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  1. Ktdragonfly84

    Local Paper Double Pager

    Well done! Looks good :)
  2. Ktdragonfly84

    Beginner Hi Everyone

    Hi Andrew and welcome! I am fairly new around here too, everyone has been very helpful so far though :)
  3. Ktdragonfly84

    Canon LP-E6 battery price drop

    Thank you for finding it for me :) I have tried it but it is still not working. I guess it will be going back to Amazon. Thanks again for your help.
  4. Ktdragonfly84

    Canon LP-E6 battery price drop

    That would be great thank you.
  5. Ktdragonfly84

    Canon LP-E6 battery price drop

    It is flashing orange but not actually charging the battery.
  6. Ktdragonfly84

    Canon LP-E6 battery price drop

    I got one and it worked okay but after using it for a while the battery now won't charge. Personally I think they are dodgy (I have the canon 70d) I will be sending mine back for a refund.
  7. Ktdragonfly84

    My Trophy 2013

    Congratulations :) I am joining a camera club soon....well if I like it ;)
  8. Ktdragonfly84

    Canon EOS 70D Owners Thread.

    Thank you all so much for posting your pictures/info and advice. I am going to really think about this and not rush into anything, definitly a good idea to take my camera to the shop :)
  9. Ktdragonfly84

    Canon EOS 70D Owners Thread.

    Thanks for your help, I saw the cashback offer which is making it very tempting indeed! They both got similar reviews in a mag I was reading last night (can't remember which one) ah decisions, decisions! :)
  10. Ktdragonfly84

    Canon EOS 70D Owners Thread.

    Sorry to jump in on your converstion and completly change the subject...I am looking at buying the sigma 50-500mm or the sigma 150-500mm does anyone here use them on their 70d for wildlife? Which one would you recommend or would you recommend a completly different lens? Thanks in advance.
  11. Ktdragonfly84

    Wasp and Bee

    WOW that first picture is stunning :)
  12. Ktdragonfly84

    Please discuss: a canvas texture for a photographic print is an abomination.

    I agree, I am at uni today (I work as a carer for a photography student) Today I saw someone printing on tracing paper to display the picture on a lightbox, it looked great and different!
  13. Ktdragonfly84

    Butterflies for 2014 season.

    Very pretty :)
  14. Ktdragonfly84

    Free Photography Kindle Books

    Thanks for posting these.
  15. Ktdragonfly84

    Handy app if you use an android smartphone

    Thanks for posting. I have downloaded and will have a look later :)
  16. Ktdragonfly84

    Critique Raf coningsby

    I am new to photography so can't offer you much advice but I do like picture 7 there seems to be more detail of the underside of the plane. Quite excited about Farnborough Air show this year now :)
  17. Ktdragonfly84

    Disposable camera in the washing machine?

    Glad they came out okay :)
  18. Ktdragonfly84

    Small (mini) solid tripod help please

    I have the Green Pod they are really good & stable. Not a tripod but depends what you need it for. Here is the link
  19. Ktdragonfly84

    Find a 'tog buddy'.

    Area: Bordon (Hampshire) Age: 29 Sex : Female Type of photography: Wildlife, pets, landscape, flowers but willing to try new things :) Photography dislikes : Not got any dislikes yet :p Short notice : Possibly...just ask. Weekends or weekdays: Shift worker Day or night: Prefer day or early...
  20. Ktdragonfly84

    Canon LP-E6 battery price drop

    Thank you Jamesie, I have ordered :D Amazon are doing free Prime Trial now too so I got free next day delivery woohoo!
  21. Ktdragonfly84

    Critique please

    Thank you that is very helpful :) I think you are right I need to get to grips with the camera first! Would you recommend Lightroom, Elements or any other software?
  22. Ktdragonfly84

    Critique please

    Ah ok thanks.
  23. Ktdragonfly84

    Critique please

    Wow thanks for all the info and welcome's everyone :) I was using the canon 1100d for this shot which a friend had lent me. (I got my canon 70d a couple of days ago :D) The shot is unedited, what is pp? It was shot using jpeg which I have been told since I should shoot RAW? Thank you all for...
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    Critique please

    Thank you all for your feedback it is very much appreciated :)
  25. Ktdragonfly84

    Critique please

    Hi everyone, I am new to the site and photography (I have had my camera x3 months) I took this picture last week and was hoping to get some feedback please. Thanks in advance. :)
  26. Ktdragonfly84

    Beginner Hi all, which photo signature site do you use?

    That's great thank you! I tried to look through the threads but couldn't find anything but now I know what it is called I can have a look again :) Thank you.
  27. Ktdragonfly84

    Beginner Hi all, which photo signature site do you use?

    Hi all, I am new to photgraphy and this site! I was wondering if there is any sites you would recommend for signing the bottom of my pictures? Thanks :)