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  1. Towers

    VSCC Curborough Speed Trials

    Great set love the b&w set, sharp. Saw this place on google maps and wondered when they ran. Have they a website? Cost to get in?
  2. Towers

    BTCC Media Day Photties.

    Thanks for the comments guys. Yep sorry missed a comma in my message. All comments are good and as a newbie all taken with thanks. I agree some are soft focus not sure if that's the lens and camera being used. I am using a Nikon D3100 and with these shots used my 70-300mm Nikon VR 4-5.6 lens...
  3. Towers

    Last of MY BTCC Media Day

    Here's the last of them.
  4. Towers

    More BTCC Media Day

    A few more
  5. Towers

    BTCC Media Day Photties.

    A few more
  6. Towers

    BTCC Media Day Photties.

    Just a few images from a newbie. Be kind or not all comments help. Cheers
  7. Towers

    BTCC test day at Donington Park

    Good point about access for us mortals that have not got a blue bib. Was at Donington 3 weeks ago, Pirtek and Yausa Honda were going round testing and guess what no restrictions. Stood on the inside of Redgate half the day then on the exit of the chicane past the grandstand. Don't know why...
  8. Towers

    Test Day Oulton Park

    Nice shots nothing wrong with your pan shots, good job
  9. Towers

    Fantasy Motorsport Photographer Challenge 2013

    BTCC Donington test goes well for Jordan apart from a small fire. Marshals coped well and soon had it under control