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  1. Norkie

    Hello from Leighton Buzzard

    Hi Paul :welcome: to the forum :wave:
  2. Norkie

    London Hello all

    Welcome to the forum :wave:
  3. Norkie

    GWoC and Beijing

    Excellent set, thanks for sharing (y)
  4. Norkie

    Hello Everyone

    Hi ady, welcome to the forum, have fun here :wave:
  5. Norkie

    Hello from Gloucester

    Hi Chris, welcome to the forum and enjoy yourself here :wave:
  6. Norkie

    Hello everyone!

    Hi there Annet, :welcome: to the forum
  7. Norkie

    Greetings from Wiltshire

    Welcome to the forum Robert, enjoy :wave:
  8. Norkie

    The cold light of morning on New Year's Day

    I like that, PP is good (y)
  9. Norkie

    Hi All

    Hi Lee and welcome to the forum, enjoy :wave:
  10. Norkie


  11. 034_Hippo.jpg


    Taken whilst a chap I know was on safari in Kenya, published with his kind permission.
  12. Norkie

    Penrose triangle

    Most unusual, I like (y)
  13. Norkie

    Kent Street

    Yeah I like that (y)
  14. Norkie

    Newbie here - Beginner photographer

    Welcome to the forum :wave:
  15. Norkie

    Hello from Leeds.

    Hi Lee, welcome to the forum, enjoy yourself here :welcome:
  16. Norkie

    Wales Total Newbie

    Welcome to the forum Gareth, have fun here :wave:
  17. Norkie


    Hi Gavin, welcome to the forum, enjoy yourself here :wave:
  18. Norkie

    Hello from South Africa

    Hi Jaco, enjoy the forum :welcome:
  19. Norkie

    Hey, I'm Rhys!

    Welcome to the forum Rhys, enjoy yourself here :wave:
  20. Norkie

    St. Pauls Cathedral

    No flash nor tripods, this was hand held at 6400 iso.
  21. Norkie

    Hello From West Sussex

    Hello Heather, great intro, sounds like you have 'the bug' ;) Get posting and I hope you enjoy yourself here :wave:
  22. Norkie

    Newbie here

    Hi and :welcome: to the forum, enjoy (y)
  23. Norkie


    Hello and welcome, why not join a local camera club? It's a little difficult to 'show' you how to use a camera on-line. where about in the country are you? Enjoy the forum. :wave:
  24. Norkie

    Midlands New here.

    Welcome to the forum Daniel :wave:
  25. Norkie


    Hi Tom, enjoy the forum :welcome:
  26. Norkie

    Hi all

    Hi Darren, enjoy the forum :wave:
  27. Norkie

    A newbie

    Welcome to the forum John :welcome:
  28. Norkie

    South-West England Morning from a newcomer Devon!

    Welcome to the forum Nick and happy New Year :wave: