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  1. Chris Fallon

    Marks on underside of lens glass. Help needed?

    I bought it a year ago on a whim and never really used it. I'm not going to be needing to use it again anytime soon hence why I was planning to sell it. Just gunna sell as spares, and someone will probably be getting a deal.
  2. Chris Fallon

    Marks on underside of lens glass. Help needed?

    Shame because that aside its in excellent cosmetic condition... Checked out some online videos and I am not even going to attempt disassembling the lens. Looks far too complicated. Off to eBay to sell as spares/repairs. Thanks again guys.
  3. Chris Fallon

    Marks on underside of lens glass. Help needed?

    Thank you guys really appreciate everyones time. I'm going to see if I can take it apart myself and clean it up. Being £70 theres nothing to lose right? Must admit I just thought it was a water/moisture mark until I took the picture and zoomed in on Flickr. Ah well, like you say - Could have...
  4. Chris Fallon

    Marks on underside of lens glass. Help needed?

    I mean it literally looks like a smear more than anything... If it was on this side of the glass it would literally wipe off with a microfibre cloth... :confused:
  5. Chris Fallon

    Marks on underside of lens glass. Help needed?

    I'm guessing that's not a cheap option? I only paid £70 for the lens second hand anyway so think i will have to keep it. Maybe I will try a few test shots to see if its noticeable?
  6. Chris Fallon

    Marks on underside of lens glass. Help needed?

    Is there nothing that can be done then mate?
  7. Chris Fallon

    Marks on underside of lens glass. Help needed?

    Morning guys I've not posted in the forum in a long time now, but hoping somebody can help me? Seeing as I'd not used my Sigma 70-300mm in nearly a year, I decided to take it out to sell... Problem being when I checked everything over was that there is a smear/speckles on the underside of the...
  8. Chris Fallon

    New Zealand Trip

    Such a spectacular country. The most breath taking scenery. Probably my favourite place on earth and somewhere i'd love to head back to someday. Love the pictures mate. Hope to see more (y)
  9. Chris Fallon

    Bargain Manfrotto Stile Veloce V Backpack @ Jessops dropped from £99.99 to £32.49

    FYI The MANFROTTO25 works on all Manfrotto products on the website it seems. Just checked it up against a tripod so even better deals to be had ;)
  10. Chris Fallon

    Holiday In Arabia

    Very nice shot
  11. Chris Fallon


    Incredible photo's of, what sounds like an incredible trip! Did you pre book accommodation or literally jump in the 4x4 and go for it?
  12. Chris Fallon

    Tarn Hows Sunset

    Great shots mate. Really like them :)
  13. Chris Fallon

    Planet Earth ll

    Nobody does nature like Sir Dave
  14. Chris Fallon

    Planet Earth ll

    Excellent episode... I may be dreaming of dragons tonight now though... :eek:
  15. Chris Fallon


    I love number 2
  16. Chris Fallon

    Sunset at Val Gardena, Dolomites, Italy.

    Really captured the moment here. Very nice image.
  17. Chris Fallon

    Morning Light, Iceland

    As said above - Stunning!
  18. Chris Fallon

    Whitby Harbour in black and white

    Love this mate. Fond childhood memories of Whitby as a kid.
  19. Chris Fallon

    Storm Skies

    Hope you took a brolly! lol
  20. Chris Fallon

    Ross Harvey - Street Photographer in Cuba

    Thanks for the link - The lady flicking the V's made me chuckle.
  21. Chris Fallon

    Bargain Acme Made shoulder bag £4.95 delivered

    Good little bag these. I have one for my Fuji x30.
  22. Chris Fallon

    Free Photography Kindle Books

    Great link Elizabeth. Saved several of those to have a read through. Thank you :)
  23. Chris Fallon

    Majorcan Sunrise

    Can almost feel how relaxing that setting must have been in the flesh
  24. Chris Fallon

    Diploma in Professional Photography (DiPP) -

    Sounds like i'm in the same boat as you guys! I haven't touched the folders in the last few months. I've had too much going on work wise. Still, I guess that is the beauty of the course - that you can take as long as you want to complete it! ..... Someone ask me again if I've finished it in...
  25. Chris Fallon

    Martello Tower

    Really like the movement in the sky and the stunning colours.
  26. Chris Fallon


    I do like what you've done with that last shot with the beer bottle mate. Really like it a lot.
  27. Chris Fallon

    Watery Steps - Seascape

    I prefer the colour version. What filter did you use for this shot Gareth?
  28. Chris Fallon

    Critique A field in Oxfordshire

    I love them both mate! Really stunning images.