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    Beginner How to protect Lens - Filters or Not

    I dropped my wide angle lens last week in its case, felt sick and to my relief only the filter had shattered. Bought more filters for other lenses now.
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    I went to night school , watched loads of you tube tutorials. Photography workshops ,bought courses on EBay and still learning.
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    Workshop Photographic Events and Workshops

    I have been on a few workshops from this site and found them really good
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    First go at Ice Hockey

    Love this sport and pictures are good.
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    Thinking of doing a basic photography course in essex

    Hi Steve,dont know if this will help but found this online course on Groupon.
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    Great pics
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    Polar Bears

    awesome pics
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    kestrel, male & female

    Awesome pics
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    Early morning stag

    Great pic
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    Red devil

    Great PIc
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    Female Kestrel

    great pic
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    Birds/owl locations in and around manchester?

    Hi Matt, Have you tried the RSPB website may help.
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    Huge garden bird

    great pic,can i just ask a question.What lense did you use to capture a shot like this,me being an amatuer would love to take a pic anywhere near this.thanks
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    Red Squirrel

    great pic
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    More mice fun...

    looks like these mice are joy riding,nice pics
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    Portrait course local to Sheffield?

    hi mark if you keep checking groupon or kgb deals,they advertise short courses in the leeds area very cheap every now and then.i have just booked one in manchester full day for 39 pounds.
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    Practical Photograpghy DSLR Skills Course

    I was interested in buying the DVDs on Getting started in Photoshop on this website until i read the comments on the bottom of the page.Dont think i will be ordering now.
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    Hockey again

    These pics are really good and sharp,what lense and settings have you used to get these.I am a beginner and looking at getting a better lense for my sons inline hockey games.Would appreciate any info,thanks.
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    Shutter Priorty or Aperture Priorty

    Thanks for the useful tips,i will try put into action and compare the results.Hopefully i will be able to save enough to get a 200mm f.2 which would prob do the trick but not yet.The games i,m trying to take pics of are inline hockey in low lit arenas or centres.
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    Shutter Priorty or Aperture Priorty

    I am a beginner for a few months now and struggling trying to get sharper pics at my sons hockey games.I know they wont be perfect because i only have a Canon 450d and a Canon zoom lense of 100mm/300mm and smaller but any improvement would help.Would love a sports lense but have to make do with...
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    Short-eared owls in flight

    Great pics,hope you don,t mind me asking i,m a beginner and would like to know what type of lense and what settings camera would have to be on, to get a picture anywhere near these.Would be greatful for any info thanks