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  1. JohnC6

    Blue Tit

    Impressive shot..really good.
  2. JohnC6


    Lovely coloured bird and your photo has captured it at it’s best...and without leaving the comfort of your
  3. JohnC6

    Blue Tit

    Lovely shot. Looks like a real character. As. mentioned by Phil..I’d be tempted to bring in the right side a tad.
  4. JohnC6

    Dartford Warbler

    Nicely caught and summed up well by Jan.
  5. JohnC6

    Bittern in evening light

    Excellent capture, Russ. We’re seeing more photos on here of this hitherto elusive and uncommon bird.
  6. JohnC6

    Male Hen Harrier

    Top shot-well done.
  7. JohnC6

    WAMT....what annoyed me today!

    Annoyed that this evening Amazon Prime have rights to show six Premiership games leaving none for Sky-Virgin nor BT Sport. I’ll have to listen to Man-U v Spurs on Five Live. This can’t be right.
  8. JohnC6

    What Are Your Views on Arming All Police Officers?

    Not about arming police but a couple of posts have deviated from the thread title. I watch those programmes too, Mike. What does bother me is what I consider to be inadequate sentencing considering the seriousness of the conduct of offenders in relation to ‘fail to stop’ traffic incidents. As...
  9. JohnC6

    Go faster stripe

    Just seen your reply,Jan. Nothing has been showing in my alerts there are three,one being yours. Not a pack mule ?..Of course not..reading that did make me chuckle. I didn’t know you carried all that gear. I’d be struggling myself. Well, I do sometimes. I have almost the same gear...
  10. JohnC6

    cormorant angel wings pose

    Wonderful detail.(y)
  11. JohnC6

    A Red-throated Diver

    A wonderful set. Lovely colouring. Love Photo 2. Having a doze with one eye on the water which clearly paid
  12. JohnC6

    Water Rail

    Very impressive. One of my favourites.
  13. JohnC6

    Go faster stripe

    I didn’t know there were intentions to do something with Rushy. It is a very good hide. Do think they might let you in with a light step. Like those some people gave as a step into a Bath. I’m sure they would. You could get a light but strong plastic one. You shouldn’t have to struggle if...
  14. JohnC6

    Go faster stripe

    Thanks, Roger. Sounds like it might be a while before the birds return and as you’ll be aware some might never return. It’s heartening to know that any on the perch can still be photographed. Some of my favourites have been of birds on that perch which,as I recall, you saved when you shouted to...
  15. JohnC6

    WAMT....what annoyed me today!

    Watching the BBC News I’ve just listened to Ian Lawrence, General Secretary of NAPO...that’s the Probation Service..‘correct’ the news reader who referred to those on probation as ‘offenders’ telling him..quote..’We prefer to call them clients’ I don’t know which emoticon means. ‘Fuming’ but...
  16. JohnC6

    Go faster stripe

    Nice shot,Roger. Love the reflection. Reading your account it doesn't look to me like a a successful project..well not for photographers. No good on top due to the glass barriers which they'd have had to have re health & safety and common sense anyway and a restricted view compared to Holden...
  17. JohnC6

    Some sort of animal

    Good shot and generated a lot of interest.I had no knowledge of this creature.
  18. JohnC6

    First signs of Winter - North Wales

    A lovely photo. It has a calmness about it.
  19. JohnC6

    First signs of Winter - North Wales

    A sad tale indeed and it just makes me think how the hand of fortune (often from birth) dictates our experiences. I could never understand why families in mining areas were 'proud' that their sons 'went down the pit' but I suspect there was no alternative. When people moan about their 'lot in...
  20. JohnC6

    French Alps this weekend

    A fantastic set.Worth the trip. I envy you living in SE France,Graham. It must be great as it's the second most visited region in France. A quick Google tells me it is . Now I feel (about where I live - Gloucester)...
  21. JohnC6


    It's a very nice shot. No halo for me either. I was trying to see it after reading that but can't. I'm on an iMac. I tend to look at a photo and know straightaway if I like it and I liked this one. Re.negative space on the right. (Terry's comment) I've looked hard at that too. I even got a...
  22. JohnC6


    Thought this may be of help.
  23. JohnC6


    Very nice set,especially the second one. Strange how a cat can make a difference but it does. Looks in good healkth too. We flew over Montenegro last year in daylight en-route to Lake Garda so I've had a glimpse. It does look lovely in your photos.
  24. JohnC6

    Lost World

    Ethereal comes to mind. Excellent shot, nicely composed.
  25. JohnC6

    fieldfare and berry

    Very nicely caught.
  26. JohnC6

    Dunnock @ Greylake

    Lovely shot,Les. You're lucky living near the many top sites.
  27. JohnC6

    Wandering Bittern

    Well caught,Les.Good detail.
  28. JohnC6

    Yet Another Bittern Inflight

    Superb shot (y)
  29. JohnC6

    A Male Sparrow-hawk

    Excellent. Great colouring
  30. JohnC6

    WAMT....what annoyed me today!

    Fair enough. They forgot, We called them 30 minutes after the deadline which was 1.00pm. Big apologies and a refund. It's all comimng tomorrow ,first drop. All's well that ends well, I say.:)