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  1. Giblets

    photography in the mist - any useful apps/tools for fog/mist forecasting

    Not too sure where you are but if you have a look at XCWeather and click on the Visibility tab you may find it useful. As said mist is very difficult to predict and can be very local based on the terrain and nearby features. The Dew Point temperature is quite important as it's relationship...
  2. Giblets

    South-East England Horses

    Not Hercules surely! :LOL::exit:
  3. Giblets

    Canon Pro 100 printer

    @swiftflo When you say 'switch it off' do you mean with the power button on the front or at the plug socket? I leave the power on to my iP8750 (baby compared with your) but always turn it off with the power button.
  4. Giblets

    Canon Pro 100 printer

    Those were my thoughts for asking if the printer was USB connected.
  5. Giblets

    Canon Pro 100 printer

    I found that page as well, BB. Was looking at the last item that seems to say the printer needs a service. It would be interesting to know if the OP has his connected by USB or wi-fi. If USB I would try another cable.
  6. Giblets

    6 Days with no service from EE!

    I thought they were called Hutchinson Telecom then Orange then EE. At least those are the names that my account changed to since I have had a mobile phone.
  7. Giblets

    posting in desperation shutter speeds

    I made myself one of these: :cool: Tip: Use card rather than paper.
  8. Giblets

    A trio from this morning at Slapton Sands, Devon

    No. 3 is great. I can see that as a nice large print on the wall.
  9. Giblets

    Cheap button cells which leak

    Any AA or AAA. batteries here below 1.38v are used in clocks or torches. They seem to last for ages in the clocks!
  10. Giblets

    Cheap button cells which leak

    Would not the multimeter test only show the static voltage of the battery and not the voltage under load which is the important bit?
  11. Giblets

    Thinking of turning garage into studio

    I'm not too up on the photography side of things but I do know a little bit about the mechanics of converting garages to living spaces/offices. It sounds to me as if the garage in question is separate from the house and will probably have only single skin brickwork walls or concrete panel walls...
  12. Giblets

    Anyone used WEX or MPB to trade in?

    As said they are a business. Have you never traded in a vehicle?
  13. Giblets

    Is nobody buying gear any more?

    Sounds like you have done well as a buyer. Has your experience of selling been as good?
  14. Giblets

    Smallrig tabletop tripod..

    OK, had my tripod for a couple of days now so I thought I would post my observations. The tripod is well made as has been said being all metal with no plastic parts. The rubber feet are good but there is no sign of the spikes that are mentioned in Amazon's description. The legs do not have...
  15. Giblets

    Smallrig tabletop tripod..

    I would be interested to know whether the legs have stops at the 'normal' and 'low level' positions or is this hit and miss. I assume the tension of the leg hinges is adjusted with the included hex spanner.
  16. Giblets

    Smallrig tabletop tripod..

    The item does not feature on SmallRig's website product list at all so not able to check.
  17. Giblets

    Smallrig tabletop tripod..

    The Amazon weight figures do not match the figures in the Product Description panel. Amazon say legs support 44lbs (20kg) and ball head 4.4lbs (2kg) whereas the PD panel shows legs 80kg and ball head 5kg.
  18. Giblets

    Brave Browser

    I sometimes use Avast Secure Browser which is almost identical to Chrome.
  19. Giblets

    Sunrise and Cloud Inversion from Pen y Fan

    Plenty of info on t'internet but clouds are normally suspended in the atmosphere at altitude whereas fog/mist in usually suspended water droplets near the ground. Did the air temperature get warmer as you climbed upwards?
  20. Giblets

    Sunrise and Cloud Inversion from Pen y Fan

    Cracking shots but technically a Temperature Inversion.
  21. Giblets

    Windows 10 update hangs during starting and waking from sleep

    This article may be of interest: particularly from the point of updating ALL drier and the 'Sleep Timer' issue mentioned in Fix 5.
  22. Giblets

    South-West England Milky way locations - advice needed.

    I am off to the IOW in a couple of weeks and certainly plan to check out the south coast thereof. However, knowing my luck it will be cloudy and tipping down with rain for the duration - you have been warned! :grumpy:
  23. Giblets

    Posting mounted images

    Do you really mean 40x50mm?
  24. Giblets

    Lost my jpeg viewing in folders

    Perhaps the lack of thumbnails is what mikew is referring to.
  25. Giblets

    Camera shake - shutter or me?

    If you live in a reasonably modern house it is quite surprising how much the suspended floor moves even two bedrooms away. Try putting a glass of water on the floor and get the kids to jump about as before and watch for the ripples.
  26. Giblets

    Photography at the Emirates Stadium

    Surely that clause relates to the taking of images of people in the ground not to people in the ground taking images.
  27. Giblets

    PAYG in Florida

    The question is "Is the OP's phone locked to EE?" If so he won't be able to use another network's SIM.
  28. Giblets

    Getting around a tripod ban

    I have a Leki Sierra Photo Monopod and have never been challenged on the 'no tripods or monopods' rule. Helps if you feign a slight limp whilst using it! :naughty: