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  1. Muzzieman

    Replacement softbox diffusers

    Thanks Phil. I couldn’t see any for octoboxes. I’ll have another look.
  2. Muzzieman

    Replacement softbox diffusers

    Hi can anyone help me find somewhere that can supply replacement diffusers for Octoboxes. Ripped mine removing it on the last shoot I used it. I don’t want to have to buy a whole new unit just for the cloth on the front! Web searches have not been helpful regarding this.
  3. Muzzieman

    Funky MTB angles

    Can't fault any of them! Great shots!
  4. Muzzieman

    My switch from Canon to Sony as a wedding photographer

    I attempted to make the switch to Sony last year when I purchased the new Sony A7iii on launch. I am a canon shooter so the possibility of using my existing glass and cutting weight was what brought me to that decision. I had the camera two weeks and returned it. It just didn't do what i needed...
  5. Muzzieman

    Time Lapse Video

    I use Adobe After Effects for compiling mine but i'm sure there are free alternatives out there
  6. Muzzieman

    Beginner First camera, am i spending too much?

    This is not true at all. We live in a global market nowadays. My 5d3 was a "Grey" Import fully covered by CPS no issues whatsoever. I have a 5D4 on the way from the same supplier at pretty much half the uk retail price. I would like to always buy from my local camera store when possible but...
  7. Muzzieman

    Just Curious?

    I used to but only ended up either getting frustrated that i couldn't get out and shoot or cause an argument with the other half because i did. I take the Fuji X100F on holidays nowadays. This summer we went to the alps and i took all the gear but couldn't get out to shoot as my family were all...
  8. Muzzieman

    All the gear....

    F5.6 1/250th and iso 2000 and under exposed? Is she shooting in a cave?
  9. Muzzieman

    The General Drone-Related Thread

    i am selling a full DJI Inspire Pro bundle in the classifieds if anyone is interested
  10. Muzzieman

    What have you left out in the field when you've been out taking photos ?

    I wouldn’t really but it would have been tempting!
  11. Muzzieman

    What have you left out in the field when you've been out taking photos ?

    I did mate! I would have probably been off with it if the boot was on the other foot!
  12. Muzzieman

    What have you left out in the field when you've been out taking photos ?

    On my first trip to Skye a couple of years back I got talking to a couple of German guys while photographing eilean donan castle. During the conversation they told me about a good viewpoint up on the hill behind it. When I got there to take some shots I realised I’d left my 5dmk3 24-70 2.8 and...
  13. Muzzieman

    Review Fuji x100F or alternative

    I got the x100f as a walk around camera for holidays etc. Its such a great camera i very nearly switched from canon to fuji completely. i like the fixed focal length if i was looking to take a camera with interchangable lenses i would just take my canon gear, having a smaller body only reduces...
  14. Muzzieman

    Bought new router to replace Virgin SuperHub 3.0 but can't connect to the internet

    I’ve just done the same but with a netgear nighthawk router. The virgin hub 3 is useless at Wi-Fi. It was a simple procedure of put the virgin router in modem mode plug the cables into the new router and restart everything. All working no issues no extra setup needed.
  15. Muzzieman

    Sell all your slr's

    I recently bought a Sony a7iii as a backup and for video. The plan was to use my canon glass with the metabones adapter. I lasted two weeks with it. Took it back and got a 1dx mkii. The Sony was good, very good but unfortunately without spending thousands on native Sony lenses not good enough...
  16. Muzzieman

    Fuji x100/S/T/F Owners Thread

    Had a little walk with my X100f yesterday while the camper went for its mot. This is a Car park in sheffield we call the cheese grater.
  17. Muzzieman

    The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    So, i switched to Sony(kind of) i have replaced my 5d2 backup with the a7iii and metabones adapter, first impressions are great apart from the lack of support thus far from lightroom! I did my usual paid work with it yesterday and although a bit of a gamble the jpegs are looking great! The...
  18. Muzzieman

    Bamburgh castle sunrise

    Nice! You’re lucky to not have another dozen photographers in the frame!
  19. Muzzieman

    ISO - Waste of time when shooting RAW?

    I’m sorry but this is ridiculous! I run a studio and in a studio environment the aim is to get the perfect exposure in camera. That’s why we use lighting and lighting modification. Yes the base iso is used but not to underexpose and then rectify in post. Photography is capturing light.
  20. Muzzieman

    ISO - Waste of time when shooting RAW?

    Having read through this thread I fail to see how this technique is of any benefit in the real world. I can’t imagine me showing a client(particularly a new one) an under exposed image and asking them to trust that it will be all ok in the edit. Clients want to see what, or at least something...
  21. Muzzieman

    UV filter or something fancier?

    uv filters do next to nothing on digital systems and why would you want to put a piece of £20 glass on a £1000 piece of glass? It won’t offer any protection in the event of a serious drop.
  22. Muzzieman

    Humber Bridge dawn

    You can’t see the bridge in the first shot, the second image the processing is better but tbh neither are keepers. If the bridge is supposed to be the subject make it the subject.
  23. Muzzieman

    Some Video To Be On TV

    It is never a foot in the door. The only thing that will come of an approach like this is they will come back for more for free.
  24. Muzzieman

    Tethered cable

    I wouldn’t bother personally if it’s just for shooting your grandkids. Tethethering is useful for many reasons. I use it for product photography and for client portraits to check focus and show the client how they look to help with posing etc. It would be another complication in the process...
  25. Muzzieman

    Virginmedia superhub 3

    mine is terrible! the wifi just wont work it drops connections all the time, if you can actually connect! not much of an issue for me personally but the wife and kids are sick of it. I have everything connected via ethernet
  26. Muzzieman

    Why do you take photographs?

    to capture a scene in my own unique way, but mostly nowadays for money. Lovely lovely money.
  27. Muzzieman

    Beginner what's your opinion on these images?

    Just a simple crop makes all the difference. Composition is equally as important as subject.
  28. Muzzieman

    Hello Brighton, short movie with time lapses and drone footage.

    The colouring is a bit off and tbh it's way too long! I got bored after two minutes or so. The music is far too pedestrian. There are some good shots but not engaging enough to last the full ten minutes.
  29. Muzzieman

    Backup lenses for paid work

    I have never heard of anyone having backup(duplicate) lenses I take a spare body, plenty of memory cards and batteries. I have never had a lens fail. I take a 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200 everywhere(all basses covered) and add a 50 or 85 if needed. I should add i have never needed to use my second...
  30. Muzzieman

    What are you using as more compact/second camera

    Fuji x100F cracking camera!