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    Topaz denoise.

    You can still get Define in Nik Collection (for free if you hunt) - it is pretty good
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    Camera straps?!

    I have one of these for times I feel need for a strap, whether for ease of carrying or a degree of anti-snatch security. Mostly I prefer a wrist strap but haven't bought one it's made out of a bit of paracord.
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    Directional mic in hot shoe - will a metal base short out the contacts?

    I don't think it will or there'd be warnings not to use the hot shoe mount in a hot shoe, and tales of woe about the terrible consequences all over the internet.
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    Serial number on 100-400 L IS

    Would it also appear in more detailed exif data. I seem to remember some stolen lenses being located using this.
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    Lens Ball

    It's an OK gimmick, they are somewhat attractive just sat (unused) on a shelf after you played with it once. Try an ebay one for about £15
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    Do I have a rat in my garden?

    One of the problems of feeding wild birds, will soon be a serious problem - if you are seeing one there's probably at least 4 or 5 already.
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    What monitor(s) do you have?

    Same here for photos, for 4K video editing I have a newer ASUS I don't like much, I rather wish I bought another Dell 2412 (for that different PC)
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    Dead charger, help needed.

    There seems to be some on ebay from Canada but they aren't cheap.
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    Never lend your camera to children

    It's probably a set up with a dud, but I suspect you might get away with it briefly provided the silly flap things were properly shut. I expected some jaw droppingly good shot such as an adult would never have seen.
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    Art Deco/Nouveau (an open thread) Streamline, Modernist, Bauhaus too

    Lingfield House, Darlington, originally Rothmans cigarette factory. Now part of a substantial trading estate off Yarm Lane
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    Padley Gorge on a rainy day

    I like the Beech tree in the last one, is the mill stone a unfinished one cut there or somehow discarded (from above)?
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    Sleep function in Windows 10

    What was the thinking behind no sleep policy anyway, Windows likes to constantly index and shuffle stuff about but it doesn't need to run constantly to accomplish that.
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    The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    Anything I put in Sony A7iii group gets hundreds of views even if it's boring, also the groups for specific lens seem to get a lot of attention perhaps from people thinking of buying. The RX100 groups are similar. Quite a good example of this over 700 hits but I only put it on to host for a...
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    E-bay non deliveries

    Same here 3 or 4 items of modest value either didn't arrive - or arrived much slower than stated and I'd already had a refund agreed. My feeling is it's to do with the Hong Kong disruption as a lot of Chinese exports actually leave through there at least from nearby Shenzen. In the past they...
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    The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    It's still light and quite a small lens compare to a lot of them.
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    The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    I have it on one of the custom buttons by the shutter, any would do but not AEL it's too easy to hit that accidentally.
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    The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    I thought those two lenses would do me but the 24-105 isn't wide enough for architecture and street portraits if space is tight (e.g. Whitby). So got a lightly used 16-35 F4. That's become my favourite especially for video, and with APS-C mode you can still zoom in quite a bit if need be .
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    The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    With A7iii the inbuilt default level is about 25, for externals you generally want to be more like 12-15 I didn't realise initially that audio level is stored in your presets so if switching between photo and video don't forget to resave with the setting you want or make another temporary one on...
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    The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    Can see them here, unless you can reproduce it could be some oddity of the lighting I suppose.
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    Drowned drone - "new" replacement with old serial number

    There's always one a bit better expected shortly. The V2 will do all you need, any improvements can only be quite modest unless you go up a step to interchangeable camera parts like the Inspire. It's way too easy to get a bit swept along with the hype when a new one comes out, the Mini has it's...
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    Drowned drone - "new" replacement with old serial number

    I wonder if the battery might have been removed due to LiPo rules. It does sound feasible that the serial was transferred especially if the replacement was done under an extended cover arrangement. I'd be annoyed about the battery missing but if it had been given a full refurb/repair it should...
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    Dark Nights.

    Same (bike) problem here but having a small off road trail bike for winter helps, not bothered about it getting salty and muddy in the slightest, but in fact it's holding up well after six years now. A lot of landscape photographers like the more atmospheric conditions of winter, and there's no...
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    CLASSIC and important CARS - open thread:

    Smart old Mercedes at Whitby Goth weekend - drawing a lot of attention, mind there were skeletons inside. The Elsinore behind is where the event started some 25 years ago. Mercedes Goth mobile. by Colin Grice, on Flickr
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    Sony RX100

    You are going to love it. Fly Agaric by Colin Grice, on Flickr
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    TP2.0 UK Autumnal colour map

    Around the North York Moors they're about at their best this week. A good year for them too with no big winds but has been a few light frosts.
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    Budget Android phones - what's the catch?

    Mostly simply great value, just be sure they are allowed to use google play, odd ones for Chinese market still aren't. There are ways to download and sideload most things of course. Typically the cameras are a bit Meh. But here we have serious cameras anyway :snaphappy:
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    Moorland colours

    Just had a quick play how I'd do it, you could go to town and blur round him a bit to emphasise his *focus*, but I went for realism so far as possible. I'd probably have cropped out the dark peaty bank at the bottom too I guess square crop might have been for instagram but like this he's on...
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    The abandoned sawmill at Vallone dei Mulini

    I might have gone more manipulated I think Orton effect would be good on this. It looks like it's perched on the edge of an abyss.
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    Sony cashback offer - purchase by 1st Sept 2019, claim by 1st Nov 2019

    They seem a bit discombobulated, got an email today they were about to pay it but in fact it was in my account on the 9th.
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    Jessops going under (again)

    There must be some profit in the stuff they sell, it's the High Street Shop model which is all but impossible to make a go of due to high cost of rents, rates and staff. I know I wouldn't make the slightest effort to get into a major town or city, running the gauntlet of traffic jams and parking...