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  1. chivers67

    Halloween Portraits

    I like the first one the most, nice and crisp.
  2. chivers67

    Autumn bride

    I think the Bride Looks a bit too small in the frame and perhaps would have been nicer to move to your left or her to the right a little so just bushes behind her though this may have reduced the effect of the sun
  3. chivers67

    Halloween portrait

    It looks "terror"ble! I'm joking BTW it's good for Halloween, wouldn't want to answer the door though
  4. chivers67

    Memories of summer

    I quite like number One , I'd crop the water out to the left of the tree (or at least that bit of arm once you notice it you can't unsee it!) and clone whatever that is bottom right A rock?
  5. chivers67

    Medium format over 35mm

    Medium format is a preferred option when you need extra quality or larger prints. For a 10x8 in a photo frame there's little difference once viewed from a bit of a distance though . I also used to get a bit more tonal range if used correctly on my Hasselblad when I did wedding photography.
  6. chivers67

    Looking for input from members who are cyclists. (Resolved)

    Boardman MTX 8.6 Hybrid Bike - Blue
  7. chivers67

    Looking for input from members who are cyclists. (Resolved)

    The Bristol to Bath cycle path is awesome Gramps. Really nice to not have to deal with traffic. I've used it a couple of times when I've worked down there. Halfords although have a bit of stigma attached to them the Boardman bikes they sell are very good value and they sell a very good hybrid...
  8. chivers67

    Staff party

    Not a drink in sight though ?
  9. chivers67

    Black Mountain light

    Quite different.
  10. chivers67

    My brothers

    Top Dog!
  11. chivers67

    Beginner Nature in macro

    Post this in Macro and close-up, someone will know in there
  12. chivers67

    Lake District recommendations

    Generally the Further west the quieter in gets, Hawkshead would be a nice base not a huge town and close to Lake Windermere and Coniston
  13. chivers67

    Perch Rock Lighthouse (Rough Sea)

    A Dramatic shot hope you didn't get too wet!
  14. chivers67

    Upgrading from D7000 to FF - D610 or D750?

    If your budget stretches then you know the answer ;)
  15. chivers67

    The River Aire Steeton

    Flickr are changing their site at present T&C etc . wouldn't be surprised if that's what's caused it
  16. chivers67

    Single Speedlight Portraits

    The balance to ambient and flash seems pretty much spot on, I don't really like that last shot though. Second one is lovely apart from not being quite sharp on the eyes.
  17. chivers67

    lens fungus

    Don't know of a repairers but Keep it away from other lenses now!
  18. chivers67

    Just Like 1591

    Just feel like i want to walk over that bridge seeing this :)
  19. chivers67

    Derwent water reflections

    I like two (maybe saturate the colours a little) and the last one the most . The Vapour trail spoils the first one a touch
  20. chivers67

    A simple cairn

    I noticed you don't mind people editing your shots. I did a very quick adjustment as I thought your original looked a bit flat so increased the contrast (not sure if I've gone too far
  21. chivers67

    I am looking for RAW wedding images

    £300 off the profit margin of a Wedding photographer is a considerable amount of money. Perhaps think about offering an end product such as an album too
  22. chivers67

    Cheap Leica.....

    Lovely Summilego F4 Lens
  23. chivers67

    From DX to FX

    Yes I agree about having good lenses but it you're using a DX body you won't get the most out bokeh wise of wide angle wise compared to a Full Frame option.
  24. chivers67

    From DX to FX

    Though if at present the op has DX and is moving to FX how will that work? I'd say D700 or D750. currently I have a D700 and am delighted with it after owning a D300s, the Bokeh etc. I was thinking of upgrading to a D750 once i can justify buying a Used version, love the idea of a moveable...
  25. chivers67

    Beginner Newbie

    Personally I'd purchase a Semi pro DSLR, something like a Nikon D500 with a wide angle zoom 16~85. Though you could buy a fairly inexpensive DSLR if you don't need images that have huge mega pixels A small set of step ladders for Front of House images so you don't have to tilt the camera up as...
  26. chivers67

    Yashica Mat-124G - Birmingham.

    There's some very good images in this post. I do like them. I hope you don't mind i've done a very quick edit of two, cropping out a street light on both and increasing the contrast a little the building one converting to B&W. I think it makes your images stronger Regards Chivers By Slim...
  27. chivers67

    Hasselblad : Morris & Clog Dancers

    These photos look like they could have been taken in the 70's. Apart from the New buildings which give them away in the second two.
  28. chivers67

    Camera bag

    I often use a Normal Ruck sack and have my camera inside a soft cotton back to protect it. I have a Kipling Duffel Bag that is actually part camera back part duffel.
  29. chivers67

    Nikon D750

    I've a D700 at present and might get one of these next month instead. Like the idea of Video as i had a D300s prior to that but let my Nephew have that.