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    Now I've Done It.

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    FILM Photographer of the Year 2020 Discussion Thread

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    Show us yer film shots then!

    I think you should enter anyway Asha, you’re constantly producing interesting and unique photos so why not share them in FPOTY, don’t get pressured just enter when you have a shot that fits.
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    I used to have that self same enlarger, in fact that could well be my kit. It all looks very familiar.
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    Help! Servicing And Possible Repair Of An Immaculate Unloved Pentax ME Super.

    These guys are ex-Pentax, based just down the road from me in Brentford, I’ve used them to service the Pentax 67 and been happy with the work that they’ve done.
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    Home Grown - A Project by Carl

    I believe Carl will mostly be making plans.
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    Film Photographer of the Year 2019 - The Results

    Well done @Peter B great set of images and commendations to the runners up, a close fought contest right to the end. Big thanks to @Mrs Snap for organising it all, you are a tough act to follow. And finally we’ll done to all those that took part and made it such an interesting competition...
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    Nikon F3HP - best SLR of all time?

    I have one, it’s a great camera to use but to my eye it’s the least aesthetically pleasing of all the single digit F’s
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    Beginner 1st attempts at 120 film and pinhole

    Welcome to the best bit of the forum, look forward to seeing some of your shots when you've got some processed.
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    Now I've Done It.

    Welcome to the light side Dale, good luck on your film adventure.
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    FILM Photographer of the Year 2020 Discussion Thread

    Isn’t high tech usually high maintenance? :coat:
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    FILM Photographer of the Year 2020 Discussion Thread

    What @Harlequin565 said, just snap away and join in.
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    FILM Photographer of the Year 2020 Discussion Thread

    You’ll find the entry thread here
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    Antique Plate Camera Mild Refurbishment

    Great to see an update, really looking forward to seeing the results from this.
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    FILM Photographer of the Year 2020 - January - Entries Thread

    The theme for January 2020 is OPENINGS Entries to be posted in this thread by 23:59 on Friday 31st January 2020. A poll will go up for seven days afterwards. Entries must be SHOT ON FILM, and must be TAKEN ON OR AFTER THE 1st DECEMBER 2019. This thread is for entries only. The rules and...
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    Film Photographer of the Year 2020 Rules & Themes

    Thanks Chris @The Big Yin can the relevant 2020 FPOTY thread be stickied please Mark.
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    FILM Photographer of the Year 2020 Discussion Thread

    On your marks, get set, go!
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    Merry Christmas!

    That’s brilliant thanks for the tips, luckily I’ve got a few rolls if tri-x I might have to pair it with the 50mn F1.2 to make the most of the light.
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    So what FILM related pressie did Santa bring you this Christmas?

    Run a roll through it, it’ll be fun and much better than just keeping it as an ornament.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Your jokes just get better and better. :lol:
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    Merry Christmas!

    Happy Christmas one and all, I hope Santa has brought you all you hoped and wished for.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Good thinking Fishyfish.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks @FujiLove really thorough and useful info there. I’m only going for a few days but am ridiculously excited, it’s been in my list for ages.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks Mr Badger, that’s really useful knowledge
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    Merry Christmas!

    I’m off to Iceland for a few days in January, I know the days will be short and I’m hoping to get some aurora shots as well. Do you have any advice on Film stock, locations close to Reykjavik? Thinking of taking the FM3A with 28, 50 & 105mm and maybe a medium format set up but haven’t decided on
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    Polypan Party With A Theme Of P.

    My films arrived, hopefully it will stop raining long enough to get out with the camera soon.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Do you think the squirrel let the mice in? The same way we used to let our mates into the cinema through the fire exits.
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    That's a great shot Asha and I love your description, we wouldn't of wanted you to fall in the water, really we wouldn't :D
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    Portra 160 5 pack 120 £26.99

    Top work Chris :thumbs: