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    Canon 28mm F1.8 advice

    I have one i like it! Feels really fast, especially compared to a 50mm1.8 I've found it to be plenary sharp enough for me .... Just I don't use it enough I guess :(
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    Billingham Hadley pro...alternatives?

    I use a RedSnapper Duo, has been around australia with me for a year and then London for a year as well. Maybe not as nice looking as the Billingham but hard wearing and still stylish enough (IMO) :) also only 50GBP so a fair bit cheaper :) Will certainly fit a camera, my 15" mac Pro and some...
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    So you know the lens pouch you get with the fuji lenses? Can you buy these separately ? I'd like a few to keep my legacy lenses in when they are in my bag :/
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    This is a dangerous game. . . the 23mm looks epic and I'm considering getting one now. . even though my 35mm hasn't arrived yet!! Just on the strength of the fact I seem to have only really got along super well with my pentax 28mm f2.8. . . that but f1.4 and with af. . . can i resist till...
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    The family growsssssssss Xp1, 18mm f2, 28mmf2.8 Pentax, 50mmf2 Pentax, OM 135mm f3.5 :D (Think the om has broken tho as won't stop down past 5.6 :( )
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    Was playing with some pentax MF primes today, testing them in my room. . . hadn't realised how much of an effect parallax error was until now :pompous:
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    What New Gear Have You Purchased This Week?

    Got a Pk - X mount adaptor from the recesses of the internet, thought it was a bit expensive but couldn't really find any alternatives ( for under 60 squid) so spent the 18 pounds on it but turns out its all metal!! So pretty pleased!! and fits nice and snug on the camera no rattle. . . is the...
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    I'm living in Swindon at the moment and great western cameras has them for like £250 which as you say is a great deal especially with the warranty!!! They also have reasonable range of legacy glass so will have to see if I can resist that at the weekend :O
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    Looking long and hard at these! A good price for a fish eye .... But do I really need one? ;)
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    I would second that Alistair! Picked one up today as the deals on it are too good to be true at the moment!! Already in love ! Feels so good in the hand ;)
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    What New Gear Have You Purchased This Week?

    Fuji x pro 1 with 18mm f2 :D
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    Did they have much stock I'm heading in tomorrow?
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    I'm still thinking the camera-world deal is the best; 949 - xpro1 with 18mm +grip + Battery + 16Gb card
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    Live music with a bit more light

    Looking good!! How did you find the MF? Personally I've never found it an issue. . . well most of the time :P You used focus peaking I assume? Guessing the refresh rate on the EVF was ok?
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    Sigma 30mm 1.4 Art vs Canon 28mm 1.8

    IS won't help you with motion blur, so low light kids moving about it won't help you the faster aperture of the sigma will allow you a higher shutter speed hence more chance of 'freezing the action'. . . As has been said though its only 1/3 a stop and IS can be helpful in other areas, mainly...
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    Sigma 30mm 1.4 Art vs Canon 28mm 1.8

    I was in the same predicament a while ago, I looked at loads of reviews of the 35mm f2 (old no IS version) and tired it in store etc etc Then I tired the 28mm f1.8 that a friend owned and the USM focus motor sold me on it. I couldn't really pick my between them in iq, obviously the focal...
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    Awesome that pretty much sells me then :D Look forward to posting saying I've joined your ranks :D
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    I've had a look through this thread, and did a bit of google'ing. But have the firm wear updates to the X-pro 1 added focus peaking? :/
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    Nikon FF hybrid

    How gutted would everyone be if it turns out to just be that Nikon j- thingy in a new case with big twisty shutter speed and ISO knobs? ;-)
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    First attempt with a 10 stop

    Hi Marc, I really like no/2 :D For me the water is tooooooo smooth in no/1 :-/ might be me but its so smooth its no longer interesting or water like if u get my meaning? I like the idea of the composition though the wall really leads you into the frame :D But I do think the composition of...
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    KENT - I never knew it could be such fun :)

    As always Matt Really nice image :D Pretty hard to crit. but I personally like star trails to either be really long or for there to be no trail at all if you get what i mean? But thats only minor and probably unavoidable due to the time needed for the orb :/ Anyways I like it :D
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    No. 4 is a winner for me as well :) Only comment would be, it always seems more normal/'natural' for girls to be riding side saddle in fictional/historical type poses? Just my opinion tho :)
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    boxer with belt

    Niceeee :)
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    boxer with belt

    Looks really good!!! If I was being hype-critical I might suggest that more of the ring in the background was visible say to the right of the frame? just to make it more obvious and depending on use for type or other text overlay? Can i guess at the lighting set up? Key high right 45degree...
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    Kew Gardens Wedding. Man...

    Working at Kew Palace At the Moment, was there they day this was going on the Nash conservatory is beautiful!! I really wondered what was happening Looks amazing!!! :D Oh and the photos were pretty good too ;)
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    UCMMA 34 - MMA

    Thanks loopy :D Ummm I might have some lemme check n ill post if I can find some... :)
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    Newb lens question.

    Hi i'll attempt to explain this the best way I can. . . The 'Macro' refers to the closest focusing distance for that lens, which happens to be 1.1m or 3.6ft ie the closest distance you can get the camera to the object that the camera will be able achieve focus. This will give you the...
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    Mercedes 300CE for Stanceworks

    Nice set :) I really like the detail shots :D But I'm not so keen on the first? Could just be me but its lacking something? Really like the B&W conversions :D
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    Party island photography

    Sounds like a fair bit of fun :) There is a really good thread on here about nightclub photography and how to get started :) well worth a check its quite old now but still great stuff!! just search nightclub or some such term im sure it will pop up :) Best of luck and let us know how it goes? :D
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    5 New York Pictures

    One, three and five would already be on my wall if they were mine :) Great shots :D