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  1. dinorock

    Beginner OM 10 photos blury?

    not necessarily if it's split screen focus he may not know how to use it?
  2. dinorock

    Pic(s) you took today - an open thread

    How about a Jenny Wren Jenny Wren by Mike Rockey, on Flickr
  3. dinorock

    Golden Eagle Portraits

    Hi hope you don't shout at me i get a lot of negative comments about what i say, but these seem to be cropped a little to close for me (tight in the frame) jmho cheers Mike
  4. dinorock

    d850 jpegs

    Save as then choose longest edge cheers Mike
  5. dinorock

    Affordable Photo Editting Software that supports SONY .ARW (RAW) format

    On 1
  6. dinorock

    Adding Printer Profiles in ON1 2019

    it is the calibration profile
  7. dinorock

    Adding Printer Profiles in ON1 2019

    why not ? i want to use the icc profile of my monitor
  8. dinorock

    Adding Printer Profiles in ON1 2019

    Hi anyone know how to add a printer profile to ON1 2019 photo editor i can find the the profiles but my spider4 profile is not in the list i'm pretty sure i need to MOVE it to on1 but don't know where to find it and how to move it? I'm using an apple Imac 2017 i7 with 5k display.and have...
  9. dinorock

    Is there anyone who sells a complete package - printer, profile and set up for computer..?

    if you buy fotospeed paper they do a free profile for you just follow the instructions on their website they send a test print . (pic) you set it up then send it back to them (email) and they make the adjustments and send the profile back then you use that profile for that paper (hope that makes...
  10. dinorock

    All the gear(?) and no idea...

    just what i was thinking
  11. dinorock

    All the gear(?) and no idea...

    sounds like someone having a little laugh at novices expense :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  12. dinorock

    Treacle Internet?

    vm in Reading 168 mb most of the time i know other friends in the outlying towns who get much less but the bigger citys seem ok
  13. dinorock

    What and when was your first serious camera?

    Zenit E bought in 1979 in Gibraltar the year my son was born, as above meter was useless worked it out by the second roll of film though (y)
  14. dinorock

    OMG , camera bags !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how many

    I have ONE you lot need help LOL;);)
  15. dinorock

    Beginner Nikon D90 & high speed flash sync

    (y) thats the feller must admit they must have dumped the on/off bit LOL
  16. dinorock

    Beginner Nikon D90 & high speed flash sync

    go to (e) bracketing flash e1 flash sync speed setting take it to the top should read 1/250 (auto FP) this vid shows how its done View:
  17. dinorock

    Beginner problems with panasonic g85

    The most polite quote I've ever had thank you, LOL. I still stand by my statement people blow shedloads of money on gear before even spending 10 minutes learning about photography. I started with a Nikon d50 second hand then when I began to get to grips with it I moved on. i did not buy a d700...
  18. dinorock

    Beginner problems with panasonic g85

    wow £600+ camera and you don't know how to adjust the shutter speed money better spent on some training methinks rtm is the only help I can offer
  19. dinorock

    test test test

    all sorted cheers mike
  20. dinorock

    test test test

    hello just trying to work out how to change the title when you make a mistake
  21. dinorock

    double pictures

    Hi Holty are the images in the folder that are duplicates simply edits you have if so try setting a new folder for edits you are usually asked "where would you like to save these photos? and it usually says in the same folder as the original so you end up with 2! try changing the target folder...
  22. dinorock

    double pictures

    hav'nt watched the video but try here View:
  23. dinorock

    Each of us has a camera in our hand, but ...

    not if you drive a Mercedes lol
  24. dinorock

    What have you left out in the field when you've been out taking photos ?

    yeah ditto goes wandering off on her mobility scooter and texts me from the coffee shop :LOL:
  25. dinorock

    MPB - Awful service - patience required.

    yep all sorted but even the strap was missing so you sent me one .....for a d4 couldn't be bothered to carry on with it think I'll just give you a miss. I will add they came highly recommended from this very forum seems some companies can't keep up with demand.
  26. dinorock

    MPB - Awful service - patience required.

    sent me a d4s minus battery is the camera ok? I don't know I can't switch it on to find out I won't be using them again.
  27. dinorock

    Nikon AF-S 200–500mm f/5.6E ED VR

    no issues with mine its a cracker!!! sparrow on a stick by Mike Rockey, on Flickr
  28. dinorock

    MacBook pro will not start after doing the latest update

    no not had mojave yet.this is in high sierra
  29. dinorock

    MacBook pro will not start after doing the latest update

    massive problems with the latest update loads of people reporting crashes/unusual behavior i now can't turn my imac off or i have to go through recovery mode to get it to reboot a ROYAL p.i.t.a.
  30. dinorock

    Wide Aperture Lenses: Are We Being Taken for A Ride?

    isn't it all about depth of field, not just available light?