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    Wide angle for nikon

    I suspect this is one of the causes were focus distance plays a big part in lens performance given that test charts are going to be used at very close distances and the 16-35mm seems more optimised for infinity, it did much better on the lensrental(who test at infinity with an optical bench)...
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    Zeiss announces ZX1 full-frame compact camera

    I'd guess it would have drawn more interest were the lens to be faster, seems like a camera that size could balance a 35mm F/1.4 lens.
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    Nikon Z6 and Z7 mirrorless

    Honestly I think Nikon have been potentially smarter there, the 24-70mm range has allowed them to make a lens that's genuinely compact compared to the Sony and Canon 24-105mm's, As with their smaller primes as well they seem to be treating it as an "end point" release rather than something with...
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    f/1.8 Primes for canon, below 50mm?

    I'd imagine because he wants to shoot wider than 50mm with an aperture faster than F/2.8.
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    Slightly dopey novice question re flying to America and camera kit

    I would say be somewhat careful when it comes to putting carry on luggage with equipment in it into the overhead storage as it can sometimes get pretty crowded leading to people trying ram stuff in, really just keep an eye on things as to make sure nobody does this and if possible use hard sided...
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    Storm Over Stroud

    I'm interested by what you mean via "detail"? I spose part of the issue with the first image is that being so wide makes its difficult to pick out much detail in the long distance at net resolution but really my intension was for the sky and the foreground to have most of the impact. For the sky...
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    Beginner Why is it?.......Woodland photography

    I would say part of the issue is that perhaps people underestimate the importance of weather conditions when shooting in woodland relative to other kinds of landscape photography. I mean on one level woodland can actually be very well suited for overcast days yet personally I find its actually...
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    HELP PLEASE - Pano Experts?

    It does seem a bit unpredictable what will work with automation and personally I would go with 1/3 overlap at least shooting wider. You do have the advantage as well that you get a final image with fewer abnormally shaped edges as well.
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    I find the UK boring for landscape photography. Please change my mind!

    I would say the weather goes both ways, its unpredictability means that planned trips on specific dates can often fail but equally I think the shear variety of it can definitely work in your favour if you have time on your side. I mean I'v been taking pictures for sale in the Stroud area for 5-6...
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    Top three best cameras you have ever bought

    To be very dull... 1.Nikon D850 2.Nikon D800 3.Nikon F2
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    Storm Over Stroud

    The first shot with a lengthier processing, trying to bring out some more white in the foreground and give the clouds more form.
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    Photokina 2019 Cancelled

    Increasing it seems like the biggest announcements from Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc are avoiding photokina as well, probably due to thinking they'll get attension reguardless and that having them happen at a big show just leaves more potential for other announcements to steal attension.
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    Photography holiday: where to go?

    La Palma is definitely a great landscape photography location I'd agree that's relatively cheap to visit. Most obviously for the big mountain views of course but at a smaller scale as well.
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    landscape photography images

    Always recommend Shiro Shirahata for pure mountain photography, the Alps, Karakorum and Himalaya books are all worth it if you can kind them for a decent price.
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    Golden Retriever Monochrome

    Testing out a new(well old) Nikon 300mm F/2.8 AF-S on one of my dogs recently...
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    Storm Over Stroud

    Panorama taken from Selsley Common yesterday.
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    Zenit M

    The 35mm F/1.0 lens actually seems a lot more interesting than the camera.
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    Zeiss ZX1

    A 35mm F/1.4 lens would I'd guess have gotten a lot more interest.
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    First Misty Morning of The Season

    I did try some tighter versions of the shot when taking it but wanted to try and play around a bit with the negative spaces, I'd taken so many such shots previously something a bit different appealed.
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    First Misty Morning of The Season

    Were finally getting into my favourite time of year for photography as those early morning mists and temp invensions start to happen...
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    Canon FF mirrorless...

    Honestly 0.95 lenses to me seem less of an issue than Sony's choice of lens mount holding back more conventional lens designs. I don't buy that the E-mount was included with FF designs in mind.
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    Nikon mirrorless definitely on the way

    You could argue really that its less Canon and Nikon competing against each other or Sony at this stage but rather whether they can offer something that convinces existing DSLR owners to buy or not.
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    Nikon mirrorless definitely on the way

    I wouldn't be surprised if Nikon pushed the whole release forward a month or so in order to get it out ahead of Canon and we see production delays. It looks like Canon and Nikon's releases are very similar indeed to the degree I think being first to announce is likely a significant advantage...
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    Canon FF mirrorless...

    They've stuck to a much smaller lens mount designed for APSC.
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    Canon FF mirrorless...

    The teacher needs to check the handwriting on Canon and Nikon's homework. ;) Canon switching to a new mount as well definitely has Sony looking like the odd man out now. It will be interesting to see how the 28-70mm F/2 lens goes down, that seems a bit of a strange one for a size saving...
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    Nikon mirrorless definitely on the way

    He knows that actually with Nikon publishing criticism will actually get more hints, each article of what Nikon is doing wrong can be garneted to grace some Sony subforum.