advance.
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    Ask Prices here

    What is your best price on a nikon 500mm vr f4e and g version please. Also what is the deal with import tax please? If I buy from you am I going to get stung by the tax on delivery? Thanks very much
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    Hi All, Random question, I'm looking at buying a lens from digital rev (nikon 500mm prime) I've never had a grey import so I was wondering once the warranty is up on the lens if anything ever went wrong with it would nikon uk repair it (obviously at cost) or as it is a grey import would they not...
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    Binoculars for spotting

    Hi All, Not sure if this is in the right section however I love my wildlife photography and I am looking for a new pair of binoculars. I have only around £150/£200max. What would people suggest, mainly for birding. Thanks in advance.
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    Thank you @kingo15 And @damianmkv
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    Hi All, I currently have a d750 and love the iq however these days I do mainly wildlife photography so I am considering buying the d500 as a second body manly for the crop factor and buffer. My question is, is the noise really that bad on the d500?? I have scoured flikr a lot over the past weeks...
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    Nikon 1.4 ii teleconverter.

    Ah is it? Brilliant I will get the iii then cheers:)