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  1. Bletch

    Oh No --- Look at my Holiday Snaps --

    I'd quite happily stick my face in that tray of tempting treats! Looks like a great place to visit, love to walk along that beach (Lobos).
  2. Bletch

    Action camera best at 1080p

    I have the Go Pro 7 Black. I used it on holiday in India recently along with a camcorder and an Osmo Pocket. The Go Pro should give you good 1080 quality, I'm happy with what I shot.... mostly, sometimes the image stabilization causes stuttering during movement. I also fell foul of not reading...
  3. Bletch

    Not been on for a while so heres some seaside pics!

    "detached retina" Oh God, that sounds really really gross :puke: ... I hope it gets better whatever it is.... and you've still managed to take some beautiful photos, I love them all Neil. :)
  4. Bletch

    First month with the Drone

    Those were cool shots Rich, well done! I've now seen the Mavic Air too and am currently putting cash aside so I can take one on holiday with me. It's ticking all my boxes (well except 4k @60fps but I can live without that).
  5. Bletch

    Exploring an abandoned train yard (Cinematic)

    I've got lots of footage of them and I'm torn between uploading stuff to You tube now... or waiting until I go back to India and complete some of those overhead shots that I want. Many of these wells are hidden and a nightmare to find (the big one above is an exception because it's so big and...
  6. Bletch

    Exploring an abandoned train yard (Cinematic)

    Spark 2.0 at 60fps would sell that to me!!! I desperately need a small drone to film overhead shots of Indian Baolis/stepwells (an example below, the largest Baoli in the world), filming them the ground doesn't really do some of them justice - also some of the smaller ones are gated and locked...
  7. Bletch

    Exploring an abandoned train yard (Cinematic)

    That was really atmospheric Christou! (And shot in Ossett? Only a couple of miles away from me). Your youtube channel is very cool. I'm so itching to buy a drone and take it to India next time I go over there, but with an Osmo and my D5300, I don't know. Maybe the Spark is the way to go? PS...
  8. Bletch

    Converting 4K@30fps footage into 1080@60fps

    @John. I need to find a friend with a Mac :) @st599. Thank you, I'll try 50 on my upcoming trip.
  9. Bletch

    Converting 4K@30fps footage into 1080@60fps

    Hi st599. Are you talking about the light flickering I was getting when shooting at night sometimes (which is caused by all the various different types of lighting I came across)? The Osmo has an anti-flicker setting, you can switch between 50-60hz but it wasn't really much use. Should I have...
  10. Bletch

    Converting 4K@30fps footage into 1080@60fps

    Hey guys. Thanks for your input. I'm going to try to cut out the parts of the 4k footage I want, convert it to 1080@60fps somehow and then add it to my other footage when I'm ready. If it doesn't work, it's not the end of the world :) @mat. Generally speaking, I'd personally rather watch stuff...
  11. Bletch

    Converting 4K@30fps footage into 1080@60fps

    Hi guys. I was in India last year with my Dji Osmo, I think I made a mistake of filming some scenic rooftop shots in 4k at 30fps. I wish I hadn't as some of the footage I shot from a moving tuk tuk in 4k at 30fps was headache inducing, even walking by people, I didn't like what I shot. I wish I...
  12. Bletch

    Undecided India Trip ...

    Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi and Orchha.
  13. Bletch


    Nice set of photos Neil. Was this stepwell photo taken in Jaisalmer? One of the few cities in Rajasthan I've yet to visit. Looks like you got back before the currency ban - lucky you!
  14. Bletch

    Undecided India Trip ...

    Are you sure you want to go to India right now? (I'm just back) Good luck!!
  15. Bletch

    Karma: The Countdown Is On

    4th November. £250 put aside just incase :) Not bothered about the GoPro5. Nothing about it excites me. As for the drone 'warz' here on TP, I'm not getting involved! :) I've not really had much time to look at all the videos popping up. I really liked how compact the Mavic looked in the Digital...
  16. Bletch

    Our NYC Trip

    That was a really cool video Mat, great filming!
  17. Bletch

    Karma: The Countdown Is On

    I think I'm going to be ordering one of those Karma Grip's for my GoPro4 Black for sure. Release date is a bit too close to my holiday though.
  18. Bletch

    My Timelapse on The Local Paper's Website

    I liked your roundabout timelapse Mat:) and well done on all those views. Mark, I'd love to see those timelapses you did when you set up your You Tube, I did a couple on mine but they were really just experimental. For my upcoming holiday, I think I'm going to lay off the DSLR a bit (again) and...
  19. Bletch

    Castell Coch

    What a beautiful castle (looked up a few photos too), you got some great footage of it Ricardo, well done!
  20. Bletch

    New DJI Osmo, handheld camera with gimbal

    God no! Just give us an Osmo 2 and fix all the things we don't like about the first one :) including all the naff accessories.
  21. Bletch

    Cardiff Bay with my DJI Osmo

    That was nice Ricardo, short but nice :) Did you design the front end 'Fotomondo' intro yourself? it's pretty cool. I'm planning an epic when I go back to India again in 9 weeks time. Going to cut down on a lot of accessories though Mainly going to be using the Omso, not getting on with the Go...
  22. Bletch

    Editing My NYC Footage

    Don't do it! I want to see 2 hours of New York, not 3 minutes :crying: Still, I suppose you have to please the majority...who probably won't even see this city in their lifetime... and are happy with 3 short minutes.
  23. Bletch

    quick Photoshop question

    Hi guys Can someone please remind me how to open all photos in their own window - automatically without having to use the pull down windows-arrange-float all tabs. Thanks :)
  24. Bletch

    Drone footage: The Cobbler, Ben Arthur

    Brilliant.... but terrifying, you'd never get me up there :) I think Arrochar features quite a lot in those holiday brochures by Shearings/National. Can see why it's popular, it looks stunning.
  25. Bletch

    Editing My NYC Footage

    Only a 100gb Mat? Can you possibly come round to my flat and help me cut down my 220+gb? (Omso, Gopro4, D5300, S6) Luckily, I get to chuck a lot of it as I filmed quite quite a bit at night and screwed up some settings on my equipment (was filming mostly at 60fps = too dark) I've not used Adode...
  26. Bletch

    Roath Park, Cardiff

    Cool! or hot rather :)
  27. Bletch

    DJI Osmo in Alicante

    Your movement is really smooth Ricardo :) I stopped using the finger on screen technique as I found it too laggy/fast. Think I need to play with the movement settings. Great videos again (4 & 5)
  28. Bletch

    DJI Osmo in Alicante

    Such a beautiful looking city. The evening/night footage near the end looks really good, can you remember some of your Osmo settings? My night time footage of Varanasi was pretty ugly with all eqipement (GoPro4, Osmo, Nikon DSLR and Samsung S6) gotta somehow sort that out for this years Diwali...
  29. Bletch

    DJI Osmo in Alicante

    Beautiful, the view over the city is amazing, well filmed Ricardo! Can't wait to see the next installment.
  30. Bletch

    New DJI Osmo, handheld camera with gimbal

    there's a few new ones just around the corner like the Feiyu 'Summon' camera/gimbal and the gimbal by Removu. I'm looking at a gimbal for my Gopro4 just as a backup for my Osmo. I'm tempted by the EVO gimbal but it's not available in the UK yet, well it is, I'm just not willing to pay stupid...