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    another shot from kimmeridge

    Another cracking shot and nice to see from a low down angel. most of my pics are taken from up by the tower looking back.
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    remembering portland

    A very nice shot, with great detail. like the sky and cloud too. may try and get there sometime myself as it is on the doorstep.
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    Masters Grasstrack

    A few from the Masters Grasstrack meeting at Wimborne Dorset on Sept 29th 1. Masters grasstrack on Flickr 2. Masters grasstrack on Flickr 3. Masters grasstrack on Flickr 4. Masters grasstrack on Flickr 5. Masters grasstrack on Flickr 6. Masters grasstrack on...
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    Wiscombe Hill climb + crash

    few more 5. Sideways escort escort wiscombe 02 by sjfphotos1972 a few more are in my Flickr set Wiscombe hillclimb 2013 thank you for looking.
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    Wiscombe Hill climb + crash

    Some from Wiscombe Hill climb in Devon Sept 8th 2013 also impact with barrier Weather was cloudy and light was not good under the trees. 1. Mini into saw mills mini wiscombe 01 by sjfphotos1972 2. Vauxhall at bunnies vauxhal wiscombe 01 by sjfphotos1972 3. Escort at saw mills escort...
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    What was my camera upto

    :agree: it is a nice pic and like the smoke trails.
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    Your Best Crash Shots...Let's See 'em.

    very nice sequence capture, not rubbish at all. :thumbs:
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    Your Best Crash Shots...Let's See 'em.

    caught this impact at Wiscombe Hill climb in Sept crash wiscombe by sjfphotos1972, on Flickr
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    Spotted a Marshal ?....

    some one thought they had a combine. gurston07 July 2013 by sjfphotos1972, on Flickr
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    Gurston Down Hillclimb

    a few more. 5. a bit sideways gurston06 July 2013, on Flickr 6. kicking up some dust. gurston01 July 2013, on Flickr there are few more on my Flickr page. thank you for looking and any assisting comments are much appreciated.
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    Gurston Down Hillclimb

    A few from Gurston Down Hillclimb in July 2013. It was very hot and bright sun, which made it a bit tricky for an amauter like myself. 1. gurston02 July 2013, on Flickr 2. Escort gurston04 July 2013, on Flickr 3. having an off moment gurston03 July 2013, on Flickr 4. Mini...
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    Watering can a weight and a Little Owl

    very nice pics, I'm sure there is a caption for the last two pics some where. No 3 made me smile.
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    Gurston Down Speed Hillclimb

    Very nice pics and like number 2 and 5. Gurston is a great place to go, missed the june event but hope to go to the july meeting. I have a few Gurston pics on my flickr page and on the forum.
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    lovely pics and particuly like the detail in the first and last one
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    Canon 400D upgrade thoughts

    Hi. I am thinking about upgrading my Canon 400D to either the 600D or 650D, please can any 600D/650D users post there thoughts and opinions on these models. one "deal" I have looked at is hoping to...
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    VSCC Wiscombe (Through different eyes!)

    A great set of pics and looks like the conditions were difficult. I also like the head on shot, pity about the marshalls as you say. I went to a meeting last year (july) and took some pics, wiscombe set on flickr it really is a great hill climb venue. hope to go again this year in July...
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    P.C re-new advise

    I have been thinking it is time to replace my P.C as the current one is about 11yrs old and is getting very slow. Switch it on and go and make a cup of tea, before it is ready and you can only run one program at a time really, before it starts making funny noises and nearly stops. :shake: I...
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    Gurston Down Hillclimb (1 x added)

    Hi Ash. thank you for the comment on the pics. timing is the next thing I will be working on, but also trying to "crop" out some of the crowds One below is a whole frame but a little out of focus. Gurston April 2013 (78-800) on Flickr
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    Spotted a Marshal ?....

    Clearing away the bike after the rider fell off. Gurston April 2013 (22-800) on Flickr
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    thundery sky

    thundery clouds in April. Thundery sky 1042 on Flickr thank you for looking
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    Gurston Down Hillclimb (1 x added)

    A few more. 4. Audi kicking up a dust Gurston Audi 800 on Flickr 5. Gurston 2013 (25-800) on Flickr Thank you for looking and there are some more on my Flickr
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    Gurston Down Hillclimb (1 x added)

    Had another go taking pics at Gurston Down Hillclimb on April 21st, though it was sunny it was still windy and cold and then the cloud came in, making things a bit dull. Tried various settings to try capture "movement", but still having some problems. 1. Gurston 2013 (84-800) on Flickr...
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    Manx Classic Hillclimb 2013

    wonderfull shots and I like the last one too. nice focus and color. I went to gurston hillclimb and it great how close you can get to the cars coming up the hill.
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    Thank you, added those in threads above, going to spend a bit of time looking through some and looking at the exellent photos. heres my Page, very much a beginner.
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    The Stig's LEGO Cousin

    I like the idea and nice pics, but a bit bright on two of them.
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    HSCC Easter Revival Thruxton

    nice pics here and on Flickr., it looks like the light was not the best. I like pic 2 & 3 with the wheels up.
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    Losing my va va voom

    Nice pics Donna, I like the idea and particuliery "sid enjoys the view", looked like fun.
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    Cresent moon

    I wish :D they are just branches of a tree which was in the way. it was either the branches or the cloud which was a problem.
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    Cheeky cat

    What a cool shoot, almost like the cat blow on the milk. I like the other others on flickr too.
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    Time for lunch in Australia

    WOW, great pic and nice detial on the croc.