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  1. pikingpirate

    Common Buzzard

  2. pikingpirate

    Wild (not a baited bird) Little owl project action shots

    Got to admire you for your thought for the birds not every one is of the same frame of mind as you and would jump at the chance well done Den
  3. pikingpirate

    Stone chat

    removed it russ quality suffered for some reason looked nothing like ,,,don't think I,ll be posting again anytime soon
  4. pikingpirate

    Stone chat

  5. pikingpirate

    red stags

    canon 100-400mm is
  6. pikingpirate

    Bar Tailed Godwits

    love them both kaz muddy again you will never change honey
  7. pikingpirate

    red stags

    red stags by Pikingpirate1, on Flickr
  8. pikingpirate

    little owl

    <a href="" title="little owl by Pikingpirate1, on Flickr"><img src="" width="771" height="1024" alt="little owl"></a>
  9. pikingpirate

    Blue-naped Chlorophonia (Peru)

    brilliant glenn awesome colours
  10. pikingpirate

    Wren on rope

    beautiful set cracking light and detail
  11. pikingpirate


    go on then I`ll stick my neck out an say I think it`s a white throat too
  12. pikingpirate


    little belter stuart
  13. pikingpirate


    owlet athene noctua by Pikingpirate1, on Flickr
  14. pikingpirate

    Little owl and Owlet

    the eye`s always amaze me karen
  15. pikingpirate


    brilliant set kaz
  16. pikingpirate

    little owl

    little owl athene noctua by Pikingpirate1, on Flickr
  17. pikingpirate

    Common Sandpiper

    cracking shot russ
  18. pikingpirate

    Juvenile Wheatears

    brilliant karen
  19. pikingpirate

    Short Eared Owls

    beautifull set karen
  20. pikingpirate

    Barn Owls

    awesome set awesome photography karen love it
  21. pikingpirate

    Some More of the Shorties

    awesome set karen
  22. pikingpirate


    brilliant set eddy
  23. pikingpirate

    Short Eared Owls

    excellent set karen
  24. pikingpirate

    Another of the Nutty

    cracking shot
  25. pikingpirate

    I.D required please

    hee hee not to worry colin ...
  26. pikingpirate

    Coal Tit

    ticks all the boxes pal
  27. pikingpirate

    Wrens and robins....

    great set good detail and colours
  28. pikingpirate

    Jay Bird

    brilliant set ann still number three for me too
  29. pikingpirate


    one of my favourite bird`s right character`s nuthatch by Pikingpirate1, on Flickr cheer`s ian
  30. pikingpirate

    You looking at me !

    very nice set ann