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  1. monkeyleader

    A Month in the Van

    not too bad at all .. the only issue here on Mull is there is no LPG so we are having to be a little careful with supplies as we want to stay on until the weekend
  2. monkeyleader

    The Frozen North

    Thanks, mate .... yeah I was actually going for the movement in the grasses but actually, think I needed to be higher to give a little more separation ...
  3. monkeyleader

    A Month in the Van

    It is a very clever bit of kit and I'm amazed, given the price, how easy it is to clean ...
  4. monkeyleader

    A Month in the Van

    For the past week we have been up on Mull ... more bimblings with the iPhone ...
  5. monkeyleader

    The Frozen North

    A bit of time on the Isle of Mull which while iconic for wildlife isn't somewhere folks normally think about when it comes to Landscape Photography. Has been a pretty cold week with wind chill sending the mercury plummeting. And for those interested some rambling in my latest vlog.
  6. monkeyleader

    A Month in the Van

    Wife unit spat her wine out chucking at this :)
  7. monkeyleader

    A Month in the Van

    First stop, The Lakes ... Our first month-long trip in the van sees us first hitting the Lakes under blue skies. Didn't get the big boy camera out at all, just explored lots with the iPhone. Next stop Scotland, where I hear it's a touch colder. Follow our adventures here.
  8. monkeyleader

    Drone No Fly Zones

    or taking photos for commercial use .... ;)
  9. monkeyleader

    Drone No Fly Zones

    Morning, Sorry if this is the wrong section ... okay so new drone owner ... Up in the Lake District with the Mavic air and decide to do a bit of flying. In beginner mode. Up a fell so already at a bit of a height. Get the drone out and it starts to moan about compass calibration ... try to...
  10. monkeyleader

    Feeling a little 'Sheepish'

    The view towards Sheep Island from Ballintoy on the North Coast of Northern Ireland ..
  11. monkeyleader

    I'm Back .... and this time I'm bringing a van (and wife and cat)

    Finally, first vlog of the year and one that hopefully starts a whole brand new adventure :)
  12. monkeyleader

    Storytime ....

    Perhaps, perhaps not :) Have a great weekend. Nige
  13. monkeyleader

    Happy New Year Folks ..

    Goodness .. not been out all year with the camera so here's one from way back when ;)
  14. monkeyleader

    Catching the last of Autumn ...

    or perhaps it had already gone ... Anyways, random ramblings here ...
  15. monkeyleader

    Creeping ....

    An early Happy New Year to all .. cheers, Nige
  16. monkeyleader

    A little bit of storm light

    While I'm looking forward to exploring more Ireland in the van, it's the lochs, the mountains, the forests and the coastline of Scotland that has me super excited ... Not long now (well that's what I keep telling myself)
  17. monkeyleader

    More Tom Swooshery

    Happy Boxing day everyone ... I'm away to make myself an epic Christmas Sandwich .... Have a good one .. cheers, Nige
  18. monkeyleader

    Red Sky At Night

    Thanks so much for your kind words, very much appreciated
  19. monkeyleader

    Red Sky At Night

    White Rocks Beach, Portrush, Northern Ireland
  20. monkeyleader

    The Mermaid

    Aye more of that Tom Swooshery .... and this time he's thinking he's seen a Mermaid ...
  21. monkeyleader

    Signing Prints

    Morning all, I've been asked by a friend for whom I am creating a print to sign it .... I've never signed any of my prints, mainly as (wait for it) I don't actually have a signature - trust me it's bit me in the ass a few times ... So he really (REALLY) wants me to sign it and I'm wondering...
  22. monkeyleader

    It's Still Autumn, Right?

    On my forgot my polarizer (oh no you didn't) trip ..
  23. monkeyleader

    The Go-Around

    Mooching by the coast .... I love, on this particular beach, how the color of the wet sand contrasts with the flow of the tide .. A spot you don't often get to stand as most times the rage of the ocean would consume you ... The top right dryer patch annoys me but was impossible to take out in...
  24. monkeyleader

    Tom Swooshery ...

    Old Tom up to his old tricks again :)
  25. monkeyleader

    Winters gone by. (5 pics)

    Love these Scott ... for someone who has never (shame on me) witnessed proper winter conditions, these really do portray such a fantastic overall feeling. The subtle processing on that-there popular spot really gives such an amazing feeling of silence ... Stunning .. thanks for sharing ..
  26. monkeyleader

    Pink Dawn

    As I arrived the whole place was bathed in this glorious pre-dawn pink light .. I even had to record a short video reminding myself that my white balance wasn't off ;) A slight breeze was creating patterns in the pool of sea water left behind from the outgoing tide which I kinda liked ...
  27. monkeyleader

    The Wisp

    More marmite I guess as I continue to battle with the chaos of forest ..
  28. monkeyleader

    My Darkest Woods

    Thanks, Scott, very much appreciated ... I think it's one of the only very few shots (certainly in the forest) where I was able to realize a vision in the field and get it someway close to what I had hoped for in post ... Still completely baffled by split toning which is how I originally...
  29. monkeyleader

    My Darkest Woods

    A wee dram was at the forefront of the processing exercise ... wanting to highlight the area to the right of the tree, giving the impression the light from the yellow bush, which to me reminded me of a burning torchlight ... with this in mind there was liberal use of dodging and burning ... I...