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  1. Adam_M

    Interfit 150 ex mk1 not cycling flash correctly

    I’m on an iPad, no keyboard here, lol.
  2. Adam_M

    Interfit 150 ex mk1 not cycling flash correctly

    8 just finally setup my pair of interfit 150 ex mk 1’s and , but not a s3cond time 7ntil you press the test button on the back, or turn the unit off and on, Any ideas what’s going on?
  3. Adam_M

    Hello from Harrogate

    Welcome mate! Leeds here!
  4. Adam_M

    Hi from Leeds

    welcome, also from leeds don't worry it will all come in time with practice and patience!
  5. Adam_M

    Beware of videoing shows with music

    i once uploaded a video of a busker and youtube flagged it for copyright, its kinda scary really.
  6. Adam_M

    assault rifle grip/mount for long lens ?

    Yes mate that should be fantastic, worth a shot at the very least!, thanks so much.
  7. Adam_M

    assault rifle grip/mount for long lens ?

    hi im a semi disabled photographer, one hand and use a wheelchair outdoors. ive had some good success using long lenses on a tripod but im looking for options for hand holding so i can cover more ground quicker. i haaaate tripods, always have. it would obviously need some sort of trigger/cable...
  8. Adam_M

    I'm going to shoot JPG.....

    I have shot jpegs professionally, but that's mostly down to shooting hundreds of deliverables per day, raw would have been a nightmare, if I'm shooting my fujis I tend to do raw plus Joel and never touch the raws, Fuji Joel's are damn near perfect, the consistency is nice too.
  9. Adam_M

    Another hello from the UK

    ah hello sounds like you do a wonderful job!
  10. Adam_M

    tesla model S

    well I've never taken photos of a car before, what do we all think to this? such an awesome looking car can't wait to hear it roar, must've looked odd a guy in an electric wheelchair taking pics of an electric car, though I'm sure its got me beat in a race.. tesla model s in leeds by Adam...
  11. Adam_M

    Beginner NASCAR Photography

    You want a 300mm 2.8 id say if its at night oh and a good tripod/ monopod if allowed
  12. Adam_M

    One from the street

    Cool shot i bet she never looked behind her
  13. Adam_M

    something from today

    i've just fully switched to fuji x-pro-1 56mm 1.2, first time out with it today trying to get more into street stuff, thoughts? deep in pho by Adam Malcolm, on Flickr
  14. Adam_M

    B&W Let's see your Black and White photos

    just shot this today. only just switched to fuji, xpro1 & 56mm. deep in pho by Adam Malcolm, on Flickr
  15. Adam_M

    Iceland Equipment List

    Pretty surre that 24-70 wont leave the bag in favour of the 17-40 as others have said id take a 70-200 f4 they're surprisingly lightweight id take that over the 24-70, add a 50mm 1.8 for the dark stuff to compensate
  16. Adam_M

    Abstract Landscape

    Well done this is something my eye would have missed.
  17. Adam_M

    Critique Sports Portrait

    My first thought was why the hell is he so orange surely the white balance isn't that far out, the reading that it was in a steelworks makes it makes sense, so I guess for me if you'd included some of the light source to explain why, that would have helped set the context, other than that good...
  18. Adam_M

    fuji x100 first bit of architecture

    went out for a roam today x100s with icl-x100, have really payed any attention to buildings in years, but what do we thin of this? DSCF3641 by Adam Malcolm, on Flickr
  19. Adam_M

    does this count as 'street' photography ?

    I wonder what makes for very good street photography?
  20. Adam_M

    does this count as 'street' photography ?

    i've been out with my x100s a lot recently, kinda trying to get into 'street' photography a bit, and getting used to thecamera, i to this on todays outing, shot 'from the hip' i suppose (i'm in a wheelchair so, hmm...) its straight out of the camera, i shoot raw then convertto jpeg internally...
  21. Adam_M

    B&W Waiting for the train

    £4looks like the girls loose finitely a cracker! I reckon that'll look great on the mantelpiece, print this thing out! I'm sure it'll be a great memory piece for the family in a few years :)
  22. Adam_M

    why do you do photography ?

    I'm wondering why people bother with photography lately, especially those who do it as a hobby, without aims of 'going pro'
  23. Adam_M

    Open university?

    Wondering if anyone here studied with the ou, I'm considering it as with my new mobility issues going to lectures would be incredibly troublesome. Anyway any opinions on the open uni out there ?
  24. Adam_M

    Anyone grow their own chillis?

    No one grow jalapeño? I heard these can be grown indoors, Is that true ? I don't have anywhere outdoors to grow anything but I'd love to start growing things if I can indoors.
  25. Adam_M

    A warning - most unhappy experience

    This is why I take the scouts motto 'be prepared quite seriously so I have two accounts with my bank so I have a spare card at home at all times incase I loose my main card again just move some money over in branch or online and I'm up and running again.
  26. Adam_M

    Iceland Aurora and night shots

    That looks lovely :)
  27. Adam_M

    Helicopter, powerline surveillance

    Ah you're up in skip ton not far from me in leeds then :)
  28. Adam_M

    Helicopter, powerline surveillance

    In this country yeah it's pretty much just national grid, in America there's a different one for each state, so more work out there. My boss used to joke it was mostly tower porn for the engineers, but mostly looking for structural issues, you can use thermal and uv to see issues with the...
  29. Adam_M

    Helicopter, powerline surveillance

    Ah on closer look it's pdg, one of our competitors, They were involved with the bbc on a documentary on the national grid a while back if memory serves, :)